2 SS after you

First: listen to Ian on this video.

Second: read his 4 Golden Rules below.

Third: read each Golden Rule in detail.

1:- IGNORE SOCIAL WORKERS!!! Don’t talk to them, allow them in your house, assess you or send you to the psychobabble merchants! The “SS” have NO authority so you are not obliged to listen to them or obey them! The SS are your enemies, so ignore their threats and refuse their instructions! The more you “cooperate” with them the more likely you are to lose your children later! Politely refuse or even apologise but never obey them!

Never ask them for help, think very carefully before you report a violent partner (especially if the abuse is only verbal) or even a sexual molester (especially if the children beg you to say nothing) as once social workers or police are involved you risk losing your children for “failing to protect them”.

Never let social workers in your house without an appointment,

  • never go alone to any meetings they hold, never agree to voluntary care for your child,
  • never admit to any fault (they don’t!), never be rude or unfriendly to them,
  • but never obey them either!
  • NEVER, NEVER sign anything even when they pressure you! Remember social workers are not police and have no legal authority to give you orders as only a court can do that.
  • They cannot stop you seeing your children as they come out of school or receiving emails from any public library, or receiving reverse charge calls from any call box if they dial 100 unless you have been served with a specific court injunction forbidding all contact.

IF the “SS” threaten to take your children for adoption,make sure they never forget you. Hug them tight at “last contact” so they cannot easily be removed while you repeat to them that wicked people are stealing them for money, and to say no to adoption when they try to give them a horrible new mummy and daddy! 

THIS AT LEAST SHOULD HELP TO SABOTAGE ANY UNWANTED ADOPTIONS AND MAKE SURE YOUR KIDS WILL ALWAYS REMEMBER YOU AND GET IN TOUCH LATER. Not many “adopters” will want to take in a child who has been told to say “NO” to adoption in any case!

2:- Family Courts: 99.7% of parents lose against the “ss” in court and those who win are usually those who represent themselves as most legal aid lawyers in family courts are “professional losers” not on your side at all! If you are a couple let one have a lawyer and the other act in person. State facts not opinions, never interrupt and you will at least have been allowed to speak unlike many parents who lose their children to adoption for life without saying a single word!

  • Answer all questions from police or barristers whenever possible by “yes”, “no” or “I don’t know” and never complain about any social worker or police officer in court.
  • Never say there is a conspiracy against you, say instead that social workers try desperately to COVER UP THEIR MISTAKES in your case and that civil servants are notorious for trying to cover up mistakes rather than admit them!
  • Never walk out and leave a family court in session as that is a surrender to the “SS” allowing them a free hand to establish lies that become facts against you that you will never be able to dispute.
  • Never write letters to the judge or to the “SS” as they will achieve nothing and may even hurt your case.

3:- Expert Witnesses Only agree to using the parents assessors, psychologists, and other professionals who are listed on this site as contacts (find them just after the golden rules). Avoid the so called “professionals” selected by the “SS” who are regularly paid outrageous fees to discredit you!

4:- Flee the Country: Remember there is no forced adoption in Ireland (no passports needed on the ferry), Spain, France or Italy and no extradition from N.Cyprus! Escape legally (nobody can stop you!) whilst pregnant or well before court proceedings have started and you will be safe!



3 Responses to 2 SS after you

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  2. Anonymous says:

    my daughter is 9 and in foster care just on grounds of hearsay and lies,2 people saying i was drinking alcohol,lies.i passed urine tests;6 of them 2 weeks before,i havent drank 4 4 years,took her 4 no good reason as they knew i was going 4 joint residency 8 days later.life sentence 4 a past mistake.iv proved myself 4 almost 4 years but they still snatched my angel.i was seeing her all the time and 80 PER CENT OF time i had her with me as we cant live without each other.they never caught us’we were too clever.so they were beaten by our powerful love we have 4 each other,we even went on 5 holidays together;;just me and Abra’;my daughter.her dad couldnt cope.he just wanted ticket to stay in this country,,and they gave him it.dosent it PROOVE OER THIS TIME THAT I CAN AND DID BRING HER UP MYSELF


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