Golden Rule 4

4: Never, never agree to let your children go into foster care (especially if they say it is TEMPORARY OR VOLUNTARY). Never “agree” the thresholds even if you are advised that this will ensure the return of your children, because if you do, you will have admitted neglecting or abusing your child, and the only question left will be to decide if you have really repented and are capable of “change”! Usually the answer is no! Sometimes your own lawyer may tell you to agree the thresholds and/or agree to an interim care order otherwise “you will never see your children again!” That is a wicked lie designed to save the lawyers work and to help you LOSE your children! Sometimes lawyers will tell you there is no need for you to give evidence, as they will speak for you; that way you may find you have lost your children very quickly without being allowed to say a word, so BEWARE!

Most of the “legal aid lawyers” in the family courts are rightly known in the trade as “PROFESSIONAL LOSERS”!! Many of them pretend to work for you, when, in fact, they are really on the side of the Local Authority. is the site where you can find the very worst solicitors listed by name!

A very few will say “we will fight social services for you and try our best to get your children back!” Those are the lawyers to keep and to value as they are rare!

But here is a list of very rare people ! Solicitors who are honest and will fight for you:

More often alas you will have to sack your lawyers and represent yourself, simply because they will not let you speak in court! Never admit to social workers (who are your ENEMIES) that you have been at fault in even the smallest possible way, (they certainly will never admit to you that they were ever at fault!).

You must never lie in court, but you should never never admit to any fault on your part unless forced to do so by a direct “yes or no” type question in court. Above all, NEVER NEVER plead guilty to something you have not done, simply because they promise to “bind you over” or let you off with “a caution”, if you do and threaten you with prison, if you refuse!

This just means they have insufficient evidence and are trying to trick you into pleading guilty, so they can win their case!

ESCAPE WHILE YOU HAVE TIME! You must never disobey a court order by taking abroad a child already in care, but if you are pregnant and threatened, neither a court nor the “SS” can stop you leaving the country before the baby is born! If the children are already with you, but you feel menaced by social services try to leave the country BEFORE any notice of care proceedings is served on you. Ireland is easiest and is cheap to get to. (No forced adoption allowed there, and if you take the ferry no passport needed!) or give good information so you can discreetly book on line!

The “SS” rarely work at weekends; so a departure on Friday evening is a good way of avoiding altercations and clashes with frustrated social workers! You are, however, advised to notify the Irish police shortly after your safe arrival, as otherwise you might be posted in the UK as a missing person!

Remember you are 100% safe from UK social services, if your baby is born in Ireland (or nearly anywhere in Europe except the UK). The Irish social services are mostly a friendly bunch who will not take too much notice if the UK lot contact them and rubbish you. They may even take your baby for a little while as a precaution, but you normally get it back pretty quickly and never never risk the horror of forced adoption.

BEWARE the Sunnybank Hotel Glasnevin as it is half-owned with a social worker who cooperates wtih the Social Services in the UK. Stay clear of this place at all costs!!!

IMPORTANT:- The European Court of Justice recently decided that Britons living abroad are still entitled to claim welfare benefits from the UK!


See also Angela Wileman’s “survival guide” reproduced a bit later on ( just scroll down).She escaped, beat the ss, and survived even though she had to flee from the UK to Sweden,and from there to Spain and finally with the “SS” still in hot pusuit to Ireland where the SS finally gave up wasting public money hounding her !!

5: When possible refuse to be assessed by so called “experts, “(psychiatrists, therapists, psychologists, counsellors, professionals, and the like)inevitably selected by those who are hostile to you. You should however agree if you are advised to do so by a judge.If it is only the “SS” who demand an assessment insist that your children are returned first as otherwise the process will take place in an artificial atmosphere with you as parents emotionally distressed because your children have been taken.If for some reason that is not possible request at least that you share in the choice of “expert” so as to avoid the “regulars” who appear in court time after time and always find that parents have “personality disorders” or similar mental issues. Remember that if the “SS” insist on these assessments their sole purpose is to gather sufficient evidence to help them win their case against you in court!If you talk a lot and do not listen to them they will say you have mental problems or “PERSONALITY DISORDERS”,so be “quiet and attentive” during assessments. Try not to answer questions with more than 5 or 6 words (they write down anything unhelpful you may let slip). Try indeed to answer “yes” or “no” whenever possible.

