Reform the Family Courts and Social Services – Petitions on the Government’s site

12 06 17 secret childThere are a number of online petitions on the Government’s site that reflect people’s painful experiences and somewhat trust that the Government will sort it:

Reform The Family Courts And Social Services

Responsible department: Ministry of Justice

  1. Abolish the family court secrecy that gags parents who wish to complain.
  2. Abolish “emotional harm” and “risk” as justifications for putting children into care
  3. Abolish “forced adoption”if a parent opposes an adoption in court
  4. Abolish decisions by family court judges to take babies and young children into care. (let juries decide)
  5. Abolish the power of social services to regulate and control contact between parents and children , to censor their conversation or to restrict phone calls.
  6. Abolish the restriction preventing a lay advisor from presenting a case for parents refused legal aid
  7. Abolish hearsay evidence in family courts and require witnesses to stick to facts without “speculation.”
  8. Abolish the removal of children from parents who have NOT committed or been charged with any crime.


In the same spirit:


Responsible department: Department for Education

The Family court system needs serious reviewing, and the following changed:
– an INDEPENDENT regulatory body that governs the Social Services and monitors EVERY case.
– Family Court Proceedings secrecy abolished.
– ‘proof’ in family court proceedings should be changed in line with criminal matters; from ‘balance of probabilities’ to ‘beyond reasonable doubt’.
– any ‘professional’ (such as psychologist or doctor) should be COMPLETELY independent of any local authority and only paid a basic fee.
– anyone accused of ‘abuse’ should be considered innocent till PROVEN guilty.
– forced adoption abolished.
– Independent Reviewing Officers should be completely separate and have no existing or former affiliation with any local authority.
– Family court matters should be decided by jury/panel and NOT one single judge.

Social Services must provide evidence to be able to withhold children from their families

Responsible department: Department for Education

Social Services must not be able to withhold children from their families without sound evidence of abuse or mis-treatment. Children must be returned to their families following a successful defence in Court over any such allegations.

Hearsay evidence must never be acceptable as a reason to remove children from their families. Families can still be closely monitored where there is suspicion.

Children who have been removed from their families must be allowed supervised access to their parents until a Court has decided that abuse has occurred.

In the event that one parent/guardian is found guilty of abuse and removed from the family but another parent/guardian is not implicated, the children must be returned to the ‘not guilty’ parent.

It couldn’t be clearer!!! Do add your signature! A list of nine relevant petitions is on Prosecute the politicians who are responsible for Secret Family Courts.

But since it doesn’t happen and hasn’t happened, we must ask: cui bono? Who benefits???

Answer: the elite paedophiles.


About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is
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4 Responses to Reform the Family Courts and Social Services – Petitions on the Government’s site

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  2. angela powell says:

    Totally unacceptable that one judge makes decisions regarding childrens’ futures. It could be argued that a jury would involve too much cost, but why not a panel of three including the judge so that any decision made would at least be the view of two people, making a fair outcome more likely. The repercussions of a wrong or biased decision are enormous.

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