GOING HOME – from #WhistleblowerKids and #ForcedAdoptions: Against Parents’ Wills – The European Dimension – back to London

15 05 18 TitleVeteran McKenzie Friend Ian Josephs has been helping parents for over 50 years and estimates an average of 1,000 cases a year.

His website is www.Forced-Adoption.com which was the basis for this blog.

When I asked him what we can do, he said: exposure, exposure, exposure. 

Recently he said on the Richie Allen show:

Forced Adoption is Child Trafficking!
It’s the Second Oldest Profession in the World!

But I feel I have exposed enough. On June 2nd I will be one of six speakers to talk about child removal at a meeting in the EU Parliament about the UK and Nordic Countries in Brussels. That’s where I’ll present the above book that I’m working on now – the story of the petition to Abolish Adoptions without Parental Consent until now – with my various ‘pilgrimages’ to Brussels and submissions to the Petitions Committee of the Parliament.

From there I want to return to my flat of 30 years in London to concentrate on my software work and the Digital I Ching as one of my mathematical inventions.

Barnet Police want me “for discussion”. They are operating on behalf of some 20 abusers who feel harassed by the publication of their names and details in the Whistleblower Kids case. Police claim that the mother and I published these details which I for myself categorically deny. Since I did that right from the beginning when a lawyer spoke on my behalf, I thought they might have lost interest, just as they withdrew their Interpol Notice after Mrs Justice Pauffley’s judgement was published.

But enough is enough. Too much stress for my heart and thus my health in this worst of all possible child snatching cases. It involves

  • 2 child witnesses plus 18 other children
  • 70+ abusers
  • 8 schools and a church
  • cover-ups at many levels.

May the lawyers win the Appeal. May public support continue via Hampstead Research. And may everybody take the right decision when choosing between Good and Evil, including Barnet Council who’ve got a ‘Penal Notice’ for contempt of court against me.

Trusting you won’t have to visit me in prison, THANK YOU for all your online support, especially signatures on petitions! Numbers count – just as in votes – rigged or not!

PS. The label on my Yogi Tea bag said this morning: Honour a child and it will honour you.

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SEVEN GROUNDS for Public Interest in #Pauffley #Judgement #WhistleblowerKids by 1-5 August

Originally posted on 'Whistleblower Kids' in the Court of Public Interest:

15 05 18 TitleI am working on the book which focuses on the European Dimension of child snatching and forced adoptions.

It is my ‘base of experience’ for the whistleblower kids. If I hadn’t had the experience of far too many cases, I couldn’t have tackled this one, I don’t think.

The final hearing from 01 to 05 August is meant to justify handing custody over the children to the allegedly abusive father. Thanks to the wonderful people at Hampstead Research you can view these videos about him:

There are other videos about the interviews carried out by Barnet Police, the mother Ella and the network of the 70+ abusers comprising teachers, churches and the parents of 18 other ‘special’ children. The rumour goes they were adopted for the purpose of being abused…

Hence it’s…

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Research: Forced Adoption

Originally posted on Researching Reform:

The Australian Institute of Family Studies has begun to focus on the issues surrounding forced adoption, and as such have a very interesting dedicated page to the phenomenon.

The site tells us that the Institute has looked at a number of areas within forced adoption and separation matters including:

  • The history of adoption in Australia
  • Effects of closed and forced adoption policies and practices on affected individuals
  • Links between adoption and other family separation practices, and their effects
  • Current service and support needs of those affected
  • Broader service delivery implications.

The site is well worth a visit and offers links to other relevant publications, as well.

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APPEALING to Elected Officials: Sign this Child Protection Covenant #CPCovenant with www.WriteToThem.com

This is a document that originated in Scotland and is read out by UK Column, appealing to the Police, the Judiciary and the State with its various law enforcement forms to ‘do their job’.

– starting at min 15.

Child Protection Covenant Child sexual abuse, Satanist ritual abuse and the grooming of children for sex have no place in a peaceful, civilised society governed by the rule of law. I pledge to take the following action to protect the innocent from the predations of those who would cruelly abuse them:

1. Accept no excuses, obfuscation or delay from any public servant or state official who has a duty to protect children and is failing to fulfill that responsibility.