Remember to be the OPPOSITE of what whatever faults the ss attribute to you !If they say you are too aggressive,act timid and vice versa!If they say you are too emotional act “cool” and vice versa!

Your whole tone” in Court “must be one of “sweetness and light” regretting that your children were mistakenly taken and that THEY (not you) suffered harm and anguish as a result! DO NOT LOSE your case by being hostile in court towards social workers and especially towards the judge !!Eagerly propose a supervision order as a much more suitable alternative for your children than fostering or forced adoption.Emphasise that you have nothing to hide and that if a SUPERVISION ORDER is granted instead of fostering or adoption, your door will always be open to health visitors and social workers wishing to check the well being of your children ! Your whole case must be that YOUR CHILDREN have suffered harm (not yourself) and that you are taking action for their sake not for your own! If you are accused of “being unable to work with the professionals”, reply that you will work 100% with them if they say their objective is to reunite your family by eventually returning your children, but that it is unfair to expect you to work with anyone whose objective declared to the court is to put your children into care or worse still have them adopted!

NEVER COMPLAIN NEVER EXPLAIN! Complaints about individual social workers ,lawyers,or policemen are a waste of time as they investigate themselves and you risk being diverted from the more important task of keeping or recovering your children.Complaints against social workers often result in them taking your children or redoubling their efforts to keep them if they already have them !They are a vindictive lot !

Never explain or elaborate when questioned as this only gives extra material to those who wish to discredit you. If asked when,why,or whether you did something or went somewhere,answer “yes”,”no” “I don’t know”or “I don’t remember” but never try to explain WHY you went there or did something (unless asked specifically) and even then reply “because I thought it the best thing to do at the time” or something similar as explaining and talking too much will enable a crafty local authority barrister to seize on something you let slip and turn your case from winning into losing !

Never make angry personal attacks on anybody or threaten to sue the “SS” or police at a later date, as it just makes YOU sound bad.They may even seize on your resentment as an excuse to diagnose you with PARANOIA !

If you are accused of wild conspiracy theories and thinking all the world is against you,then replythat social workers are desperate to COVER UP THEIR MISTAKES IN YOUR CASE RATHER THAN ADMIT THEM; also that you can’t help believing what the most senior family judges say !

By all means quote this extract sorrowfully from “The Times” April 13th 2010,saying even the most dedicated social workers can make bad mistakes !

“Lord Justice Wall (The Senior family court judge) said that the determination of some social workers to place children in an “unsatisfactory care system” away from their families was “quite shocking”.In a separate case on which Sir Nicholas Wall also sat, Lord Justice Aikens described the actions of social workers in Devon as “more like Stalin’s Russia or Mao’s China than the West of England” !

Summary of how to talk with psychologists etc;

To avoid accusations of mental problems OR TO PRESENT YOUR CASE IN COURT act as follows:-
1:- Do NOT speak a lot or go off the subject chosen for discussion by the psy OR BY THE COURT;
2:-NEVER slag off anybody or complain about anybody past or present ;Say only that those who took your children made a terrible mistake ! Do NOTget angry about anything !
3:-Say ONLY that your children have suffered being deprived of a mother NOT that you have suffered !
4:-Listen carefully when the psy OR HOSTILE BARRISTER speaks to you and NEVER interrupt when he/she is talking however much you want to !
5:- Try NOT to complain about anything especially your parents or your childhood as psys blame everything on childhood incidents!
6:- Answer all questions where possible by YES or NO or possibly” I don’t know” or “I can’t remember” ! NEVER go in for long explanations or excuses and never admit to wrongdoing because if you do they will make your past admitted mistakes the highlight of the report !
If a judge tries to ridicule your testimony by asking “Do you think we are all in a conspiracy to take your child”? Answer”No of course not ! It’s just that social workers never change their minds once they form an opinion even if later events show they were wrong. They stick to their original story come what may to COVER UP THEIR MISTAKES and the courts nearly always side with them.Ask ” Who am I to disagree with the senior family court judge when he says the behaviour of social workers is shocking?”

