Prison without Crime – due to a Judge who’s under the Spell of the President of Secret Family Courts

There is only one consolation to me: Nelson Mandela and his time in prison.

It is simply too horrific to be true what happened to the Musa Family. I needed to set their site to ‘private’, but you can click on REGISTER below the window that comes up when you click on

But having been found guilty of child abuse or cruelty, based on entirely flimsy, staged and false accusations, while the children are in foster ‘care’ for £400 a week, the Musa parents must feel closer to suicide than celebrating the God they came to praise in this country.

Certainly, that kind of God is dead in a country where Christian holy days have been renamed into ‘bank holidays’…

I must not publish any ‘material or information relating to the children’, as they are under family proceedings.

But I can publish what was wrong with this court case:

  1. HHJ James Patrick banning note taking on the first day
  2. The Judge following directives by his senior colleague Sir Nicholas Wall and imposing the kind of secrecy that rules family courts rather than let the openness of criminal courts rule
  3. The Judge not declaring his interests. We only found out in the last minute that he is also an ordained priest.
  4. At that point, the solicitor didn’t want to ‘derail the proceedings’.
  5. This law firm was called in to give evidence, even though they were clearly not acting in the interest of the Musas! That’s why they had left them.
  6. However, I had been to their office with Maurice Kirk who knows much better how devious Police can be. Is it worth getting them added to the Solicitors from Hell site?
  7. The Prosecution denied witnesses but found it appropriate to dump 2,000 pages on the defence.
  8. But it’s sad: the Jury clearly was impressed by the 44 witnesses and couldn’t possibly imagine that this child snatching is going on the way it is, and that Haringey is one of the worst councils around.

I shall add to the shortcomings of the Judge and the trial, once supporters have recovered from the shock…


About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is
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2 Responses to Prison without Crime – due to a Judge who’s under the Spell of the President of Secret Family Courts

  1. Byrne says:

    May the God of Bishop Gloria & Chiwar
    Musa deliver them from their enemies…
    May the judgement of Father God of whom
    they serve bring accurate judgement
    to those who have touched His anointed
    ones…May those whom have labored
    in sweat & toil to support the couple
    and their children in reunion be rewarded..
    The eyes of Father God are not short
    in seeing those who have touched His
    anointed ones !

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