BANNED from the UK: NATO Security Consultant because the “UK has been caught red handed stealing children”

This 32 minute video is another ‘story’ of child snatching – this time Sunderland County Council – naming the people responsible for

  • taking Nigel Cooper‘s daughter
  • dismissing him from NATO
  • trying to gag him and to accept British jurisdiction, even though he is a Belgian resident.

He is the quintessential English gentleman who has been put into exile for 10 years. He knows what he’s talking about:

  • a Principal Network Security consultant to NATO
  • who spent 22 years in the Royal Navy and earned 13 medals in the name of Her Majesty
  • and served for 7 years to protect children under the hospice of NATO.

Here he is the accuser

  • of the UK not just stealing his daughter but thousands of children for 80 plus years
  • “you stole my daughter”
  • “you are a plain thief”
  • the UK is stealing children for profit!

I will use this judgement

  • to bring down the UK
  • to free every single child in the UK that you’ve stolen.

Belgium has empowered me with this silver bullet [the judgement with highlights and emphasis added by the blogger]

I, Nigel Cooper, grant to every person the right to hold this document in the name of the Law. You are instructed in accordance with the Law.

As part of the bigger picture, this young girl and her father suffer from what we pointed out in our letter to the Attorney General: abuse of power at many different levels.


About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is
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133 Responses to BANNED from the UK: NATO Security Consultant because the “UK has been caught red handed stealing children”

  1. Nigel Cooper says:

    From a humble father, “Thank you”.. please share this with the world and allow me to do my work, allow me to expose the UK for what they are. Plain and simple thieves of the lowest form. Stealing children for profit. It is the greatest abuse of power in the history of mankind. Belgium has grant to me all the “WE” need to deal with this once and for all. I have not finished the list of names, I will with assistance for a second video also include every member by name and email address and what their association was, who they worked for and who they committed their crime in relation to stealing my daughter.

    To show you how far they will go, this was from my contract agent of seven years…. “Nigel I cannot tell you this, I cannot write it down. NATO terminated you contract on instruction for NATO HIGH for your actions to recover your daughter from the UK”…. hold on a second, what has my daughter got to do with an exemplary work record for NATO who has been stated as “a producer of WORLD CLASS products”.. then a week later without notice, without reason terminate contract? hm…… what’s going on there then?

    Daddy of Bailie Kate Cooper “The only legal guardian” BY LAW

    • While reading your judgement, I highlighted a few items that seemed significant to me, Nigel:

      1. you’ve added the Hague Convention on Civil Aspects to International Child Abduction to the legal frameworks which we can use in our various attempts to get justice

      2. there is a big difference between ‘custody battles’ over children and Social Services taking kids from any parent; I seriously wonder why they seem to prefer to side with the abusive parent!?… Does that pay better???

      3. it is very ‘strange’ indeed that
      — her mother handed Bailie over to you as guardian
      — not only changed her mind but tricked a few officials to take her to the UK
      — thereby overruled Bailie’s wishes
      — got Social Services involved who also ignore Bailie’s wishes
      — and that the Judge ruled against her wishes AND against the Hague Convention!!!

      • Anonymous says:

        I ‘ m sooo pleased someone is about to do something about this horrible mess in UK and all those that destroy families and children life while pretending to do the right thing for children… i’ proud of you Sir, full support from me…

    • Thanks for that explanation, Nigel!!!

      I just wonder why the mother risked what she did by fooling the Belgian authorities… Just ‘instability’?

      Cui bono? Who benefits???

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  3. Jane says:

    Nigel, did you say how I can get a copy of the document you signed at the end of the video?

  4. Nigel Cooper says:

    Any person who wants a signed copy of the judgment can email me at

  5. Nigel Cooper says:

    Thank you Sabine for the wonderful PDF. I’d like to add a few comments to you elegant adjustments to the judgment. Yes it said 500 Euros per day, (per person!!!) 96 people have interfered so far, then times that by 364 days. Hmmm… Now you know why the UK is not playing games. It will cost $$$ to return and admit guilt, though they will have to sooner or later; this does not ever cover the criminal negligence and punitive damages along with the other damages for emotional harm. Now you might understand why the UK is playing dumb. however to me, all I want is my daughter back home safe and sound and I want those person held accountable for their actions.

    • Hm,

      There is always enough money for war, but never enough for health and education, said a Labour MP in 1945, Nigel…

      The Treasury CAN print its own money, but prefers to be in the pockets of The City who print THEIR version of ‘money’, i.e. credit…

      Money has become not only THE ‘tool for control’, but also an economic weapon for ‘financial bullets’. I have a few more blogs where I shall put your video – WITH judgement!

      Glad you like my ‘adornments’ for improved readability.

    • obsesiverights says:

      Nigel your knowledge of the reality of our legal system in the UK, will inform you that the ordinary citizen in this country is trapped by the lawful power used for unlawful means by those in authority to achieve unlawful objectives.

      Cases like Norman Scarth have demonstrated that when threatened by actions which although harmless, and may be prevented in court before any harm is done, the Courts respond with malicious fury to punish any slight that may challenge their authority. This is not properly controlled by proportionate punishment, and is one of many examples.

      In other words they do not use the minimum force. Overreactions cause resentment and are seen to be bullying. This by it’s nature is unjust, and against English Law. Though unfortunately it does work, but for how long?

      Citizens will carry on leading quiet lives, and continuing to trust these authorities, who through delivering a form of justice to the masses when all eyes are on them, will use gagging orders and closed courts and apply “rules of evidence” to censor any evidence that may expose bias, or wrongdoing. The people will not react until they are made to realise the harm being done, is a threat to their own safety and security.

      Victims of crime and legal abuse are aware and the numbers are growing, but aside from bringing this to the attention of our MPs and making sure use the internet to get the word out into the public domain, what can ordinary citizens do? Often by writing out the problem solutions are found. But the practicality of prioritising solutions must be organised through strategic partnerships. I have personal commitments, that preclude me from putting myself at risk undertaking the sort of responsibilities we have vested in the Police and other authorities.

      But what realistically can people of conscience do?

      Inform our MPs, The Crime Commissioners, The Police, most of us have done all this, and very little or nothing is done.

      NATO Security Consultant has obtained the Judgement but who will enforce it against an authority that holds all the legal power in this country? The Police? then how will they deal with the English law authority that has already made its decision at decided at the highest level?

      Any answers?

      • Jane says:

        I think a large part of the problem in standing up for human rights and challenging the wrong-doing is fear. When in such situations most people would react fearfully, afraid of worse to come, afraid of losing children, afraid of not being allowed contact, afraid of friends and family, and the wider community thinking “there is no smoke without fire”. A year ago I would never have thought the cases I read about were possible. I would have thought over-reaction, conspiracy theory, a bit of a nutter. But no more. The Internet is clearly a powerful tool, but maybe a collection of cases, a support group? I don’t have the answers but the only way seems to be a collaborative action. Perhaps eminent academics? Christopher Booker of the Telegraph? I do know that the word is spreading. I hear Telegraph adders discussing cases they read in there.

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  7. cutts401 says:

    Sabine Google Vicky Haigh the tap. I blog on there. I sent your latest post which is on there too. Vicky

    Sent from Samsung Mobile









  10. Pauline Allen says:

    I am ashamed to say i am British Money Mad Goverment Justice will Prevail

  11. Nigel Cooper says:

    Thank you for your responses; now I have to write of who we are:

    “We, the human race were placed upon this planet for one sole reason, to populate the species and to pass on who we are to our children. It is what mankind has done for all time in memorial. From the reign of the apes to the present day, the human race has strive to educate itself and its children. This is in our genetic structure, a gift from mother nature herself. Let no man or woman come between a gift from nature, and let no judge or social service worker believe they have the god given right to over rule mother nature. We were bone unto this planet without gift or possession, we will leave in the same manor, so why do the UK government, Judges or social services believe they can profiteer from mother nature and steel her gift of a child to a parent for profit”?

    Nigel Cooper 12-03-2012

  12. obsesiverights says:

    The Courts have shut people up in the past when the only free speech was person to person, in letters, and leaflets, radio and press, and printed books. but now we have the internet the information gets out there and stays there. Web site information shut down ten more replace it.

