Two Quick Fixes

Are there any “quick fix” solutions that could stop these injustices? There are at least 10 vital reforms needed that are discussed later (see my reform section) but for now I will name the two most important….


All such cases would then commence in the criminal courts WITH THE RULES OF EVIDENCE AND STANDARDS OF PROOF OF THE CRIMINAL COURTS including the right to ask for a hearing by jury if the possible sentence was severe.If the verdict returned is “not guilty” or if charges were dropped the children should be returned immediately.

All I ask is that we give imperfect parents the same legal protections that we at present give to murderers but deny to all those unfortunate enough to appear before the UK “family courts”.

Meanwhile however civil courts decide………..

Any parent who is threatened by a care order or adoption for their child should have the right to a hearing by a jury. Any burglar facing a possible 6 months or more in prison can demand a trial by jury but mothers who risk losing their babies or young children for LIFE to forced adoption are denied this right. No jury would take a newborn baby from a mother for “risk of emotional abuse”.

At present juries in civil courts decide complicated cases of libel, slander and even city fraud. They would be more than competent to decide whether or not a child should be removed from its parents and they would not be so ready as “establishment” judges to side in nearly every case with social services against parents desperate to keep their beloved children.

In 2007 the “SS” applied for 8173 care orders and only 21 were refused! Rubberstamping by “establishment judges”! Time to bring on 12 men (or women) good and true!

2:- Parents and their teenage children are ruthlessly gagged to prevent them revealing their own names, or names of witnesses in the family courts. It is indeed wicked that mothers whose babies are snatched at birth by social services for “risk of emotional abuse” are jailed, if they protest publicly and the press are restricted in the same way.

Surely parents who have had their children removed should, like rape victims be free to waive anonymity and go public if they so choose?It is outrageous that in our “democracy” hundreds of babies are taken from their mothers at birth and if these mothers identify themselves by public protest they are jailed. (Harriet Harman admitted in parliament to at least 200 parents per year imprisoned by judges at secret family courts. )

Not only are parents gagged when children are taken, they are gagged again at “contact” visits, when they are forbidden to tell their children they love them and miss them or to discuss their court case. If they do not obey, contact is cancelled immediately and sometimes stopped permanently.

The threat of stopping contact is a weapon that the ss exploit ruthlessly to subdue “difficult” parents.

The UK is the only EU member to allow “forced adoption”, and the only EU country to gag parents and jail them if they protest publicly. Both “forced adoption” and “the gag” must go!

The imposition of criminal procedures when matters of “public law” are decided in the family courts,including the right to hearings by jury and also the removal of the gag would not need complicated legislation and would prevent at least 90% of the present injustices.


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