Golden Rule 1

1: NEVER contact social services (child protection) for help or advice. You should consider very carefully before you report a partner who batters you or even a stranger who sexually assaults your young child, as if you do the SS will as often as not take your children into care (and later for adoption) to “protect them” from risk! If they have your children and you are fighting to get them back, NEVER NEVER tell social workers how you think you are going to defeat them, or what you are going to do next! Remember, without mentioning it to “them”, that even if your children are “in care”, social workers do not have the legal power to stop your children going to any call box (without any money) to dial 100 and asking the operator to reverse charges and to put the call through to their parent(s), or from going to any public library and e-mailing you, or even meeting you for a meal as long as they return “home” to the fosterers afterwards!

Care home girl abused by 25 men in 2 years | Mail Online – Last updated at 11:32 27 August 2006 …

A 14-year-old girl placed in a council children’s home was prostituted to a group of depraved middle-aged men because staff were powerless to stop her going out. The horrific story of ‘Becky’ is highlighted in a BBC television programme presented by Fiona Bruce this week which reveals how she was sexually abused by 25 men over two years – despite being known to social services and having been placed on the Child Protection Register.

Even when she was put in a children’s home – six months after her earliest allegations of abuse – staff allowed her to be used as a prostitute for fear their intervention might infringe her human rights. If the “SS” cannot prevent a young girl in their care from working as a prostitute, then surely they cannot prevent other young people they “care for” from spending the day with parents if they so choose!

Remember also that children of school age have a break; so you can call them and speak to them through the railings without trespassing and nobody can stop you except a judge by serving a court injunction on you that will be too late to stop you reminding your children of their real family!

Remember also that if your children suffer visible damage whilst being fostered, TAKE dated and timed PHOTOGRAPHS of black eyes, bruises, cigarette burns or other injuries and give them to the police, your MP, the NSPCC then ring Childline to make criminal complaints demanding prosecution of the perpetrators! Don’t take “no” for an answer from any of them!!!

Remember also that if children are 16 or more, they will often be released from care. Sometimes, however, the “SS” take a particular dislike to a family and say they will keep the child until 18 when the care order must expire.

NEVER MIND! There is a way out ! If a child marries at 16 then the care order ceases! A marriage anywhere in Scotland does NOT need parental consent. Take the hint!


5 Responses to Golden Rule 1

  1. rita codanda says:

    please contact me urgently. family member kidnapped by social services, fighting in court lead to nowhere, could not speak to judge, signed paper under duress, not understanding anything

  2. rita codanda says:

    please call me on 07425897865

  3. Children's Rights says:

    The advice contained on this page is dangerous and irresponsible.

    To advise parents not to leave abusive relationships, which are actively harming their children, is morally abhorrent and you should be ashamed of promoting this view. The harm done to children who witness domestic violence is well known; the following is from the NSPCC’s summary of the issue:

    “Children who witness domestic abuse may suffer in a number of different ways: it can affect their behaviour and emotional well-being, and it can also have an impact on their education. For example, some may display aggressive or anti-social behaviour, whereas others may suffer problems like depression or anxiety. Their performance at school may be affected due to the distractions at home or the disruption of moving to and between refuges. A child’s own method of resolving conflict is likely to be affected too by seeing how their parents interact – this can last into adulthood.

    As well as being affected by witnessing domestic abuse, children living with domestic abuse are also at greater risk of being victims themselves, particularly of physical abuse.”

    The NSPCC conclude that:

    “However, most children have the ability to recover from the effects once they are in a safer, more stable environment.”

    Once children are removed from violent and abusive households they can begin to recover from the effects. For some reason, your website is opposed to this and would prefer that children remain with parents who expose them, and possibly subject them, to violence. I cannot understand why any normal person would wish to keep children in harms way in the manner that you advocate.

    This website consistently places the rights of parents over and above those of their children. It places no responsibility on those parents who decided to bring a child into the world and does not seek to hold any of them accountable for their own actions. When parents make the decision to abuse their children – which includes exposing them to domestic violence (here is an article by one celebrity who was regularly exposed to domestic violence which provides an example to all of you here that minimise the issue: – then we should not support that decision, we should challenge it.

