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@JohnHemming4MP #ForcedAdoption Statistics and #Video for #Riga Press Conference Critical of #ChildSnatchUK

Five minutes by the former MP who knows the subject matter from over 2,000 cases on file of his Families for Justice Campaign.

He also published adoption statistics on his blog:

The case concerned is Laila Brice‘s daughter.

Otherwise: please note that I’m stepping back and out for a while.

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Slovak Embassy Round Table On Child Protection – Full List Of Participants

Sabine Kurjo McNeill:

Sorry not to have reblogged this item at the time. The meeting was significant, as it united 5 members of the EU Parliament with diplomats of various countries and the UK judiciary of the family courts.

Originally posted on Researching Reform:

Further to our previous post about the Slovak Embassy’s Round Table event on child protection next week, we can now publish the full list of those currently participating as speakers and contributors to the evening.

It is a substantial list with over 40 participants, many of whom are high profile and senior judges and barristers within the Family Division.

We add the list of names below:

Name Capacity Embassy / Institution
H.E. Žantovský Ambassador Czech Republic
H.E. Wlachovský Ambassador Slovakia
The Rt. Hon. Sir James Munby The President of the Family Division for England and Wales UK, Court of Appeal;

Family Division for England and Wales

The Rt. Hon. Lady Justice Jill Black Head of International Family Justice UK, Court of Appeal
The Hon. Mr Justice Cobb UK, High Court of England and Wales
The Hon. Mr  Justice Keehan UK, High Court of England and Wales
The Hon. Mr Justice…

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Zimbabwean Grandson of @TheDesmondTutu snatched by Police for ‘Care’ by LB Sutton

Let’s tell the story in headlines:

Regarding the father Trevor Tutu:

Regarding Sutton Police and Sutton Child Services:

Please note this private research on Non-UK Kids in UK Social Care reporting on over 6,500 foreign children over 5 years.

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#UN, #EU and #UK: Real #ChildProtection or institutionalised #hypocrisy to protect #childtrafficking and #paedoUK?

Originally posted on Voluntary Public Interest Advocacy:

Sexual Abuse: A Journal of Research and Treatment Sexual Abuse: A Journal of Research and Treatment (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

On the hierarchy of jurisdictions and differences between legal systems and policies. Always good intentions and bad outcomes, it seems. But maybe it helps to refer to EU and UN documents in the UK context?


This Report was produced by the United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child. Dated 8 July 2014, it contains concluding observations on the report submitted by the UK on the sale of children, child prostitution and child pornography.

It expresses concern about the lack of coordination between various governments, institutions and other bodies across the State and makes recommendations in para 16 and 18, 20, 24, 26, 29, 31, 33, 35, 37 and, especially 39:

(a) Establish mechanisms and procedures to protect the rights of child victims of offences covered by the Optional Protocol, including establishing a…

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‘Unprofessional’ social workers criticised by High Court judge

Originally posted on :

A High Court judge has criticised social workers for the way they treated a father fighting to prevent his child’s adoption. At the Royal Courts of Justice in London, Ms Justice Russell called the “unprofessional attempts” by workers at Brighton and Hove City Council to build a case against the father “reprehensible”. Read more on

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What Happens When Family Courts Prioritise Parental Rights Over The Rights Of The Child?

Originally posted on Researching Reform:

At Researching Reform, we would say significant damage to a child’s healthy development at best, and at worst, the loss of that child’s life.

Important case studies presented at a 2003 conference held bythe Australian Institute of Criminologyhighlight the very real problems inside family courts which use similar models to our own.

In the first case study, a mother tells the story of how she abducted her young daughter to protect her from a then absent father who had been convicted of child sexual abuse. He returned out of spite to obtain custody of their daughter, and the daughter has since complained of being routinely abused by her father. But no one is listening.

The second case study, which is added below, is written by the daughter and tells the story of her family history, from her perspective.

These cases highlight how justice systems fail families and children…

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Say it in pictures and SING: hope despite #ForcedAdoptions Imposed by UK Judges, against Parents’ Wills, in Secret Family Courts?

This video speaks beautifully and SADLY for itself…

I wanted to show it directly rather than ‘reblog’ from where I saw it: Summer 2015 Forced Adoption Video on Child Care Proceedings Exposed.

May emails triggered by your signatures to this petition contribute to the discussions in Strasbourg and Brussels!!!

It started as “Abolish Adoptions without Parental Consent”. But I changed the title to reflect the progress we made and the fortuitous challenge we have!

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Three petitions are dead. Long live a Witness Statement and #EU Debates #WhistleblowerKids

Originally posted on In the Best Interests of the 'Whistleblower Kids'?:

15 07 17 have done it again – listen to paedos, shills, trolls, hoaxers rather than appreciate the battles we’re fighting: they removed the third petition, with 1,184 signatures last time I looked.

So the only petition that is left for you to sign and share is

The title used to be Abolish Adoptions without Parental Consent. But now we have this fabulous chance of supporting

  1. a debate in the EU Parliament of 751 Parliamentarians on 07 September 2015
  2. a debate among the Heads of the 28 Member States in the EU Council on 15/16 October 2015. 

PLEASE do sign! It’s worth it! has the great advantage of triggering emails to the ‘target’ of the petition. So the leaders of the political groups who most democratically schedule the debates will see that this is what we want: every single…

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