One that got away!

One that got away !!

You are right Ian. Im safer here, and to be honest so too is Richard. I recall reading a case where a man helped his wife to dover, then onto France and got arrested on his return to the UK. So for that reason, we both have to stay, I’d hate for that to happen to us, because the police would arrest Richard probably on suspicions of being an accessory, even though we came separately on different flights.

I would like to write the following as a help to other unfortunate victims of the UK FAMILY COURT SYSTEM and SOCIAL SERVICES in hope that it will inspire others to finally bite the bullet and leave the UK and get to safety like us.

For months we had been at the hands of the family courts, and our local authority social services, they’d snatched our beautiful then five year old child, desperation and heart wrenching lies the social worker and guardian convinced the magistrates, without medical proof or any convictions that we were both placing our child at risk of emotional harm.  Our then solicitors convinced us to undergo assesments, and emotionally blackmailed us to sign the interim care order, and prove the social services wrong… telling us that this was in fact the best way of handling this situation… we did everything they asked of us, thinking that we would be better thought of by the judge, and reasonable, responsible people.

Soon enough I was frantically searching the internet one day, looking for answers, seaching for information, a helping hand, a good samaritan, anything that would help me understand what was happening to us, because we just felt like the whole world was about to cave in on us;  and with little knowledge on why social services were doing this, despite our pleas to the courts, I began reading Ian’s site. In disbelief that this was happening also to others, and in very similar circumstances, I felt somewhat armed with some knowledge and understanding that me and my husband were far from the only people going through the same nightmare.

After several more pleas to the family courts, tears, and complete powerlessness, despite the judge making recommendations to the authority to start rebuilding the broken bridges with our child, social services ignored the Family Court Judge and continued their plight to destroy our family unit. They wanted our bright intelligent, beautiful now 6 year old child very badly. Every week we were calling Ian for advice, reading his site over and over.

I became pregnant with my second child, a miracle, after trying for months through all the stress the social services were placing on us, and the heartless phonecalls to cancel contact sessions. Still fighting for our daughter in court, I would prove that my husband and I were a couple that were meant to be together, not split up like the social services were determined to acchieve. We soon realised that they were desperate to make each of us weak, as together we were making them look very silly in court, holding hands, being publicly close, still wasn’t a hint to these people. So they began playing one of us against the other.

Until reading Ian’s site, we were unaware that this was a ploy to split us as they do with all couples, showing that they are moving on from a difficult patch. Ian was right. Everything that was on his site explained what we were going through; this was a grim reality and a mirror image in other families lives also. We knew we had to take action, and after phoning Ian his advice on where our unborn child was best safe, our decision was made. I sold my car, I packed a large case with essential belongings, and put the rest into storage.

I walked into a travel agent and booked my one way flight. Holding my unborn baby bump, I thought of nothing but our safety, and how I could avoid being in a situation where my baby would be snatched at birth also. This was fast becoming my biggest fear. I had no doubt in my mind this would happen, if I stayed any longer. The hospital were sharing information with the social services, and were aware that my first born was in care, they tried to have me believe that all my medical notes and info I told them about myself would go nowhere but them.

Confidentiality just no longer existed not even with a hospital nurse, or my GP.

Data protection clearly doesn’t exist, if one of your children is in care or even if your first child is wanted by the authorities for adoption. We thought for months we were able to fight the system, but with the odds being in the authorities’ favour, we knew after nearly a year, that we were powerless, and now our second child was in danger of being snatched, despite there still being no convictions, no medical problems, and no proof of domestic violence ever existing in our relationship.

As a last resort which in hindsite, should have been done earlier, we took Ian’s advice. We at least managed to protect our second child and future children from the outrageous, heartless business built round a commodity of children, and we owe everything to Ian for his advice. Any other family in this situation really need to take heed, and just get out especially if you are expecting, and a child is in care or has been.

I don’t feel proud to be a British Citizen any more because of what has happened to us. It’s just a sick reality of a draconian way of dealing with family issues.


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