    Every person is responsible for their own thoughts words and deeds. The UK government act in our name the separation of powers does not exempt any person from the law as it is created to govern the people and protect the rights of UK citizens. We the people entrust individuals to administer justice according to our laws. It is for Judges to interpret the law according to what the legislators had made law. Where discretion is used it must be used to uphold the law not undermine or circumvent it.

    What appears to be most wrong in this case is not the stealing of our children, that is just one of the many wrongs, the greatest wrong it the one that sits at the very heart of our judicial system. This wrong is for the individual to steal the administration of the law.

    This type of wrong is the core of infection that has corrupted the legal system into a autocracy of individuals set about putting self interest before duty. When the courts betray the trust placed in them to administer justice according to law, it does not give them the authority to change the law. It is apparent from the ever increasing number of victims of crime and legal abuse that the elected members of parliament must be held to account for the what appears to be a blatant attempt by unelected senior judges in the House of Lords and elsewhere to make laws that are aimed at preventing information that they themselves will determine what people may communicate.

    From what Nigel Cooper has stated every public authority and every newspaper, TV and Radio, Association of Chief Police Officers, and Law Authorities will know, what they may not know is the attention and interest this has from the public as a whole

    Every individual must forward this information Nigel Cooper has provided to their MP.

  13. Steve Mw says:

    Armies of family court judiciaries lawyers and their cohorts are snatching and exploiting childern on an industrial scale never seem before.

    Then gloating on destroying thier lives, killing 2, 3 and up every day here in Australia alone.

    Fathers Union of Australia

  14. Anonymous says:

    Great !!!!! Thank you !!!! We need to bring down this bastards like fascist all over Europe !!! Seems to by wide criminal organisation !!! But many times we dont know what to do and feel powerless, as in WW2 we need some kind of european organisation, which will be able uncover this criminal network and links with politicians, and destroy them, inteligence etc. you know more about it ! 😀 This is I was missing ! Principles of social services are absolutelly that same in every country where this occure – Norway, Sweeden, Finland, Germany, UK. It must have common background ! But this organisation must be strog to fight this !!! Thank you !!!

  15. Karol Peter says:

    This is email and nick to #19 comment.

  16. I Kaye Amanda Thornton,mother of five beautiful children,whom I totally adore.My children are my life,I love every hair on every head the same.My two youngest have been stolen from us by wakefield so called FAMILY SERVICES.My babies who need me for there every need but I haven’t been able to care for their needs because they have been stolen by the british state for profit after seeing this report from Nigel Cooper I have to say I feel relieved that it isn’t me gong mad it is happening and we are living proof of it.Yes I said LIVING because we are and we will fight with every thing inside us to bring these child thieves to justice BEWARE you have stolen OUR CHILDREN !!! GET READY !! BIG MISTAKE !! YOU WILL BE BROUGHT TO JUSTICE !! WE WILL FIGHT YOU FOR AS LONG AS IT TAKES !!IT’S HUMAN NATURE TO PROTECT YOUR YOUNG

  17. Karol Peter says:

    Can you start something like this ?

    • Thank very much, Mr.Nigel Cooper for your video.I believe it. I komme from Slowakei and we know about it,becose one slowak Mother was also brave as you and have publik speaking about stolen childern- 2 litle Sons. It was later in Slowak TV. More as 2 and half years were those children withaut Mother. Only big protest in front of embassy in Slowakei and in England also and big TV Document and big support our slowak people in internet – tausente people make pressure and England get fear. We are veray small and arm country in EU ,but we were the first country with a big publik support. We like our childern.Englisch SS make realy Hitlers Praktic !! people know it now !! Yes,it is thousans babys and chidren in UK vithout their Parents ! UK threatenet with prison those parents ,who will publik to speak abou their stolen childers ,so that why we didn’t know so long ! SS praktik- teror ,scare,family disruption…You make it realy gut Mr.Cooper ,I wisch you a lot of Luck. You are not alone! Slowakei make also ,help further ,it is stil more slowak Family in the same situation in England.

  18. obsesiverights says:

    It appears that once they find they get shielded by closing ranks and keeping secrets and are able to use our taxpayers money to threaten and pressurize people into silence they continue to get away with it. Each of us must keep repeating this concern.Stop them stealing our legal controls. The law is there and it is ours, our children have rights and we as parents have rights under the law. We must rescue our legal rights and use them against those who abuse human rights.

    If we each wrote to our MP in the standard form, either email or letter I am e emailing :

    Dear Rt Hon Fiona Mactaggart

    I have seen a Video on the internet which has caused alarm and I must bring this to your attention. I am convinced and I am certain that anyone seeing this recording is also convinced that Nigel Cooper and his daughter’s human rights have been abused by our British Authorities. Furthermore he claims to have a legal document that is recognized by International law that orders his child to be returned to him.

    This video has gone international, on the internet; ” BANNED from the UK: NATO Security Consultant because the “UK has been caught red handed stealing children”

    He has made serious allegations against our judiciary who under our separation of powers system are only answerable to themselves and nothing is being done. The English Court have not appealed the Order or appealed for a stay. They are simply treating the order with contempt.

    This harms our Nations reputation as a law abiding country, and makes me as a British citizen feel ashamed to be British. Furthermore Nigel Cooper personal credentials are substantial and he has obtained the order through due process.

    This brings our Judiciary and their honesty and integrity into question, and must be resolved before our nation is abused even further. Following so soon after the Jimmy Saville scandal, which has exposed the long standing conspiracy of silence at the highest levels, this tares us with the same brush.

    Yours sincerely

  19. MR.Nigel Cooper, right now ,today was ones again in our Slowak TV News with our Minister interwiu about situation in Uk .It is stil more than 70 !! Slowak family in schocking situation with children. But because of publik in our TV ,in our Facebook ,a lot of people from Slowakei know what to du or where and who help. And just now,this week it was second Slowak family with the succes of winning lawsuit in UK.. The Parents were under threat signatures adoption -if not,their childern will not see any more.But the parents didn’t signatures!! They were very strong. You are not alone !!
    Noviny: Noviny TV JOJ 13.03. 2013 | – Televízia JOJ

  20. Philip Thompson says:

    Mr. Nigel Cooper, I have sent your Video to Mr. Jack Dromey MP. I shall await his reply.

  21. Nigel Cooper says:

    To each and every person who has watched the video, re-posted the video and offered help. I humbly thank each and every one of you. I am receiving more than a 1000 emails a day and I will try my hardest to personally reply to each and every one of you. All I want is for this to be as public as possible, as wide as possible, as open in plane view to each person to read and decide themselves if the UK is guilty, YES they are it is clear as the nose on your face. We need a media services who will interview me, and as god is my witness I’ll bring them down publicly, I will name each and every person by date and time. I will publicly display every document the UK has sent me. The UK does not frighten me with their silly gagging laws. I would personally go to the UK, but I know there it a boarder tip off waiting for me to enter the UK. How cruel…… I severed 22 yrs and a further 7 yrs for NATO. Never fired a bullet in my life, all I do was make sure the children of the world were safe. Then the UK steals my daughter, why? What did I do wrong, how did the mother get access to skill a skills based, who aided an international criminal? Why can a judge turn his back on international law?

  22. Nigel Cooper says:

    Sent to John Hemming…

    Dear Rt Hon John Hemming

    I have seen a Video on the internet which has caused alarm and I must bring this to your attention. I am convinced and I am certain that anyone seeing this recording is also convinced that Nigel Cooper and his daughter’s human rights have been abused by our British Authorities. Furthermore he claims to have a legal document that is recognized by International law that orders his child to be returned to him.

    This video has gone international, on the internet; ” BANNED from the UK: NATO Security Consultant because the “UK has been caught red handed stealing children”

    He has made serious allegations against our judiciary who under our separation of powers system are only answerable to themselves and nothing is being done. The English Court have not appealed the Order or appealed for a stay. They are simply treating the order with contempt.

    This harms our Nations reputation as a law abiding country, and makes me as a British citizen feel ashamed to be British. Furthermore Nigel Cooper personal credentials are substantial and he has obtained the order through due process.

    This brings our Judiciary and their honesty and integrity into question, and must be resolved before our nation is abused even further. Following so soon after the Jimmy Saville scandal, which has exposed the long standing conspiracy of silence at the highest levels, this tares us with the same brush.

  23. Nigel Cooper says:

    I am going to post some every interesting emails here for you all to read…….