    Unfortunately, this website encourages those parents to continue the abuse and to actively hide it from those people who could help to make their children safe. No wonder social services finds it so difficult to protect children, when you have communities like this actively encouraging their members to cover up abuse.

    Parents who subject and expose their children to domestic violence are not fit to be parents and advising them to keep these situations covered is disgusting. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

    • Ian Josephs says:

      A very typical social worker falsehood;I never never advise parents not to leave abusive relationships so (Children’s rights) why tell such an obvious lie unless it is out of sheer habit?
      I advise the victim to grab the kids and leave but never report anything to child snatching social workers as that risks exposing them to the horrors of the care system ,pregnancies at age 12 or 13,drug addiction, examination failure,and careers in crime or prostitution or both !Child abuse is a crime but risk of future emotional abuse is not yet that is now a favourite reason for snatching kids and getting care orders rubberstamped by largely compliant judges; Children have a right to live with their own imperfect families without necessarily imposing boundaries and routines so beloved of social workers who try to impose their views and their cultures on anyone who disagrees with them ! Putting children first means allowing them to stay with sane law abiding families irrespective of their lifestyles or views about life. Grabbing them for future risk so as to add names to social worker scorecards does not !!
      Everyone has the right to “a family life undisturbed by public authority” (Article 8 ECHR) Every newborn baby has a right to stay with its mother if the mother has no previous record of significantly harming children (and I don’t mean a slap on the bum from a parent’s hand !)

      And what about the children themselves?!
      Well, when children of school age are taken into care they are gagged and usually are not allowed to testify in court that they want to return home even when begging to do so.
      Squads of uniformed police cart them off at around 6.30am often screaming for their parents , and terrified when their mobile phones and laptops are confiscated to isolate them from family and friends.
      At parents’ contact visits children in care are not allowed to discuss their cases, say they want to go home, complain of sexual or physical abuse by fosterers or social workers or even speak their own language if they are foreign. If they do any of these things contact is stopped.
      Murderers and rapists in prison are treated much better than children in care as even the very worst criminals are allowed to phone and speak to  their visitors about anything they like in any language they choose.

  4. GB says:

    Just re-read and re-read the churning roundabout fear-filled, knee-jerk, repetitive droning dribble of any social work reports, care meetings, social work conference verdict regarding RESPONSIBLE PARENTS who are trying to do their best at keeping their family life together, in particularly where there are parental objections to particular social services interventions, one will undoubtedly find social services over using and over reaching their powers to threatening foster care, severing ties with parents; using bully tactics, coercing one partner or parent against another time and time again, it’s inexhaustible what they will stoop and resort to. If you are Black or other ethnic minority you can wave your sense of dignity goodbye as you are well and truly over the barrel, take it how you will.

    It’s diabolically a nightmare dealing with these people. They often breech their own guidelines and good practice policies to make parents cry and plead for mercy kissing their hands and feet to win favour with them. Your right to freedom of speech and expression to these people are non exixtence and when it comes to Art 8 of the ECHR they have their own slant already drafted to counteract your basic right to family life. God (if there’s one) help you if you are not financially flushed and well connected to keep them in their place. They are power mad!!!

    Under no circumstances should anyone report ANYTHING to them. Do whatever you can to find private professional advise and assistance from professionals OUTSIDE OF THE UK where possible. If it’s an abusive partner or child molester type situation by all means get away from them and make strategic legal arrangements to keep yourself at a safe distance from them but NEVER call social services. The loaded full-on intervention and interference tactics they will apply will negatively impact on you, your children and family life – your sanity included, forever.

    By the way..most of those that you have to deal with first hand do not even have a degree in social work, law, sociology, humanties – nothing beyond a college certificate. They are just trained to play on people’s fears with what if doom and gloom arguments. They use outdated manuals and directive diagrams to tell them what to do if one thing appears one way or the other. By the time it arrives on their superiors desk (who can’t afford to lose face and respect in the face of this alleged very much at risk’situation..) They simple give them the nod and in goes your door at 5AM the next morning. If you lucky they’ll come round at tea time with full police escort and ring your doorbell and greet you with a fake smile.

    Avoid them like the plague.

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