Adoption in Ireland

Here is a Mumsnet thread re adoption in Ireland. A married couple can’t give up a child for adoption even if they want to!! A single mother can give up her child for adoption, presumably for a fairly obvious reason. The Irish State cannot forcibly adopt a child against the wishes of a married or single mother!! :-

Here are a few who have fled to Ireland and elsewhere and who will help others !

Hello Ian,

Thanks for all your help and now we are settled, we can offer a room for up to 3 people. Please pass on my number 0035894275743


Hello Ian,

I don’t know if you remember me. I am originally from Germany and ran to Italy from London with my 2 boys. From there we went to Ireland. Anyhow we have been lucky so far. I found a decent job on my 2nd day here. We were staying with someone in a Studio flat for 1 month. My job gave me 500 euro up front so we could move in our own flat. So we were in a 2 bed flat for 2 months and now we moved in a 5 bed house just outside Dublin. That is the reason why I am contacting you. We have space to take in 1 or 2 families in emergency. They need to tidy after themselves and no drugs or smoking in the house. Please do not give out my e-mail address. They should contact you and you can ring me or mail me. We only have 2 months left to become residents and I don’t want to chance it.

I know that there is an issue for the families to receive benefits here. There is a way around it. Register self-employed on low income. They could make up any trade and keep books. Is easy to do. Once they are self-employed, they can apply for everything. I have not applied for anything yet and it is hard at times. But I rather stay safe. The house we live in doesn’t really have an address and no neighbours. Vincent de Paul charity helps with essentials. That’s where we got cookery, bedding and tools from. They give you up to 30 euro vouchers a week when you need it and help for school uniforms and books.

Thank you for the brief help at the time.
PS If you have couples where 1 is working, then only the person who doesn’t work should leave while the other can support the person with the child. They need to get a prepaid credit card. Best if a friend gets it as of the name. Get 2 cards from 1 account. 1 for her 1 for him. The one left behind in the UK can top up the card in the money shop or post office. While one person is here establishing a new life, the other can apply for jobs in Ireland. To apply for the jobs is better to use an internet dongle as is not registered in anyone’s name and noone can track your movements as they don’t know the dongle nr. When either the person here is ready or the other found a job via internet, they can reunite in safety with much less stress and hassle. Noone is perfect and perfect parents don’t exist. The ones who say they are perfect are the worst parents from what I have seen. We all make mistakes and have our own ways which were passed down to us from our parents. SS needs to hire people who have children and not hire children who don’t have a clue. Let’s beat the system, if we can’t change it.

Hi Ian,

I don’t know if you remember but we spoke in October last year and you advised us, due to Worcestershire social services bullying tactics, to leave the UK immediately for Ireland… well we took your advice and we did.

It was extremely difficult the first 2weeks until we got the kids into school; but now, nearly 4 months on, we have never been happier but, isn’t there always a but, the SS over there will not let go and are threatening to extradite my kids back to the UK…

Let me explain…when we arrived hereafter obtaining PPS numbers for us all, SS found out where we were living (in the middle of nowhere) and sent the Gardai and Ireland’s SS to see us. They spoke to us for 20 minutes and left, but we agreed to let them see the kids when they wanted to…. Well, after seeing my kids TWICE, and the Gardai making ONE unannounced visit, SS here are of the notion that there’s no problem with my kids and are going to close our case in the next month. Can I just say Worcestershire SS PHONED my eldest daughters principal DEMANDING that the kids are brought back to England immediately, as they are at risk of emotional harm, the principal argued with the social worker and told her that she had met all my family and there is NOTHING wrong with any of the kids and their heavy handed tactics very nearly destroyed a perfectly normal family.

She also told them that in her opinionWorcestershire SS have handled our case deplorably and the UKs loss is her gain, as my daughter is a brilliant student who is learning FIVE Languages. My daughter has also been moved up a year due to her intelligence and will be doing her leaving certs 2years early. Not bad for a child who is at ‘risk’ is it?! My kids are also on the Irish foreign births register due to my family coming from Dublin and we will all be obtaining Irish passports in the near future.

We love it here Ian. My kids are so happy at home and at school.

Many thanks Ian

Sara and Wayne
PS We found very reasonably priced accommodation near the N.Irish border via an agency called “DAFTIE”

IMPORTANT:- I reassured Wayne and Sara that the ss from the UK were just making empty threats to try and upset the family, as they can do absolutely nothing, if a family leaves the UK BEFORE any notice of court proceedings has been received.

mums-house-ireland is a helpline for mums who flee to Ireland that you can reach by simply clicking in to the website of mumshouse! Try the link below if the one above does not work;

Parents of Irish citizen children

On 8 March 2011 the European Court of Justice (ECJ) ruled in the Zambrano case C 34/09, that an EU member state may not refuse the non-EU parents of a dependent child who is a citizen of, and resident in, an EU member state the right to live and work in that member state.

