Interesting Papers On The Child Abuse Inquiry And Family Courts

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The House of Commons Library is always an interesting place to visit, with reports, briefing papers and more, and their materials on Family Law related topics are always worth a read. The Library is nicely organised too, allowing you to search for documents by type, date and topic.

We spotted two briefing papers this morning which we thought were worth sharing.

The first, which was published on 25th September 2015, is about the Independent Inquiry Into Child Sexual Abuse and offers a very thorough explanation of how the Inquiry works, its scope, the extent of its powers and its origins.

The second looks at transparency in the Family Courts and was published on 18th September, 2015. The paper explains how the Family Court works, and the current rules on transparency, as well as some history on how those rules have evolved over time.

For a little more information on transparency and…

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@JeremyCorbyn The UK Social Services’ Disgusting And Corrupt Abductions – Amount of Children Being Taken Into Care Hugely Rising

This video is an excellent overview of the ‘corporatisation’ of Social Services and the ‘institutionalisation’ of taking children, by the assistance of Police and the secrecy of family courts.

It is also a heart breaking record of an actual violent theft. Unbelievable, if it wasn’t recorded.

It is published by We Are Anonymous as part of this excellent article:

We can only hope that Jeremy Corbyn as new Labour leader will get Parliament and voters to rise up to this challenge!

And the fact that MEPs will visit London on 05/06 November for a ‘fact finding mission’ may make a difference, too!


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@TonyGosling #RadioDialect People’s Tribunal into UK Child Sexual Abuse #CSA: #Goddard Enquiry isn’t good enough

Originally posted on National Inquiry into Organised, Orchestrated & Historic Child Sexual Abuse:

Institutional abuse:People’s Tribunal into UK Child Sexual Abuse
Series: Bristol Broadband Co-operative
Subtitle: Spin doctors and the Corbynistas
Program Type: Weekly Program
Featured Speakers/Commentators:
Contributor: Bristol Broadband Co-operative  [ Contact Contributor]
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Broadcast Advisory: Warning: Program may contain strong or potentially offensive language, including possible FCC violations.

Credits: We’re joined by Cheryl Corless from the UK People’s Tribunal into Child Sexual Abuse who explains why the Goddard Enquiry is not good enough for so many sex abuse survivors then tells us about her own abuse in the ‘care’ system at The Grange in Blackburn, Lancashire: +44 7549 228377

Peter Ellis from Accommodation Unlimited is running a conker competition.
America’s Second Revolution: game theory, SPI’s ‘Minuteman’ and ‘gaming the future’.
Spin doctors and the Corbynistas – the role of the London media in our politics as well…

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Wanted By The State: Your Children. UK.

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Brian Gerrish about child stealing and abusing by the state. UK.
Your government can confiscate your children from you for any reason. Your children are property of the state.
Note that on the other hand mothers get away with killings of their newborns and female teachers get away with sexual abuses of students on nearly daily basis. Why aren’t the state and it’s social services outraged with these crimes and serious abuses of children ? Maybe because in these cases there are NO CHILDREN TO CONFISCATE and no families to break up !

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Is your social media account discoverable in your Family Court proceedings?

Sabine Kurjo McNeill:

This relates to Australian law – but it does help thinking and arguing anywhere in the world!

Originally posted on Parents Rights Blog:

Family Law and your social media accounts – Andersons Solicitors – Adelaide lawyers

Sourced through from:

See on Scoop.itParental Responsibility

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The Buzz

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@JohnHemming4MP #ForcedAdoption Statistics and #Video for #Riga Press Conference Critical of #ChildSnatchUK

Five minutes by the former MP who knows the subject matter from over 2,000 cases on file of his Families for Justice Campaign.

He also published adoption statistics on his blog:

The case concerned is Laila Brice‘s daughter.

Otherwise: please note that I’m stepping back and out for a while.

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Slovak Embassy Round Table On Child Protection – Full List Of Participants

Sabine Kurjo McNeill:

Sorry not to have reblogged this item at the time. The meeting was significant, as it united 5 members of the EU Parliament with diplomats of various countries and the UK judiciary of the family courts.

Originally posted on Researching Reform:

Further to our previous post about the Slovak Embassy’s Round Table event on child protection next week, we can now publish the full list of those currently participating as speakers and contributors to the evening.

It is a substantial list with over 40 participants, many of whom are high profile and senior judges and barristers within the Family Division.

We add the list of names below:

Name Capacity Embassy / Institution
H.E. Žantovský Ambassador Czech Republic
H.E. Wlachovský Ambassador Slovakia
The Rt. Hon. Sir James Munby The President of the Family Division for England and Wales UK, Court of Appeal;

Family Division for England and Wales

The Rt. Hon. Lady Justice Jill Black Head of International Family Justice UK, Court of Appeal
The Hon. Mr Justice Cobb UK, High Court of England and Wales
The Hon. Mr  Justice Keehan UK, High Court of England and Wales
The Hon. Mr Justice…

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Zimbabwean Grandson of @TheDesmondTutu snatched by Police for ‘Care’ by LB Sutton

Let’s tell the story in headlines:

Regarding the father Trevor Tutu:

Regarding Sutton Police and Sutton Child Services:

Please note this private research on Non-UK Kids in UK Social Care reporting on over 6,500 foreign children over 5 years.

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The Buzz

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