BEWARE the “Official Solicitor” ! If you get too upset or too excited the judge may decide you are not capable of instructing a solicitor or representing yourself and will appoint this parasite to represent you instead.He is by law forbidden to put on a case for you as his job is simply to agree with the “SS” ,to refuse to let you speak, and ensure that you lose your precious children without being allowed to say a word !! Even if you stay calm but still show hostility the judge may appoint a psychologist recommended by the “SS” to give you an IQ test and if through nerves etc your results are poor once again the Official Solicitor will be appointed to “represent” you.Alas,thanks to him, you will be gagged, and your children will be lost to forced adoption .An article from the Sunday Times (see link above) states that 588 cases in which parents have been gagged and the Official Solicitor has given away their children have taken place in the family courts from Jan 2006 until june 2009 .

Remember that the SS often “brainwash” children in care by telling them that their mother is too ill to care for them or worse still does not love them or want them any more, but when they are adopted they will have a lovely new “for ever mummy and daddy”! These children are often traumatised for life wondering if they are evil and if that was why their mother abandoned them.Better to avoid this trauma by telling them the initially upsetting truth.Make sure you hold them tight to stop interuptions when you tell the children that “wicked people have stolen them for money and that you will never stop fighting to get them back” ! Whisper this in their ears or calmly make the statement out loud in spite of horrified supervisors who may then try to shout you down !Even children as young as 3 will remember all their lives such a brutal but necessary message. Vital however it is, as it will eventually make a stable adoption impossible to sustain !Your reluctantly adopted children will as a result seek you out and come back to you in the end !

IF the “SS” threaten to take your children for adoption,make sure they never forget you !

THIS AT LEAST SHOULD HELP TO SABOTAGE ANY UNWANTED ADOPTIONS AND MAKE SURE YOUR KIDS WILL ALWAYS REMEMBER YOU AND GET IN TOUCH LATER .Not many “adopters” will want to take in a child who has been told to say “NO” to adoption in any case !

Once adoption proceedings have finished there is no more confidentiality ,so plaster your children’s names and photographs all over facebook and the rest of the internet together with names of the social workers and so called “experts” who have stolen your children !Make it hard for adopters and ss alike as that’s your best chance of eventually seeing your children again !The ss may seek an injunction to remove the display so it is prudent to have a third party actually put on the photos etc with your complete story on facebook,twitter,and all the other similar sites !

If you find your adopted child ‘s address or school MAKE FACE TO FACE contact immediately !Do NOT SEND EMAILS OR CARDS IN ADVANCE or make any phone calls that could warn the adoptive parents and send them to court for an injunction !Also your children were probably told that you abandoned them and did not love them so they might even avoid meeting you without finding out the truth through nervousness .For these reasons, give no advance notice of your intentions to call on them.

6: Protect yourself against social workers with NO COURT ORDER barging uninvited into your home by fitting a small chain inside your front door. This means that if you do not unlatch the chain when you see who is calling that person would have to push the door hard enough to break the chain which would be a “forced entry “and a criminal offence if committed without a document from the court such as a “recovery order” specifically allowing entry using reasonable force. Unless they intend to actually arrest someone or have good reason to believe someone in the house is in danger of severe physical harm, police also would have to have a warrant before breaking the chain. Usually they will not have one and would have to convince a judge that a serious crime had been or was about to be committed before one was granted.

7: If social services request a look at your medical records (probably to try and find something to discredit you) ALWAYS write to any doctor or psychiatrist that has seen you as follows:

“I respectfully request you to keep all my medical notes strictly confidential as I intend to take legal proceedings against social services and any other persons who might obtain my medical details without my express authorisation”.

8: Never write a letter to anyone connected to Social Services as you might include something that could damage your case in the family court. Only accept a solicitor if he/she promises to allow you a free hand to speak in court! You should be asked this simple question in the witness box “Have you anything you would like to say to the court?” Without this promise you may be “gagged” and as already explained in Rule 4 you can lose your case without being allowed to say a word!


Remember above all that your objective must be to WIN YOUR CASE ! Not to “score points”, and not to discredit social workers,guardians ,police,judges or the system itself,as these tactics though satisfying will make sure you lose ! Never be untruthful in court but never antagonise the judge by openly disagreeing with what he says even if secretly you think he is a pompous idiot !If the judge in a final care case hints strongly that you will recover your children if only you will accept the findings of fact from the previous hearing or maybe if you agree to see yet another “expert” to assess you ,then humour the judge and accept what he says ! Remember that judges finally do have authority over you, whilst social workers have none Always present your case calmly and factually based on evidence not opinions so that it becomes obvious to all that it is in the children’s best interests is to stay with you !



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