    To you all, I have never, and will never acknowledge or accept UK jurisdiction over my daughter Bailie~Kate Cooper or myself in this matter. As of the 25Th November 2011 all action within the UK are in contempt of an international judgement!

    Ms. Joanna Bonar,

    Please pass to your cronies in the family justice system.

    Ms. Stephanie Adams, Ms. Usher, Mr. Bache, Mr. Thorpe, Mr. Moylan Mr. Hedley

    1. Ms Bonar, Senior solicitor, specialist for children?, University educated? Mother tongue English? Read my judgement, a Belgian Judgement, A European Judgement, An international judgement, a Universal judgement, THE OMNIPOTENT judgement.

    After reading, you are clearly in contempt of this judgment. I warned you in September 2011 that this problem was coming your way.

    2. Ms. Stephanie Adams, Mother of two? Senior Solicitor? International specialist for child abduction? Member of the Lords Chancellors panel? Read my judgement, a Belgian Judgement, A European Judgement, An international judgement, a Universal judgement, THE OMNIPOTENT judgement.

    After reading, you clearly perverted the course of justice by hiding evidence from a judge, or conspired with others to pervert the course of justice by hiding evidence.

    3. Ms Usher, Solicitor? Read my judgement, a Belgian Judgement, A European Judgement, An international judgement, a Universal judgement, THE OMNIPOTENT judgement.

    After reading, your actions are in contempt of an international judgement awarded under the Hague convention. You failed to offer legal assistance within the law’s laid down within the convention thus perverting the course of justice..

    4. Mr. Bache, Solicitor? Read my judgement, a Belgian Judgement, A European Judgement, An international judgement, a Universal judgement, THE OMNIPOTENT judgement.

    After reading, your action are in contempt of an international judgement awarded under the Hague convention. You failed to offer legal assistance within the law’s laid down within the convention.

    5. Mr. Thorpe, You are a judge? Read my judgement, a Belgian Judgement, A European Judgement, An international judgement, a Universal judgement, THE OMNIPOTENT judgement.

    After reading, I do believe that you are in contempt of this judgement by failing to assist and upholding the law? “Everybody is to obey the law”? or is the UK above the LAW?

    6. Mr. Moylan, You are a judge? Read my judgement, a Belgian Judgement, A European Judgement, An international judgement, a Universal judgement, THE OMNIPOTENT judgement.

    After reading, I do believe your are in contempt of the judgment, and in contempt of the Hague convention, and the Lisbon treaty? I was always told that if you lie in court you perjure yourself, did you?

    To you all as clearly stated by JUSTICE Xavier H. of Belgium “Everybody is to obey the law”, “The only question is, will you return the child freely, or under duress, or under the full forms of community law”.


  24. Nigel Cooper says:


    Mr. Phillip Harrison

    It is very clear who the allegation was made against. In addition I gave you the police station recorded serial number of the event. I issued an international fully enforceable judgment for which this police officer refused to obey the law in accordance with the judgement. So what part of a complaint do I not have?

    Please note that your deliberate action to stall and delay have been forwarded to the commission of Europe in accordance with EJC direct 95/46/EC subsection 55 where there is a standing mandatory fine of 500,000 Euros in your name, per event and a penal notice is also attached.

    I would like you to what the video’s below and take the necessary action in the UK and not persist in your futile attempts to assist is the perversion of justice.

    The original complaint was issue of 21st of February 2013 and it has a standing 40 compliance order, I am in receipt of the original digital signature from your office, and an addition re-affirmation by this email that you did receive it on time, there is no reason for any further delay, the consecutive day’s have commenced for 21St February 2013.

    Here is the original request again, just in case you try to say you lost it or deleted it in error, although I still have your original read receipt against the following allegation:

    Sunderland Police via Northumbria Police for case number 652300312 and any other case via Ian Williamson, Alison Hambleton and Emma Byrne and all other legally authorized persons within Sunderland police force.… Naming and shaming

    Here is the evidence digitally recorded, for your station

    Rue Grande 205 Ap 2-2





    21st February 2013

    Ms. Stephanie Adams, Ms Lucy Cohen, Ms Louise Fowler, and all other legally authorized persons within Wiliscroft & Co Solicitors, Little Germany, Leeds, UK.

    Ms. Anne Marie Hutchinson O.B.E, and all other legally authorized persons within DawsonCorwell Solicitors, London, UK

    Sunderland Police via Northumbria Police for case number 652300312 and any other case via Ian Williamson, Alison Hambleton and Emma Byrne and all other legally authorized persons within Sunderland police force.

    Ms. Jonana Bonar, Amy Robson, Su Kaur, Chontelle Cockburn, Carol Dunbar, Rachel Mc. Clenan, Martin Pearson, Lucy Pearson, Janice Jolly, Ann Middleton, Chris Kibble, Janet Meek, Dermot Thompson:- all of Sunderland Social Service’s Tyne & Wear under the direction of Ms. Joanna Bonar and all other legally authorized persons within Sunderland social services.

    Mr. Graeme Langlands, of Millsdonkin & Co, 53 The Galleries, Tyne & Wear, UK

    Ms. Gail Cooper via Mr. Graeme Langlands as her acting legal representative.

    Clare Rutledge of David Gray Solicitors, contactable via Joanna Bonar

    Justice Hedley contactable via Ms. Stephanie Adams

    Justice Moylan contactable via Ms. Stephanie Adams and Ms Joanna Bonar

    Justice Hudson contactable via Joanna Bonar

    Lord Justice Mathew Alexander Thorpe Head of the families division of England Wales who is additionally contactable via the central authority who’s subordinate is the local authority of Sunderland City Council who’s subordinate is Sunderland Social Services who’s subordinate is Ms. Joanna Bonar Senior legal adviser to Sunderland Social Services.

    Dear Sir’s or Madam’s

    Subject access request

    Mr. Nigel Cooper of Rue Grande 205 Apartment 2-2, Maiseries, Mons, B-7020, Belgium

    Please supply all information about me, which I am entitled to under the Data Protection Act 1998 relating to:

    All and any legal, civil or financial matters relating to my name as Mr. Nigel Cooper or as Mr. Nigel Hands or as Mr. Nigel Cheese in relation to any actions or events that include any reference to any medical, social, biological, financial, moral, welfare, custody, or any other material in all forms of recordable media both electronic and organic with my associated name or names and any other documented information in any from held between any party as listed above. This is known as “Everything”

    The information I want, for example is:

    All personal and personnel files;
    All hard copied documents, loose leaf and bound;
    All emails between all parties as listed above (between 1st January 2000 and 21st February 2013) in any from of singular or multi path multi party communication directly or indirectly pertaining to myself in any form.
    All medical records (between 1st January 2000 and 21st February 2013) held by any person listed above.
    All electronic recordable media, audio, video and composite both fixed and removable or portable. Held in the UK between 1st January 2000 and 21st February 2013
    All copies of banking or financial statements (between 1st January 2000 and 21st February 2013 held in any account attached directly or indirectly in my names as indicated above and all accounts in the Name of Bailie~Kate Cooper born 1st August 2003 in Coventry, West Midlands, UK or any pseudonym of Bailie~Kate Cooper the daughter of Mr. Nigel Hands / Cooper.
    All other data in any other form that is held in the UK in my name or names.

    If you need any more information from me, or a fee, please let me know as soon as possible.

    It may be helpful for you to know that a request for information under the Data Protection Act 1998 should be responded to within 40 days.

