The state-sponsored kidnapping of children is not a dream – it’s Britain in 2015 @IICSA_media @cabinetofficeUK @theresa_may

16-10-23-state-sponsored-kidnappingSusie Boniface aka Fleet Street Fox wrote for The Mirror in October 2015:

However, September 2016 was the month with the highest ‘catch’ ever so far: 1,216 children:

Trends have been rising:

When will people DARE to CARE and STOP turning children into statistics???

When will people join the dots of child abuse and spot the patterns of the purpose of child snatching?

When and how will the Forced Removal of children stop?

  • Police take them, aided by Social Workers,
  • justified by unqualified ‘experts’,
  • seemingly legitimised in secret family courts.

When will schools reveal whether the reason for striking off teachers is sexual abuse as reported in this video?

After the session of Professor Alexis Jay and two panel members of the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse before the Home Affairs Select Committee I have more trust than ever that this Inquiry will deliver!

For Panel Member Ivor Frank said at the end very clearly that they will not show up willy nilly, since their institution is one of the many they have to investigate!

They also said that they have whistleblower policies in place and they organise a Victims and Survivors Forum to which I’ve been invited!

May you also find some hope somewhere in these times where the ‘misery engine’ of the mainstream media needs strong counter-actions!

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This Is How Visits To See Your Child In A Contact Centre Should Be…

Researching Reform

The Family and Children’s Resource Programme at the University of North Carolina, have done something amazing.

Their videos on how to better understand parents’ emotions during supervised contact and showing foster carers how to work with birth parents, are outstanding, and need to be shared and watched, not just by parents but by our own child welfare professionals and universities offering social work courses.

From creating a sense of normality for children in care, to supporting mums and dads during visits to see their children, the videos offer hugely insightful information on why parents sometimes skip supervised contact, how child welfare professionals can help families stay together and more.

We would urge everyone with an interest in child protection and child welfare generally to subscribe and watch these hugely helpful videos. 

A very big thank you to Dana for alerting us to these videos.


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Parents whose Children were removed: apply for Fostering! Government wants to ‘take stock’ @UKHomeOffice

15 05 18 Petition Forced Adoption 625All you mothers whose children were taken at birth,
all you parents who don’t get your child or children back, even though you tried and tried and tried,
all you parents who had to say ‘good bye’ at forced adoption meetings,

now there is a chance to offer yourself as a ‘foster carer’ in the ‘foster care market’!

The Education Committee is studying this new ‘market’ and you might want to voice your concerns.

Tell your story how you have been made ‘childless’ and thus are available as a ‘foster carer’ – maybe for your own child or the child of a friend?

Make your submission online via this link:

This systematic destruction of the family can only be explained through long term planning over generations, where private companies are now being set up by long standing ‘institutions’ and ‘authorities’ to do with and for money what families used to do for love.

But then the love of money has replaced a lot…

Will common sense prevail?

Will social media right what mainstream media and politicians wronged?

Do you join the dots and spot the pattern from

  • child snatching to
  • the secrecy of family courts and
  • forced adoptions for
  • sexual exploitation, ritual abuse and
  • satanic crimes???

Please google, click, watch, listen, open your eyes and ears and make the un-believable believable.

It’s an exercise of waking up:

  • from personal illusions and collective deceptions to painful political realities.
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How much worse can it get? The Social Work Bill will let Councils opt out of Child Protection Rules @RT

16-10-06-independentNew law will let councils opt out of child protection rules – as if they ever adhered to them in the first place… – The Independent

A Government Bill is to give local councils unprecedented new powers to opt out of child protection laws, leading children’s charities to warn that vulnerable children could suffer.

The Children and Social Work Bill, which is currently before Parliament, would give ministers the power to exempt local councils from legal duties to children in social care. This includes children under the supervision of social workers and those living in care homes or foster homes.

The change means decades of child protection laws could be ignored by councils who argue they have better – or cheaper – solutions.

40 charities, including Liberty, Women’s Aid and the Howard League for Penal Reform have joined forces to oppose what they call the “dangerous” plans. Continue reading

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The Buzz

Researching Reform

The news items that should be right on your radar:


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A Hub That Shares Best Practice In Family Law? Have Your Say.

A sign of sanity on the horizon???

Researching Reform

A research team is currently putting out a call for evidence as a means of getting feedback on what we think is an excellent idea – improving the way research is used in the Family Courts, through the creation of an observatory.

It’s an exciting development, and one that we think deserves to be spread.

The team is going to be exploring ways in which we might be able to gather available evidence relevant to family justice; offer independent expertise; identify gaps in current research and provide a central source where organisations can access the latest data.

Everyone is invited to contribute, including lawyers, judges, policy makers, researchers and families and children who have experienced or are experiencing the system.

If the observatory is implemented, it could potentially improve general understanding of complex issues inside the system, raise the standard of practice across the family justice sector and…

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Question it!

I was banned from using social media by Police going beyond their powers – in their desperate attempts to shut me up and grind me down. But this question is at least worth asking – even if no answer will be implemented!…

Researching Reform

Welcome to another week.

Ongoing failings within Family Court process have been highlighted in a recent case where judge, Mrs Justice Pauffley condemns, amongst other things, unethical private agreements between judges and social work staff, negligent child protection assessments of parents and psychiatric reports which are written often in a day and without even speaking to the family members whom the reports are about.

The case is so riddled with deeply embedded malpractice that President of the Family Division, Sir James Munby, has promised to tackle the secretive nature in which agreements are reached between local authorities and the court.

Mrs Justice Pauffley said in court:

‘There was, apparently, an established but largely clandestine arrangement between the local authority and the court which, to my mind, has considerable repercussions for justice.’ Mrs Justice Pauffley added: ‘In public law proceedings the local authority is the applicant. It is not and should never be…

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