Five Women in HMP Holloway on Hunger Strike – because of their Forced Separation from their Children

Hunger Strike (song)

Hunger Strike (song) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

How often have I been to HMP Holloway now? Anything between 12 and 20 times, I think, seeing three different ‘inmates’. All mothers whose children were taken. What turns these grieving mothers into ‘criminals’? I am told that even Baby P’s mother could see him when she was in prison. But these mothers are helpless, while the child snatching wheels are grinding towards forced adoptions.

Melissa has not seen her then 4-year-old boy since December 2011, when she was arrested by Spanish Police – for supposedly having abducted a child from the UK: either her own son or somebody else’s. For she is allegedly somebody else which she denies. Therefore she started a hunger strike 16 days ago. Since then she has been joined by four other women, one of them Russian.

If anybody was interested in the truth and nothing but the truth, a DNA test would have clarified the ‘abduction’. But the more cases I hear about, the more I realise, there is only one intention:

for Social Services to snatch children and to find whatever pretext and reason for keep them from their parents

for the legal system to sanction what they are doing – be it lawyers or judges

for prisons to play along – mainly by not ‘producing’ prisoners to court hearings

and ideally to deport foreigners and keep their children in the UK.

The shocking truth is that lies are being invented all along, e.g. the prisoner supposedly “refused” to be produced.

For me, the even more shocking truth is ‘institutionalised hypocrisy’:

the welfare of the child is of the utmost importance – that’s why Melissa was refused bail, i.e. she has to stay in Holloway, even though her ‘sentence’ finished on 30th June. Who cares? Nobody takes note of her health, given that she was on her 16th day of hunger strike, when she even doesn’t drink.

Four women have joined her. One of them is Russian. I am told that a large proportion of all mums are foreigners. At least 10 of them are Nigerians.

Who takes notice???

Today I took a journalist along who had been recommended by John Hemming MP.

You are invited to write to whoever can also draw attention to women whose right to family life has been seriously violated. But who cares???

Do people join the dots between Social Services ‘supplying’ children and paedophiles abusing them???


About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is
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5 Responses to Five Women in HMP Holloway on Hunger Strike – because of their Forced Separation from their Children

  1. debbie says:

    I was banged up with her And she dose eAt

  2. she ha also been visited by the embassy, according to the embassy in washington d c and by the way melissa is an american citizen and she is my daughter fior which the embassy in london refusses to intervien and get her and her son out of uk they promised her a dna 41/2 months ago and are stil dragging their feet. and they can do something if they wanted to seems they do not care about this case at all. if i had the money for which i do not i would be there pushing for release and bring her home to the states where she belongs

  3. Sam says:

    I was in holloway wiv melissa laird, she was the most anoying person I came across she was very rude and always complained about her food. And often got special treatment she said she was jewish and could only eat food that had been blessed. I worked on the servery and served her dinners. I often saw her eating chips and other food from other inmates plates. She also claims to be alergic to water! And says she has a phobia of vegetables but eats chips. While she was suposedley on hunger strike she was eating!!! The officers who have to deal with her deserve medals as she really is hard work and is constantley lying.

    • I find it very strange that Melissa doesn’t remember a ‘Sam’ and that you omit your email address.

      Yes, as a Jewess she would complain about being given non-kosher food!

      What do you think you’re achieving by slandering her?

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