    If you do not normally deal with these requests, please pass this letter to your Data Protection Officer. If you need advice on dealing with this request, the Information Commissioner’s Office can assist you and can be contacted on 0303 123 1113 or at

    Yours Respectfully
    Nigel Cooper

    On 3/12/13 4:03 PM, !enquiries wrote:
    > 12 March 2013
    > Dear Mr Cooper
    > Thank you for contacting the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC). I acknowledge receipt of 10 emails copied to the IPCC between 10 March 2013 and 12 March 2013.
    > As you have previously been advised the IPCC is completely independent of the police service and is responsible for making sure that the police complaints system in England and Wales works effectively and fairly. The IPCC deals solely with complaints or allegations of misconduct against serving members of the police; the IPCC’s remit does not extend to matters such as those raised in your recent emails.
    > Having reviewed your emails I am unable to locate any specific complaint or allegation of misconduct against serving members of the police. I note that on 22 February 2013 we forwarded information on your behalf to Northumbria Police to be considered as a complaint or allegation of misconduct. If you have further information relating to this complaint you should send it directly to the Professional Standards Department of Northumbria Police at Alternatively if you are seeking to make a new complaint or allegation of misconduct you can do so by completing our online complaint form which can be located on our website at or by writing directly to the Professional Standards Department of Northumbria Police.
    > As the issues you have raised do not appear to relate to any specific complaint or allegation of misconduct against serving members of the police I do not believe the IPCC can assist you any further at this time. Furthermore we would ask that you refrain from copying the IPCC into any future emails that do not relate to issues that fall within our remit. Please note, any future emails we do receive that do not raise issues that fall within our remit will be read and filed but may not necessarily be responded to.
    > Yours sincerely
    > Philip Harrison
    > Customer Contact Adviser
    > Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC)
    > PO Box 473
    > Phone: 0300 020 0096
    > Email:
    > The original of this email was scanned for viruses by the Government Secure Intranet virus scanning service supplied by Cable&Wireless Worldwide in partnership with MessageLabs. (CCTM Certificate Number 2009/09/0052.) On leaving the GSi this email was certified virus free.
    > Communications via the GSi may be automatically logged, monitored and/or recorded for legal purposes.

    Nigel Cooper
    Skype: n1gelc00per

    Nigel Cooper

  25. Nigel Cooper says:

    Now for the names:
    Every person listed below has been involved in stealing children for forced adoption. It is like telling an optimistic, potentially honest family that the child has no parents. Something like calling HORSEMEAT as BEEF……

    Every person listed below works in association with the North East local authority in the region of Sunderland!

    Stephanie Adams of Williscorft & Co solicitors Leeds, UK

    Joanna Bonar of Sunderland Social Services

    Martin Pearson of Sunderland Social Services

    Lucy Person of of Sunderland Social Services

    Amy Robson of Sunderland Social Services

    Su Kaur of Sunderland Social Services

    Janice Jolly of Sunderland Social Services

    Ann Middleton of Sunderland Social Services

    Clair Routledge of David Gray Solicitors of Sunderland

    Nicholas Stoner (Barrister) Trinity House

    John Curtis of Sunderland Social Services

    Mrs. Muncaster of Sunderland Social Services

    Chontlle Cockburn of Sunderland Social Services

    Carol Dunbar of Sunderland Social Services

    Rachel Mc Clenan of Sunderland Social Services

    Estelle Louw – Fake doctor for Sunderland Social Services

    Ben Boucher-Giles (Barrister) Fake

    Gupta Tethra (QC) Fake

    Judge Hudson – failed before the Queen

    Judge Moylan – failed before the Queen

    Dermot Thompson of Sunderland Social Services

    Rachel Langsdale (QC) Fake

    Emma Weetch – David Gray Solicitors for Sunderland Social Services

    Alison Habelton – Northumbrian Police case number 652300312

    Ian Williamson – Northumbrian Police case number 652300312

    Lord Justice Mathew Alexander Thorpe (We all know who he is)

    Victoria Miller from the office of Mr. Thorpe

    Helen Riley Regional Director legal aid

    Janet Meek Sunderland Social Services

    Chris Kibble Sunderland Social Services

    This list is not endless. You need to look at all the email address’s and note how the end of the email address is formed. Like is public, or is government sponsored or, ß why is the ministry of defense involved as GSI stands for government secure intranet!

  26. Nigel Cooper says:

    This is the PHSO of the UK deigning all knowledge…..

    Mr. Warrington

    I continue to accept you denial of illegal actions in the UK. I do not recognize your privacy makings as I am not subordinate to your jurisdiction. I have published your illicit comments, name and public details to the world. !

    Now obey the law and return my daughter in accordance with the law. You were clearly served a copy of the judgment as in shown in your digital signature held on record.

    Thank you.

    Mr. Cooper
    On 3/14/13 1:58 PM, Phso Enquiries wrote:
    > We are committed to keeping your information secure. As part of that commitment we have decided that when we send you information by email we may have to remove some details. This includes information that may identify you, any other person and sometimes the body complained about.
    > Dear Sir
    > Our reference EN-151870
    > I write further to your email of 11 March 2013.
    > I have previously provided you with the relevant contact details of organisations that may be able to help with the issues you have raised.
    > I have also previously explained our role and that we expect you to have completed the relevant complaints procedures and to have asked an MP to refer your complaint to us before we would consider your concerns about those government departments that are within our jurisdiction.
    > As such there is no further information I can provide at this stage.
    > I can only suggest that you follow my previous advice and pursue your concerns as I have outlined.
    > If you want to re-approach us once you have completed the complaints procedures for those organisations we can look at, then you may come back to us at that stage.
    > Yours faithfully
    > Matthew Warrington
    > Customer Services Officer
    > Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman
    > T: 0345 015 4033
    > E:
    > W:
    > Follow us on
    > fb twitter linkedin
    > The original of this email was scanned for viruses by Government Secure Intranet virus scanning service supplied exclusively by Cable & Wireless in partnership with MessageLabs.
    > On leaving the GSI this email was certified virus free.
    > All email communications with PHSO pass through the Government Secure Intranet, and may be automatically logged, monitored and/or recorded for legal purposes.
    > The MessageLabs Anti Virus Service is the first managed service to achieve the CSIA Claims Tested Mark (CCTM Certificate Number 2006/04/0007), the UK Government quality mark initiative for information security products and services. For more information about this please visit

  27. Nigel Cooper says:

    The PHSO’s digital signature !!!

  28. Pingback: BANNED from the UK: NATO Security Consultant because the “UK has been caught red handed stealing children” | The MUSA CASE, MAURICE KIRK, NORMAN SCARTH, THE BAYLIS FAMILY, THE HOLLIE GREIG CASE – VICTIMS OF THE STATE…this site is being int

  29. butlincat says:

    Nigel, a lot of people are being informed about your horrific case – typical of so many in the past and at this present time. More power to you…butlincat.

  30. Larry says:

    Nigal. Its a God Damn Business, its worth as much as a Billion Dollars a year to them. They will kill to protet a million dollars business. Watch you back. please!

    • obsesiverights says:

      Your warning is one that I am sure that Nigel has taken account of. In his quote of the14th March 2013 at 8:09 pm he reminds all that he is inside the law and will not be frightened. His credentials stand out as a man of courage and principle, even if he was not fighting for his daughter’s and his own right to values we all hold dear.

      I am confident that most of us know there are reasonable grounds for fearing threat on life, and that your warning was well meant.

      However it would be very hard to say who could be better qualified than Nigel for dealing with this problem. His credentials are way beyond any other parent for gaining the public confidence, and that is what we need. He has worked within the law and obtained judgement in his favour. I have no doubt of the skill and effort needed to keep his head (and sanity) and build the case for their human rights.

      We must unite and support Nigel & Daughter we need to embed this case into the public conscience. The more people that know of this case the more hearts and minds we win over. It is natural to want those at the top to pay…. this has never happened in modern times, all that usually happens when there is a Watergate, is that the man at the top simply resigns..NIXON?.

      Time is now of the essence and we should use all the means at our disposal if we are to get those who’s duty it is to return his daughter Bailie to him at the earliest opportunity. This will then start to make what must be organised into a class action with open hearings so that parents and children’s rights are upheld.

      Using all the means at our disposal means —- NOT TRYING TO ARGUE NIGEL’S CAUSE FOR HIM, and not arguing your own cause, because neither of them will do the trick.

      Nigel has done all the hard work so you don’t have to. NOBODY SO FAR IN ALL THE YEARS THIS HAS BEEN GOING ON HAS ACHIEVED WHAT NIGEL HAS ACHIEVED.


      What we must do is persuade as many people as possible and get friends and family. at home in England or abroad telephone or word of mouth, letters, posters, email and posting to web sites, all the charities, Church and religious leaders, local councilors, and your MP TO view the video. I am getting cards printed with Nigel’s Photo and details and the link to this site. and will hand them out to all my contacts.

      If everyone done the same even just handwritten cards this will work like no other.

  31. Nigel Cooper says:

    I am not frightened, I am inside the law, every bit of information is public, i do not sell children, or abuse children. I am just good at putting it all together. Everybody knows where I live, i do not hide where I live; do you think they would kill me now and make me a martyr.. Not on your nelly, though I do agree I have to stand up to them; it is called having a spine and they are just a bunch of spineless aquatic lifeforms as though back from the formation of mankind.

