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Please do email these people! They must KNOW that victims and survivors are NOT letting it happen to them any more without fighting back!!!

Researching Reform

Prime Minister Theresa May has made a number of important changes to the roles and responsibilities of ministers working on child welfare policy.

These include a wider brief for Minister Of State For Vulnerable Children And Families, Ed Timpson, with added responsibilities in the areas of children’s mental health, the pupil premium and the National Citizen Service.

We still think it’s strange that child welfare matters continue to be lumped in under the Department for Education, and spread out across other ministerial roles. It’s time we had a dedicated department for this work.

We’ve added a break down below of the current roles, responsibilities and who’s in charge of which area:

Department of Health

  • Philip Dunne Minister of state for health Hospital care; NHS performance and operations; the workforce; patient safety and maternity care
  • Nicola Blackwood Under secretary of state for public health and Innovation Children’s health; school nursing; and…

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Researching Reform

The latest child welfare and family law news:


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@MoJGovUK Children and Social Work Bill: paving the way for Predators?

cb6c7c5f-6e35-4ddc-b271-578ad6c9a84cThis email came from the wonderful women at Crossroads in Kentish Town:

Dear Friends,

We have sent the following briefing to members of the House of Lords who have put amendments to the Children and Social Work Bill or told us they were following it.  The Bill is being discussed this afternoon at 3.30pm in the Moses Room in the House of Lords and again on Wednesday 6 July at 3.45pm.  Today they aim to get to the end of Clause 9 which is the one on adoption, which our briefing addresses.

We have been speaking to the Peers by phone and in person – we are going again today hoping to speak to them – and they have been glad for our information.  We attach their emails and phone numbers (below) so you can help lobby them on the issues we’ve raised below and your concerns about the Bill.  Getting letters and emails from a number of people would be very helpful so they know how concerned people are.

Leading on amendments to the Bill are Lords Watson (Lab), Lord Hunt (Lab), Lord Ramsbotham (Crossbench) and Baroness Pinnock (Lib Dem) – all details below.

If you want to know what they say in any of the committees meetings you can read the Hansard on the Parliament website.

Please let us know what response you get. Continue reading

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#ForcedAdoption Children and Social Work Bill at Committee Stage in House of Lords

cb6c7c5f-6e35-4ddc-b271-578ad6c9a84cThis is a serious bill that seems to enshrine WORSENING of what Social Services are doing to families already.

It talks about ‘Corporate Parenting’ as if that was NORMAL…

It is pro-adoption without even mentioning parental consent. Yet it is known that 96% of all adoptions are ‘forced’, i.e. children are forcibly removed, their removal is legitimised in secret family courts and judges enforce the adoption against the parents’ wills.

Before our eyes. In our face. Daylight robbery. Of children!!! I am soo shocked! And I guess so will be the 5,900 supporters who signed our online petition to STOP forced adoptions where we changed the title to stop forced REMOVALS!

Here are the critical links:

  1. Lord Nash – the Government Representative as Sponsor
  2. The Text
  3. The Legislative Stage or Progress of the Bill
  4. The First Reading on 15 May 2016
  5. The Debate on 14 June 2016 – called the Second Reading
  6. The Committee Stage started with this Debate on 29 June 2016
  7. Future Committee Stage hearings scheduled for 04 July, 06 July and 11 July.

Here’s the objection from campaigners:  Continue reading

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@MoJGovUK Child-stealing: lead or take away, by force or #fraud, a child under 14 in Offences Against the Person Act

16 06 12 Offences Against the Person Act 1861In 1861, child-stealing was defined and punished with seven years of imprisonment.

  • Shouldn’t every Social Worker who brings a Policeman to a family be sent to prison?
  • Why doesn’t it happen when 1,000 children a month are stolen from their parents?
  • Why are we made to believe that it is ‘legitimate’ what judges, courts, barristers, solicitors and ‘experts’ are doing to justify the utterly unsocial actions by ‘Social’ Workers and criminal activities by ‘law enforcing’ Police?

The Offences against a Person Act 1861 was mentioned in a TV program recently. It spells it out neatly:  Continue reading

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