The Department of Justice and Equality is reviewing the cases of non-EEA parents of Irish citizen minor children which may meet the criteria specified in the Zambrano case.

The links of the sites where it explains that the law has changed for children born to foreign nationals after 2005. The first site is from the department of foreign affairs and talks about the citizenship criteria and the second is from Irish Citizenship information which half way down has a nice little table which explains who is and who isn’t entitled.


The Grand Chamber of the European Court of Human Rights Decided( above) that the best interests of the child would be the deciding factor to determine whether that child could remain in Ireland. Previously the question concerned “habitual residence”.
Neulinger & Shuruk v. Switzerland

A Momentous and Disturbing Ruling in Europe on the Hague Abduction Convention …

183 days(6 months) residence to claim full benefitsin Ireland .

Even better is North Cyprus where there is a large British colony and NO EXTRADITION even for criminals ! Fly from most UK airports but if you think you might get stopped there then it is 100% safe if you fly there from Ireland.



TEL:- 00353894256098

Hello Ian following your advice concerning the ss and their attempt to take our children from us because they say that our children were or had and were of risk of suffering emotional abuse we would like to let you know that we have indeed now fled from the uk and are now living in ROI.

It has taken some time for us to find a property to rent and to get the children into school.

The family is just starting to feel a little better and hopefully soon we can get over the huge trauma of what the ss has done to this family and most of all the emotional trauma that they have caused our children to experience and go through.

You are more than welcome to print this email on your website

We came into this country by boat and found the whole process extremely stress full from making the initial decision to leave after consulting you and watching the way the ss was deliberately contorting what was said to them by family and by my husband to comming into this country with little or no info on how to go about getting the help we needed.

We did contact some of the contacts you gave us to talk to and one or two were particularly help full to us with information that we needed to find a property.

If any one else is considering what we have had to do for the sack and safety of their children then please don`t hesitate to give them my email and mobile number as where we are living their are a few properties available to let and we could point some of them in the right direction for these properties.

What i would say is to make sure that you do have some Euros before entering this country and also make sure that they apply min 2 weeks before they go for an Ehic Card as this will help them if they have an medical emergency in this country.

They also need to make sure that they bring all Birth Certificates, Passports if they don`t have one for a child i strongly recommend that they obtain one before hand and they can do this by booking a same day passport application at a passport office it costs more but provided everything is correct they will have the passport the same day.

This is what we did little did we know at the time that it would be provident to do so as when you apply for the PPSN in this country you need to have two forms of id one being the birth certificate or marriage certificate the other being a passport of driving licence.
You need the PPSN numbers to get your child into school, to register at the health center ect even to open a bank account in this country and to work ect.

If they are on benefits they need to ring up in the uk and state that they are just seeking information that way they do not have to give their name or national ins number to the benefit office, hmrc office to find out if their benefits can be transported out to the ROI because some benefit can.

Any body needing help on this can contact us by mobile +353 0894256098 or email

One of the first things they should also consider doing on arrival in this country if they have come with a car is to fuel it up and also to go into a local vodaphone shop, Meteor Shop, Tesco, Argos and purchase themselves a prepaid phone as uk mobile phones dont always work here and cost a fortune to use in the first place.

Best mobile to use is the Tesco Mobile cause they double it your top up so if you purchase 10 Euros they the give you an extra 20 Euro Call time credit which is mighty usefull.

Hope this helps.
Kindest Regards

Lynda and family


5 Responses to Adoption in Ireland

  1. ANON. says:

    the same happened to us when we escaped to ireland,with forced adoptions starting here also,i know of others who have also had their baby taken

    • ladyportia27 says:

      Ireland has plenty of child snatchers, many British trained ones who have popped over there for fresh meat to prey on.

      Forced adoption is about to come back once again-like the Magdalene times- nothing has changed.

      Alien- non Irish non RC Catholics are not welcome in Ireland and your children are targeted for assimilation into Irish Catholic families.

      Nothing new of course- just history repeating itself like in past times- Native Americans, native Irish, etc

      All traces of identity to be removed.

  2. Limbo says:

    I found that as a pregnant woman I was unable to access heath care in Rep. of Ireland (EU agreements do not cover maternity care) and so decided that it was safer to return to UK to have baby than risk an unattended birth in Ireland (where non-hospital births are distinctly frowned upon). UK SS were immediately informed of my return and impending birth. Fortunately ex partner was present and we showed a united front and *thusfar* we have had no further issues but we are constantly having to fly under the radar & as the relationship with the child’s father has soured I feel the risk of SS becoming alerted to our existence & getting involved again has increased… When I was in RoI I was alone with 3 children & little way of communicating with others in a similar position or anyone that could offer practical help. I have since learned that there are networks that could have helped us but since they are so secret I was unable to discover or access this help when I needed it most.

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