LETTER TO THE GUARDIAN EDITOR re Paedophilia: bringing dark desires to light

13 01 05 GuardianDear Editor

I am among the many who are completely amazed and appalled by your article: Paedophilia: bringing dark desires to light.

Who needs to know anything about the paedophile who traumatised / hurt / devastated a child’s body, innocence and sex life for ever and for good?

Isn’t it OBVIOUS that a child does NOT need a sexual ‘partner’ who’s at least double the weight and triple the age?

Why don’t you ask VICTIMS if you want to know more about paedophiles?

Become a voice for victims! Support a Royal Commission into child abuse in the UK, as has been launched in Australia!

Save the man from prison who launched an e-petition on HMG’s website for that purpose! See http://bit.ly/RyD9cM for details.

Wesley J Smith writes in his review: Having sexual relations with children treats them as mere objects, a good definition of evil.  If this view ever enters the mainstream–and that seems closer–we are on the road to cultural death.

Yours culturally still very alive,



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