  32. Nigel Cooper says:

    There is a full FB blog running here too just log in and like… thank you

  33. Paul says:

    This can of worm’s was long overdue having its lid lifted

    Pray this works out for Nigel and Bailie and the thousands of other children and parents –

    Don’t underestimate the peril’s of lifting the lid on any establishment, especially child abuse, though –

    Consider the recent story of Deimante Kedyte and her father Drasius Kedys for just one example

  34. Larry says:

    Nigal, I did not mean to give you anything more than a warning…. People have died very strangely and timely in America and in other parts of the world, while fighting the good cause.. I don’t need to tell you more. I know you will never give up until your precious daughter is back in you home.. Please keep you eyes open and know that many many good people will pray for you tonight, both for your safety and for your quest. If the PM in England is wise,he will put a stop to this and return your daughter and make a few heads roll, but he is not going to let this continue to a point were he and his damn Government is in any danger.
    He may be your BEST HOPE.
    Today I sent a/the video link to the newspapers in Toronto Canada and to several reporters there. If I hear anything positive I will let you know.,

    • Jane says:

      Larry,, your comments are most concerning, and I would have thought rather extreme at one time, but unfortunately, not any more. We have seen how MI5 ‘lost’ evidence in the case if alleged abuse by Cyril Smith MP. I have to say I have extremely serious concerns about the society we are living in.

  35. Nigel Cooper says:

    The law is the law and the UK will obey the law, no person is above the law. The law was created for each and everyone of us. The UK cannot be allowed to hide behind the the fake courts, the deliberate denial of justice, the fake privacy laws, and the greatest abuse of power in the history of mankind. This has to stop. How to stop it?

    Take Bailes case to every media outlet worldwide, TV, Radio, Press, Internet blog, Youtube, Vimeo, WordPress, EVERYTHING, post, post, post. Do not allow the UK to hold the worlds children to ransom! Your children are your gift from mother nature, no person on this planet has the right to remove your child in the fictitious manors that the UK do, then to go ahead and sell your children for profit.

    To every person who has seen inside a UK court you will notice a CROWN and coat of arms above the judge. That is there to allow the judge to “draw power and authority” from the queen. Thus every judge makes their judgement in the name of the Queen of England.

    The Queen makes the investiture of power on each judge, that is done via “parliament”, via a person known as the Lord chancellor, his gets his title and power from the Prime Minister (David Cameron). David Cameron is the head of state and thus is duly responsible for all action of the court, (well he did put the high seated person in to place).

    Therefore: The Queen >> To Lord Chancellor >> To the Prime Minister >> To the judges >> To the Queens council >> To the Barristers >> To the Solicitors >> To the Social Services legal teams >> To the social Services >> To the suspect / fake doctors and health works >> to the fosters homes >> to the adoption agencies >> to the local authorities >> to the Central authorities >> back up to the central government >> back to the Ministry of Justice >> to Immigration >> to boarder controls (Known as a tipstaff alert) >> To the Police, and now the total control of the UK electronic boarders of the Internet controlled, monitored and managed via a place known as GCHQ Cheltenham! Then GCHQ reports back to the government, (REMEMBER ALL OF THIS IS PUBLIC ON THE INTERNET ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IN PUT THE JIGSAW TOGETHER). From the top to the bottom each strand of the UK’s spiders web is linked and cross linked and at the heart of the web is not a single spider but a controlling group with HM Queen sat on top. There is no way she can say “I did not know what was going on”, how the hell has she and her family survived throughout the centuries without knowing. Therefore having the UK citizens controlled as listed above has to be without a shadow of doubt the great abuse of power in the history of mankind.

    Now having received responses from the CPS, the PHSO, THE MoJ, MP’s, Justice systems, Police, ignored by the Social Services, Lied to by the general legal system.. names as Joanna Bonar of Sunderland social services, Stephanie Adams of Williscroft and Co, Anne Marie Hutchinson of Dawson Cornwall, to name but a few. It is impossible to have any true legal representation in the UK. The next point of law to show to you all, is that the rest of the world run 3 courts, the UK have one more. so if you were denied your rights in your country there is a clear process to take this to a higher court. The UK can stop that dead by revoking your legal rights of appeal under an amendment to the Lisbon treaty. the UK made this amendment on the 11th October 2011 which in fact deigned every persons lawful right in the UK their right to appeal! So if you have no right of appeal, then you do not need a judge anymore, that’s what they are there for! So no need for a judge, thus the local authority now takes the law into its own hands and removes your child without possibility for you to appeal against that action, furthermore you cannot speak out as you are bound by an over-arching UK abusive law known as a privacy law. To protect the child? No way, it is to stop any person shouting “Stop Thief”


    • Your writing is as admirable as your speaking, Nigel, and TO THE POINT!!!

      You’re putting together what took me many, many ‘cases’ and sad experiences!

      • obsesiverights says:

        I second this Nigel is motivated and expert and in my view the best person to expose our slavery to this corruption. We must each play our part and get this blog international – the silence from press and radio & TV is deafening

  36. The chain of command is there, but the sleight of hand they demonstrate, must be the envy of all illusionists and conjurers throughout the world. We will prove there is no way they can fool all people, all of the time.

  37. Nigel Cooper says:

    More fun in the UK, more lies and excuses.. Therefore do not bother to go to the CPS, they do not care…. Please note, that the person cannot use a spell checker, or is plain stupid and incompetent. What an appalling lack of due diligence!


    In your response I have to accept your complacency in this matter.

    I have brought to an authoritative body the fact that illegal actions are underway in the UK. You in the name of the CROWN PROSECUTION SERVICE, sir how can you be complacent and not find an internal mechanism to bring forth justice?

    I have contacted the Law Society and they fail to respond, likewise bringing the charge back to the same police who refused is a very futile excuse as you clearly know the outcome. Therefore I have not alternative but to publish your email as a statement of complacency of the UK CPS.


    Mr. Cooper
    On 3/15/13 11:43 AM, HQ Policy wrote:
    > Dear Mr Cooper
    > Thank you for your email and attachments sent for the attention of my colleague J. Pooley.
    > I am afraid that the Crown Prosecution Service is unable to help you with this problem. This is because we, the CPS, prosecute cases investigated by the police. We do not investigate them.
    > I suggest two approaches that may be of assistance. You can contact and report the matter to:
    > · the police service local to where the offence you are bringing our attention to is occurring, and
    > · the Law Society ( which is the professional body for solicitors in England, and would be the body to report any issues you have with Stephanie Adams’ conduct.
    > I am sorry that the news that we cannot help further at this juncture will disappoint you. I hope that you will be able to find a resolution to your problems.
    > Regards
    > Geoff Carr
    > Geoff Carr
    > Policy Helpdesk
    > CPS Headquarters | Strategy and Policy Directorate | Rose Court, 2 Southwark Bridge | Southwark | SE1 9HS
    > t: 00 44 (0) 20 3357 0873 | f: 00 44 (0) 20 3357 0874 | e: | DX 154263 Southwark 12
    > —–Original Message—–
    > From: Nigel Cooper []
    > Sent: 14 March 2013 19:48
    > To: HQ Policy
    > Subject: Reporting of a crime in progress
    > Mr. J Pooley
    > Crown Prosecution Service.
    > Sir,
    > I would like to bring to your attention a crime in progress at this
    > time. Please what this short 32 minute video, read the judgment
    > attached, and arrest those named in accordance with international law,
    > UK law, European Law and Belgian law.
    > As you can read, the UK has been formally notified of a breach of law
    > and have failed to respond, they have also been clearly notified by all
    > representing parties of a perversion of justice. Sir, you have also
    > been notified in accordance with the law.
    > If you require further detailed information I hold the documents as
    > stated in the the video, I am prepared to surrender all document to a
    > public hearing only.
    > Respectfully
    > Mr. Nigel Cooper

  38. Nigel Cooper says:

    To assure success in posting, every post I make here, I also post in at least six other locations, just in case a site gets taken down or a comment is accidentally removed.

    Having read every line of every blog pertaining to Baile and myself, I have to high-light a few points that seem to be slipping though the cracks. So many people have ranted and raved about a person known and goes by the name of “MR. JOHN HEMMING M.P.”