2. Demand a full explanation of any case where a state official or public servant appears to have failed in his or her duty to protect children from abuse or failed to investigate and prosecute the perpetrators of such abuse.

3. Call publicly for the resignation of the responsible state officials and public servants in cases where no adequate reasons are given for a failure to investigate and prosecute abuse.

I take this action in light of the universal disgust felt by all right-thinking members of our society at the official concealment of these most heinous crimes. This cover-up has gone on for decades and continues today. I have therefore decided to take a personal and public stand and to make it my business to drive out this evil from our justice system, wherever it is found. I cannot do this alone and call upon others to make this same pledge, to be watchful for official misconduct and metaphorically to hear the cries of those innocents who never drew breath, those who had the breath of life but never knew love, and those who struggle to find hope in a world disfigured by their suffering.


Do use www.WriteToThem.com to contact all your elected officials! Political action made easy!

Please return to CPCovenant@hushmail.com

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DAILY MAIL: England and Wales stand alone in Europe in their readiness to take away children without their parents’ consent

What difference does it make when the Daily Mail reports about the plight of children and parents and keep track of what the Council of Europe are devising as ‘policy’ that is not being implemented?

Here I proposed to ‘online activists’ to write to those 18 UK MPs who are members of the Committee of Social Affairs in the Council of Europe.

Here the BBC confirms: Adoptions: Thousands of children forcibly taken into care.

And here is the study about Non-UK kids in care: 6,500 over five years – not counting all those Councils who didn’t respond…

Here’s the significant extract:

A damning Council of Europe report on child protection, published last month, warned: ‘England and Wales are unique in placing so many children for adoption, in particular in the young age group which is “popular” in its adoption market.’
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UK Schools Blocked from Reporting Sex Abuse!

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FIRST SLOVAKIA, then Latvia, now Lithuania: European Countries unite against #ChildSnatching ‘Legitimised’ in #Secret #FamilyCourts

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Sabine Kurjo McNeill:

We have to face the fact that it’s money or sex or both that drives the child snatching agenda. Besides people ‘just doing their job’ for fear of losing it…

Originally posted on National Inquiry into Organised, Orchestrated & Historic Child Sexual Abuse:

How do you compare the ‘badness’ of countries when it comes to emotional, physical and sexual child abuse? How come that so many adults have had such bad childhoods that their inner child is screaming to heal such that they ‘need’ to be cruel to children?

On 2 June we will talk about the UK and Nordic countries, as Czech Tomas Zdechovsky MEP has over 500 cases on file from Norway. He said that the money that finances these child abuse operations comes from … the City of London!

Money has ceased to be a ‘medium of exchange’ and become a ‘financial product’. Children have become a ‘financial’ or ‘tradable commodity’…

It all starts with child snatching,

  • gets ‘legitimised’ in secret family courts
  • can escalate to forced adoptions which happens supposedly to 4% of children in UK care
  • can include rape and assault on a more or less regular basis
  • and possibly

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Beatrix Campbell on the Cleveland Cover Up

Sabine Kurjo McNeill:

Most parents wouldn’t know that ‘child snatching’ has been going on for DECADES… The Cleveland Scandal was actually the reason for introducing ‘secrecy’ into family courts.

Originally posted on Hampstead Research:

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Record number of care applications for one month drives annual total to new high

This article is from the Local Government Lawyer: Record number of care applications for one month drives annual total to new high

That’s how it starts: ‘Care Applications’ – after more or less cruel ‘child snatching’.

Then come forced adoptions: without the parents’ consent.

In care your children may encounter sexual abuse – whether by private foster carers or in foster homes.

And at its worst they become part of Satanist cults as in the case of the Whistleblower Kids also known as the Hampstead Scandal, where babies are being murdered…

You can’t make it up. You must begin to believe

  • the Whistleblower Kids as abuse survivors at age 8 and 9 – where a ‘care application’ was initiated by Camden Council – tipped off by Barnet Police
  • adult abuse survivors
  • therapists who have worked with abuse survivors.

And you must ask yourself what you can do to share this gradual disillusionment that accompanies our process of waking up:

  • to realities our parents and grandparents hardly knew about and thus couldn’t teach us…

Long live the internet thanks to which we can share!

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