Why should Things like this happen?

The “baby P effect” is a MYTH! Just look at the NSPCC figures for children subject to a child protection plan from 2007-2011.

  • Total for the year 2007 was 27,900
  • and for 2011 the total was 42700.
  • Physical abuse rose from 3500 to 4500 during the same period, a fall from 12.5% of the total in 2007 to 10.5% in 2011.

No rush to save children like baby P from physical abuse then! Where did the huge increase come from then? Why the easy children to take with little tangible proof needed against parents, those said to be emotionally abused or even vaguer “at risk of future emotional abuse”!

  • Total of children removed for emotional abuse in 2007 was 7,100 and in 2011 was 12,100!
  • An overall increase of over 70% amounting also to an increase as a percentage of the total from 25% to 28.3%.

Clearly emotional abuse often decided by highly dubious “experts”(sometimes without meeting either children or parents !) has become flavour of the month……

Why should things like this happen? Well, I will only mention that one of the many flourishing fostering and adoption AGENCIES founded a few years ago by social workers was sold for the tidy sum of £130million! Nice work if you can get it!

You can access the actual texts of the new rules as passed by parliament as follows;-

Statutory Instruments

Children Act 1987 section 97 97

Privacy for children involved in certain proceedings. E+W

(1)Rules made under section 144 of the M1Magistrates’ Courts Act 1980 may make provision for a magistrates’ court to sit in private in proceedings in which any powers under this Act [F1or the Adoption and Children Act 2002] may be exercised by the court with respect to any child.

(2)No person shall publish [F2to the public at large or any section of the public] any material which is intended, or likely, to identify— (a)any child as being involved in any proceedings before [F3the High Court, a county court or] a magistrates’ court in which any power under this Act [F1or the Adoption and Children Act 2002] may be exercised by the court with respect to that or any other child; or

(b)an address or school as being that of a child involved in any such proceedings.

The Family Proceedings (Amendment) (No.2) Rules 2009 – Final (para,11.4) The Family Proceedings Courts (Miscellaneous Amendments) Rules 2009 – Final (para 21.T)

Despite the new rules the judges simply exclude the media from controversial cases as the very typical example below shows!


Tuesday, 26 May, 2009
At 10 o’clock Applications/Summonses in Court as in Chambers FD07D05980

At half past 10
FD09D00226 At 11 o’clock FD08D04833 (NOT OPEN TO THE MEDIA)!!

At 12 o’clock
FD08P02429 At 2 o’clock FD08D04757 (NOT OPEN TO THE MEDIA)!!

At 3 o’clock

In these courts happy loving families are ruthlessly split up to feed the adoption “juggernaut”. An adult teenager was recently told by a judge in the family court ,”Your baby sister is no longer your sister because she has been adopted, so you will never see her again!”

The following summary of the problems with social services and the family courts together with the remedies that could and should solve them can be read in a short version as follows:-


The sad fact is that there is NO justice in the family courts at all for parents whose children have been snatched for “forced adoption and who are GAGGED with threats of prison if they protest publicly. It is not a matter of a few isolated cases going wrong. Nearly ALL contested cases go wrong as courts are so biased against parents that only one in 400 care orders are refused! Legal aid lawyers (professional losers!) “earn” their fees the easy way, by rarely contesting interim care orders and telling their client parents not to speak or sometimes not to attend court at all! That way the children remain in care under an interim care order for about a year and are allowed very limited and heavily censored contact with their parents who are once again GAGGED!

Most of the evidence presented by the local authority consists of written reports from social workers and “experts” who rarely come to court to be questioned and worse still these reports are rarely shown to the parents! If by some miracle the parents do get to speak their evidence is inevitably rejected in favour of that presented by a barrister (acting like a witness instead of a lawyer) on behalf of absent experts !In short all the rules of evidence go out of the window in the family court. There then follows a final care order and “placement for adoption”.

The lawyers inevitably tell their distraught parent clients quite untruthfully that they are not allowed to appeal! Happy healthy children are adopted by strangers despite hopeless protests from bewildered parents in courts where judges treat their protestations with disdain! What happens after adoption? Well mothers who have tracked down their children have been JAILED for sending a birthday card or waving at them in the street!

The sooner criminal courts with proper rules of evidence take over family cases involving forced adoption or permanent foster care the better! Parents are not only gagged to prevent them protesting publicly, they are also gagged when speaking to their own children in fostercare during limited contact periods! Parents are regularly told that they are forbidden(under pain of having contact stopped altogether) to tell them the truth ,that their parents love them and are fighting in court to get them back.If they dare tell them even “the half” of the true situation the “SS”do stop contact altogether so that the unfortunate children only hear the “SS” version that their mother is too ill to look after them any more,or does not love them any more, or worse still that “mummy has a new baby now and does not need you any more, so we will find you a lovely forever mummy and daddy.

“How wicked can they get? And what happened to parents’ human right to “free speech”?

Kangaroo court From Wikipaedia:-
A kangaroo court or kangaroo trial is a colloquial term for a sham legal proceeding or court. The outcome of a trial by kangaroo court is essentially determined in advance, usually for the purpose of ensuring conviction, either by going through the motions of manipulated procedure or by allowing no defense at all. A kangaroo court’s proceedings deny due process rights in the name of expediency. Such rights include the right to summon witnesses, the right of cross-examination, the right not to incriminate oneself, the right not to be tried on secret evidence, the right to control one’s own defense, the right to exclude evidence that is improperly obtained, irrelevant or inherently inadmissible, e.g., hearsay, the right to exclude judges or jurors on the grounds of partiality or conflict of interest, and the right of appeal.

ALL the above applies to family courts when the “SS” apply for an interim care order to remove children from their parents and family to place them with strangers in fostercare!


A summary of how it all works – written by a distressed parent.


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