This secrecy is supposed to protect the children from being stigmatised, when, in fact, it exists to prevent the press and public from knowing about the horrifying injustices that take place in these family courts.

The proof of this is that every month on a website and in a magazine called “adoption uk“, social services all over the country advertise hundreds of chidren waiting for adoption who are subject to care orders!

Incredibly, they publish huge colour photographs of these children with first names, birth dates, details of their characters and financial rewards for those who agree to adopt!!

Some mothers are bitterly upset to see their children advertised in this fashion. Any person familiar with the family can swiftly identify the children concerned so the only secrecy remaining protects not the children but the judges and social workers!!!

In 2005, 215 MPs thought the same, when signing EDM 869 Working of the Children Act 2004!! The current Parliament is unfortunately not as  committed to doing something about what is going on.

The only chance of publicity is if criminal charges have been brought, as criminal courts are open to press and public. In this way the scandalous “munchausen syndrome” was eventually exposed for the rubbish that it is by the public freeing of several mothers (on appeal) who had been jailed by courts that had been “taken in” by this pernicious theory.

Any resistance to the plans of social services is exposed as a serious personality disorder, and once children are in care despite opposition in court by the mother, contact with her children is kept to a minimum (telephone calls are usually forbidden).

WORST OF ALL: IF ANY WOMAN WITH CHILDREN IN CARE DARES TO HAVE A NEW BABY, IT IS USUALLY RUTHLESSLY REMOVED AT BIRTH AND GIVEN TO STRANGERS FOR ADOPTION. In this way some women are reduced to the level of babymaking machines working to swell the adoption figures of the local Council.

Changes in circumstances are rarely taken into account. There are no second chances!! The new baby is abruptly deprived of its mother’s milk and indeed all contact with mother, brothers, sisters and grandparents for the rest of its life unless at 18 years old it is lucky enough to overcome all obstacles and be reunited with its real family.


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