    Do you want to know what he is all about? Now Mr. Hemming; it is time to “pay the piper”, I take no prisoners and that includes you. On the 15th March 2012m, I was passed an email quoting the infamous Mr. Hemming (note I’ve dropped his title of M.P. as I duly believe he should not hold such a title).
    In that email there was a personal quote from his resume’, WOW! I was stunned and shocked to the very core, this man used a peristaltic comment from my very own CV, as read by a Belgium judge to enforce the stance of my credibility. I re quoted this to Mr. Hemming “Who are you, taking a line from my CV?”; further more, Mr. Hemming I’ve been told that you are “Mr Families man” and therefore please read my attached judgement.
    I ask of one thing of you, this is a public judgement, you are in public office. Read the judgement in public in the house on TV for the world to see… (Not a lot to ask of the so-called man of the families).
    He telephoned me.. WOW I was honored, His response was “what type of encryption key is used in Pc-Banking”? Hold on, we are not here to discuss the size of each others bed-pan’s, I thought you were a remember of parliament, and you were there to help families. Well he said, “Your not as smart as you think you are”…
    Hold on a second, what’s Asymmetric encryption keys being used in an HTTPS request over SSL of TCP 443 in accordance with RFC 4772 and with AES for TLS transmission being RFC 3286 , (just slipped the real fact in there 🙂 got to do with your function in the house of Parliament as a public representative for the families? NOTHING!
    Hemming you are just a plagiarist, you are no more than a common “Copy-Cat”. You were given the judgement freely for public use, you tell the families you are Mr. Family man; yet you refused outright when given the “Silver Bullet” to pull the trigger.
    So I have to ask, along with so many others, are you who you really say you are? Some will jump to your defense, some will not. I ask each person to make up their own minds.. Do you want to read his personal emails to me? As I said every email I hold is digitally signed by the author.. hold on a second Mr. Hemming you claim to be technologically astute, and you left, yes left in an email chain with a direct route to who you are with your digital fingerprint. So please do say “I never wrote that”!

    To date, I’ve never seen a single action from this so-called families man that has resulted in anything of substance. Hold on one moment, is that not the same as every single LLP families solicitor that has told all of the parents “we will do our best”, They are all professional loser’s, each and every one of them. They are paid with your taxation, they are paid with the blood of our children, they are paid with the fear of the parents. WELL NO MORE..

    If we want to expose this criminal, complacent fraternity we need to do it to every one of them. If a single person had turned a blind eye, then that person is as guilty as the person who pulled the trigger.

    Now for the next attack! Lets start with a woman called “Ms. Anne Marie Hutchinson OBE” the so called “queen” of the families court. Not on your life, she is a liar and a cheat, would you like to see her own signature of a digital secured PDF (non tamper-proof) file!!! She wrote to me, “Dear.. Mr. Cooper.. bla bla bla… I note that you have never requested enforcement.. bla bla bla.” unquote. Now I have a document here signed and stamped by the RCJ stating refused. Now 2+2=4 correct. If I hold a document that say enforcement refused, how can any person say it was never requested? Who is lying to who? I question Ms. Hutchinson to her comment on the phone, would you like to hear the recording? She said to me, I’ve never said anything of the such to you! Ms. Anne Marie Hutchinson, OBE you madam are a blatant liar for all to see. I even sent you back a screen shot from the secured document as proof. Ms. Hutchinson OBE make an accusation to me that is recorded that I told a judge that I would kill him. As I have said to everyone, all of my emails are public, all of my conversations are recorded. I ask any person to find such evidence, “i am going to kill you” and I will bow down before the law, the same as any other person. Hutchinson you are a liar, your are a fraud in the name of the child, your are a thief of children. You assist, aid and abet in international child abduction. You were told 23rd December 2012 of my plight, you took my case and told me not to contact any other legal person in the UK. Now why did you do that? It is now mid March and you have not done a single thing but fight against every action I’ve placed before you, you are contrite and dishonest in the name of the child. You were given the most powerful judgment that clearly shows you can claim any fee you want, yet you done nothing? All you have tried to do is linger on time. Time is not of the essence in this case, it is about obeying the law. You were instructed in accordance with the judgment to enforce the judgement and you deigned an international judgement, hence you have personally refused to uphold the law.

  39. Nigel Cooper says:

    It seems that someone is looking down of all of us 🙂 The International broadcast was done 7pm UK time after all the courts have closed, after all the legal people have gone home and all the social worker have gone to the pub to spend their blood money. So now we have 48 hours to FLOOD the world with this video that I am uploading to Youtube. Can we make 1,000,000,000 over a weekend, Psy of Gang lam did.. BUT WE ARE DOING THIS NOT FOR PROFIT OR SELF PARSE it is for OUR CHILDREN. The part1 of the video is here and will be available is a few moments

    • Hi Nigel, The silent witnesses.Here lies the truth. A well know celeb went to SAVE THE CHILDREN asking them to support the safe houses for the 100.000 children who run away from the abuse of the care system “IN A CHILD’S BEST INTEREST” many of these 100.000 children are trfficked murderd prostituted and more, they need a safe house and there is not one safe house in the UK, save the children said no we cannot support safe houses because it is TO POLITICAL, So after long and hard thinking for a name for a charity then what better then children screaming to be heard. People are on face book the internet writing talking and going no where and children will continue to be the silent witnesses. Having lived in Egypt for many years it was amazing how the people there rose up and brought change, I organised a march 2 years ago and had coffins made for people to carry, maybe 50 people turned out. Until people on mass march into Downing Street or where ever and take back this country then the children will remain the silent witnesses, as you know i have the research into the money being made from the children stolen and sold at the same time CREATING MILLIONS OF JOBS, most of all stealing the children because it is control of the population and what better then control of the future generation, I wish people would know and learn of the mind controling that is being used on kids in care, every kid in in care is worth more than a million pounds and over many years more so. It is amazing the research and evidence i now have but where do we go, not to face book we need to face book on the streets on mass, other that that it would seem the children of the UK the only hope is for you to be the leader for the children screaming to be heard the silent witnesses of the UK.

      Maggie Tuttle

      by the children,

  40. Nigel Cooper says:

    Part 2 of the Beglian investigation into UK child abduction and child theft

  41. obsesiverights says:

    I dash these replies straight of the cuff so that it gives little preparation in the realisation that my thoughts are not contaminated by proper-gander or malice just simply focused on being open and transparent. The treasury Solicitors rules and the Judges rule book provide the guidance that they must not be offended and realise the victims of crime may have cause to be angry and some of the things said in court by victims acting as litigants in person may seem offensive when they are simply being candid. I digress … the point I make is that my “impossible dream” is that we can put the power back into the hands of the people.

    The internet is full of Angels and Devils and the devils dress themselves as angels like a wolf in sheep’s clothing, to sabotage and attack any which way they can in order to undermine, sink or shut us up. We must be wary of the danger, but also be prepared to trust… The facts and truth will stand any scrutiny they may only be attacked by evasion fabrication and blackening the motives of the “victims”. There is a whole industry out there that can be bought to do this kind of work for organisations that want to dishonestly protect their reputations.

    The honest organisations (and by organisations I include authorities). will listen to the complaint investigate it honestly, and if they uncover what caused the complaint they will do everything they can to restore trust. This means that if they discover fraud error or mistake they will admit it and do what is necessary to right the wrong. If they investigate and cannot find what went wrong, they need to investigate further. If this leads to evidence that the complaint is malicious then this too must be dealt with, but always open and accountable.

    I know very little about the internet except that it is an indelible record of information both fact and fiction, once out there it will remain in the public domain. If as some believe intelligence is memory – some sage quote “All is memory” then the internet is our intelligence from which we gather our facts. Facts can be verified by the usual means, and in that case, the wolves in sheep’s clothing that seek to circumvent, hinder, or prevent the facts from disclosure, cannot succeed. It only remains that the power to enforce integrity into the governance of the nations. I put Nations rather than our nation because the problem is international and pervades all organisation’s, even the “most Holy”.

    We need commitment knowledge and leadership and when there is clear and convincing evidence that the cause is right we must believe the truth, do what is right and fight wrong. The alternative is sickening beyond belief. If we do nothing we sit on the fence,,, telling ourselves its not our fault we didn’t do anything! Well that’s just just the point … you didn’t do anything… EXCEPT ALLOW IT TO HAPPEN WITHOUT PROTEST. And you would be the silent party as this is; silence means consent, as it can’t mean protest.

    I do not believe that every single parent is or has acting or acted honestly with only their own child’s well being in mind… and this poses some risk… However I do believe the vast majority of these parents are acting honestly for the best interests of their child. The cause is right and the corruption in this system must be routed out and a more accountable system put in its place. We can’t do this alone, everyone who has a conscience has a duty to act.

    Nigel has used his specialised knowledge and given us a means with an International judgement and direction how it may be enforced. This in my view gives us all proof that will attract attention to the plight of children who are being harmed by being removed from their parent. I am not sure (and not qualified but it came to mind that we have a statute for unlawful imprisonment; and this is worse when child includes babies.

    If people can continue to stand by doing nothing their conscience will cause them harm. Many gagged whistleblowers have felt the pain of enforced silence. It is at the heart of legal abuse syndrome.

    • I don’t know how to THANK YOU for the wisdom of your comment, dear ‘I know who you are’, but am now sure whether you’d like your name to appear here…

      THANK YOU for this appreciation of the challenge, acknowledgement of the opportunity and encouragement to go into battle – the only one there is: with our own conscience as we blog, tweet, email and sing our song our blow our trumpets!


  42. Nigel Cooper says:

    All I am looking for is a single solicitor, Barrister, QC, Advocate, Legal person who is prepared to stand up and take my case to the UK supreme court, then I can expose the UK OUTRIGHT.

    • Nigel
      I was frustrated when I took out a private prosecution against Francis Mostyn & Co. solicitors. I have clear and convincing evidence in correspondence and Court papers to support the allegations. (otherwise I clearly would not have started the proceedings).

      The Crime & Disorder Act section (!) provides that when an adult appears in court charged with an indictable only offense the court will send him forthwith to the Crown Court for trial. There can be no application for abuse of process before the case is transferred.

      The defendant appeared in court charged with an indictable only offense, and the DJ decided that (although committal proceedings had been abolished he would take the application from the defense to dismiss the case on grounds of vexatious proceedings. The DJ dismissed the case “by refusing to issue a summons!” —- Yet no need for a summons as the Defendant had appeared in Court —- Permission for Judicial review and the Oral application for JR was refused on the grounds of abuse of process. (The reasons given are ridiculous!)

      In my search for a solicitor to take out a private prosecution ( which I would have to pay for) I came across the following firm. I would suggest you check them out as I did.

      I have cautious optimism that they may take my case – which I have withheld as in the meantime following my initial complaint to the LCS in 2007 and the SRA in 2008 to 2012 has very strangely led to the SRA contacting me just a week ago, for “the further and better evidence that I had offered six months ago. — So I wait yet again —

      However I forward the details of the following firm; with no recommendation one way or the other except to say that the firm asked me if I was sure what I stated happened in the Magistrates Court actually happened. (because it appeared to me that; they recognised that this should not have happened).

      Edmonds Marshall McMahon

      Edmonds, Marshall, McMahon is a specialist private prosecution firm based in Central London. We offer tailor-made private prosecution packages to companies and individuals …

      After the SRA investigation is concluded, I may still be interested in “chancing my arm with this firm, to take out the prosecution on my behalf. I would be grateful if you decided not to use them if you would inform me of your reasons.

      John Love

  43. Nigel Cooper says:

    To all of our followers, re – poster’s, sharer’s If you search in Google the following… NATO Chief Security Consultant – his daughter snatched by the UK government!!!” …. you will see that this is now the top 60 pages on Google, Yahoo, Bing, to name but a few. The message is posted in more than 1/2 of the countries of the world! There are 10’s of 1000’s of cross links and views. BUT…. Not a single word in the UK. It clearly shows that you, in the UK you have been blinded from the truth of public knowledge world wide. How many news articles do you read in the UK? How many of them are really true? You can search for yourself and see clearly .. seeing is believing. So if a Chinese vase can get a news article, if a pile of 14th century bones can get news, if a twitter error can get news, if so many garbage news articles get space, ask yourself why you as the mothers and fathers, why our children do not get time on the news, why is the UK public refused their rights of free speech, why are families torn apart? The Government have a 100% strangle hold over you and your children. It is time.. NOW IS THE TIME.. WHO is with me?

    • Remember What’s Unique in the UK , Nigel, regarding forced adoptions, secrecy of family courts, gagging parents as well as publicists and punishment without crime!

      What’s also unique in the UK is the ‘public school system’, i.e. what is ‘public’ is really ‘private’ and boys are taken from their families far too early. They end up having first sexual contacts with boys and men…


  44. Nigel Cooper says:

    I have several sites outside of the UK where the UK has no legal right to control its content, therefore… If you have a photo, a phone-cam shoot of a social worker, a solicitor, a judge, a barrister send them to me and I will publish them here. I will run a full group of the criminals to name and shame. I will run a second group with blanked out judgments and a third group of known stolen children. remember this is not in the UK and the UK cannot get near this site. Let’s show the world!

    • Philip Thompson says:

      Dear Nigel Cooper. Thank you for all you are doing to expose the corruption that is within Social Services England If you wish please post this on your other sites. On
      Youtube:– Walsall ss-forced adoption
      The authorities have KNOWLEDGE of what has happened and is happening inside the Social Service system. Please read my comments. Not one of the named creatures has ever challenged me. All the best to you.

  45. Nigel Cooper says:

    Address to Mr. Peter Middleton – Dated Saturday 16th March 2013 @ 12:21 CET UK minus 1hr

    THE DIRECT REPRESENTATIVE TO MR. DAVID CAMERON, The Prime Minister of the UK , Holder of the power and authority, governor of the UK.

    This is no long judicial, as the UK broke the Hague Convention, the Lisbon treaty as signed in the name of David Cameron on 11th October 2011 with reference to the UK’s committal to uphold the laws of Europe under the designation of the powers act of handing law of pillar one of law to Europe, amongst many others.

    The UK abused the Judaical rights empowered to them . The UK in the name of the Lord chancellor holds within his power the control as the duly elected government representative under investiture by the Queen Elizabeth II, (on the advise and recommendation of David Cameron), to investigate any judge that is beveled to have acted outside of the law!

    So please tell, where the government can no longer intervene?

    In addition, a response from the government on a Saturday morning?

    What is this, you work on Saturdays or are you so god damn frightened that my pages have been published in 68 countries, viewed by 10’s of 1000’s if not 100s of 1000’s world wide.

    That my name is the top 60 references in Google, Yahoo, Bing and many other search engines, likewise my stolen daughter Bailie~Kate Cooper.

    Likewise in the judgement as declared by Belgium the mother is a convicted felon and should have been returned with my daughter under a European Arrest warrant that is non “refuseable” by law, (Ask Ms. T. May the Home Secretary she just pulled that one on France).

    That the UK in the name of the crown of England under the name of the person known as Queen Elizabeth II abused the rights of a man, abused my civil rights, abuse the powers of the court, abused the law of the HAGUE, to a point that this event has been noted at the Hague as the greatest abuse of power in the history of mankind.

    If you read the judgement VERY CAREFULLY. There is one document you were never shown, to clarify what that document was, it in my right as a habitual Belgium resident to request under the Belgian constitution to try the Queen and the UK powers for the abuse of power and crimes against humanity.

    The document you never get to see is the the “header” document to the judgement of who “We” are .. “We” as represented in the Judgment is a collective many more judges. My judgement was only evidence in the overall charge being brought against the UK. It was Justice Moylan who refused to obey international law.

    In the email chain document attached you will see that Lord Mathew Thorpe was aware on the situation yet turned a blind eye in his actions. This is complacency at the highest level in the UK.

    I have also had my rights for free international legal aid refused by the UK which is in violation of the of the treaty of Amsterdam and the London treaty signed by Queen Elizabeth II.

    The Paris accord requires that the UK uphold the lawful statue of international law, in particular the § article that refers to the act of FELONY. As Ms. Gail Cooper was charged under the international penal code 946 of Fraud and 948 for Kidnap, I want to know why the UK is harboring a know criminal.

    To add more pain to your sorrow, Bailie~Kate Cooper was sworn under a Royal Decree as an habitual Belgian resident separated from her lawful guardian. Under the constitutional laws of Belgium , when a child is absent from the lawful guardian, that said child also assumes CROWN DIPLOMATIC IMMUNITY. You the UK are withholding a crown diplomat for the Crown of Belgium against the wish of the Crown of Belgium, against the wish of the Child, and against the wish of the lawful guardian. That culminates in act act of aggression against the crowned state of Belgium. I suggest you look up art 5 of the NATO convention, “To bear arms against an aggressor”.

    Is it that the UK child abuse and theft has also been publish on Belgian national TV, (Prime time). Is it that I receive 1000’s of emails per day from similar families in the UK who have a similar claim?

    If you advise of a legal person in the UK who can uphold the law, then empowered to you is your right of public office to make contact with a legal representative in the UK to offer assistance forthwith. That is the law under FCO direction which you fail.

    The continued failure of the UK to uphold the law, and by you responding in this manor only re affirms the truth and belief that the UK steals children for profit. As displayed on the Belgian TV the facts and figures amounting to a Social Services abuse of some 33.5 Billion Euros.

    Every minute of every video and every email issued to me is public. Your comment and my comment will be posted on sending this to you. You have my number below. I DO WANT Cameron to phone me. I paid my taxes all of my life, I fought for my country I deserve one phone call

    I served 22 yrs for my country, awarded 13 medals in the name of my Queen Elizabeth II, I continued my career to protect children as the principle NATO security consultant, that was until the UK interfered with the NATO HIGH council, (for which I have Belgian evidence as collateral passed to be by the Belgian legal system). Furthermore, Belgium has surrendered to me the most comprehensive set of documents as a class act of lawful abuse by the crown of England.

    All I want is the law obeyed in accordance with the judgement attached. There is no reason what so ever why Mr. Cameron cannot stand up in the house and ask one simple question.. Why is our courts not obeying international law?

    Is there any more proof that you need?

    Mr. Cooper

    On 3/16/13 11:01 AM, HMCTS Customer Service (Correspondence) wrote:
    > Dear Mr Cooper
    > Thank you for you email of 8 January to the Cabinet Office marked for the attention of the Prime Minister. Due to the significant number of emails and letters the Prime Minister receives from members of the public it is not possible for him to personally reply to each person that contacts him. I have been asked to reply on behalf of HM Courts & Tribunals Service – part of the Ministry of Justice and I am sorry for the delay in doing so, this was due to the transfer of your email between departments.
    > I realise that you want your daughter to be returned to you in Belgium in accordance with the court order made on 14 March 2012. Neither the Prime Minister nor any Government Minister can intervene on your behalf. I would like to assure you that this is not through any lack of concern on interest in the issues that you raise but because this case has been subject to both judicial decisions in the UK and Belgium. The judiciary are constitutionally independent of Government and for this reason, Government Ministers cannot intervene on behalf of one party. You may want to seek professional advice on how the Belgium Court Order can be enforced in the UK.
    > I recognise my reply will be disappointing to you but I hope it has explained why the Prime Minister cannot assist you in the way you would like.
    > Yours sincerely
    > Peter Middleton

  46. My thought on this letter from Peter Middleton is to be seen as a denial of the governments ability and responsibility to govern.

    “It’s not my fault guv, its the fault of one of those independent powers we’ve set up.”

    The Prime Minister is making itself a laughing stock. The separation of powers is not a reason to abdicate responsibility. When governments govern with a system of separation of powers it gives authority to those powers to act within the law. It does not grant them absolute and unconditional power.

    The time has come for the government to recognise that things have gone too far. It does not need an inquiry to discover where the judicial authorities have overreached their power and avoided responsibility for their actions. The same applies to each of these separated powers. The U.K government have allowed unelected Judges to persuade the government to grant immunity to the judiciary right to administer the law, and that would be fair. However the Judiciary have taken advantage of this, and instead of interpreting the law as it was intended, they interpret it as they want it to be.

    This has been the accepted practice for so long that the rule of law itself in the UK has fallen from its status as best and most trusted in the world, to a system that any citizens no longer have faith in.

    In this case the human rights of a child and parent have been judged by an Internationally recognised court to have been abused. There are some rights that are so essential to the dignity and well being of the human race that they must never be abused for any reason by any power.

    The very fact that the judgement was made in the International Court outside the UK shows the international community that there is something seriously wrong with the administration of Law in the UK. English Law “Ubi jus ibi remeduim” – “where there is a right there is a remedy” Where a statute gives a right or creates a duty in favour of an individual an infringement of that right will be a tort remediable in the ordinary way. [ Dormont v Furness Railway Company (1883) LR 11 QBD 496]

    How can it be reasonable for any individual, particularly a Prime Minister [Note PRIME] to ignore what the International Court has recognised as an abuse of the human rights of one of its citizens by an “Independent Power”?

    It is surely only reasonable (even at this late stage) to ask the Judiciary; “how the Belgium Court Order can be enforced in the UK?” = Or better still is it appropriate in the light of the current situation that the UK simply comply with this Order before things get any worse?

    Personally I find it hard, very hard, to understand how those people involved cannot care about this case (and others like it) that have separated parent from child. If there was cause why did the UK authorities not defend their conduct?

    Our law is corrupt if it is unable to protect our citizens.

    It is so wrong that we must turn to the International Court to obtain judgements against our authorities who should be setting an example by complying with the law.

    If UK is a party to International and European legislation then quite clearly we must comply with its Judgements and orders. The only reason for the UK not to have appealed this Judgement is that the appeal would fail.

  47. Nigel Cooper says:

    The hardest part I face today is reading the sad sorrowful things that have happened to the families of the UK.

    I have asked permissions to display their stories to the world. I have sat here today, yesterday and days before, in tears of pain and sorrow at the horrendous crimes I have been told of.

    From forcing a teenager with a false prison sentence on a false change, they would drop the change if the teenager signed a statement of abuse by the father!

    To an elderly lady who had her 3 children taken from her because as a younger woman she notice the abuse and tried to whistle blow on them.

    To a mother who lives in another country and was held at gun point while they took her sick child from a hospital ward, it was later found out that a senior court official was related the child! They even went as far as using a false passport to steal the child who suffered untold pain on a flight!

    To a parent who believe I was more honorable than themselves…. I find that so painful that a parent feels so low about themselves, when this has all be caused by the evil society that we live in today.

    • Nigel, what I find the hardest is:

      1. The pain of the children in whose interest “they” are supposedly operating

      a. The irreparable damage done to them!!!

      b. You can’t UNDO traumas, can you!!!???

      2. The pain of the parents

      a. Who are being GAGGED on top of it all

      b. The financial and job losses generally encountered

      c. Happy couples can’t sustain such stress!

      3. The pain of grandparents and other family members

      a. Extended family or ‘kinship carers’ are hardly every considered!

      4. The damage to reputation

      a. The abuse of the mainstream media for that purpose, e.g. Vicky Haigh!

      5. And, above all, the UTTER HYPOCRISY of ‘lawfulness’ and ‘legality’

      a. This includes FALSE IMPRISONMENTS!

      b. And in prison we discover not only torture but also 2nd generation ‘care’ and child snatching: e.g. one woman was PUNISHED in Holloway, for she helped another inmate; she had been in 13 foster homes, abused in 2 and had 4 babies taken at birth!!!

      We presented a formal portfolio of nine case to the Education Select Committee which didn’t make the slightest difference either…

      Welcome to the ‘club’!…

  48. The bits from Kipplings “Last of the Light Brigade” came to mind about the British Public were struck by “this thing called shame”. I am filled with this “thing called disgust” and more thoughts and feeling of “shame on those bystanders who remain silent” anger and frustration of remaining “law abiding” while law abuser’s rule” And knowing what we see is just the tip of the iceberg.

  49. Nigel Cooper says:

    References: 1. You’re billing – (29/11/2011 to date).
    2. HMRC Customs and Excise duties’ – VAT requirements
    3. Consumer goods act 2008 – Goods of serviceable quality
    4. The law commission – Draft bill 10Th December 2009
    5. Solicitors Regulatory Authority – Handbook /Principles 1 – 10

    Before I start. I wish to notify you that any matter within this letter and associated documents refers to and pertains to the financial transactions and accounting for services provided to myself by you (Ms. Stephanie Adams of Williscroft & Co Solicitors of the above address). This does NOT question your legal abilities. May I remind you once again that YOU, Ms. Stephanie Adams remain my “CONTRACTUALLY OBLIGATED” legal representative in the UK, and I have given you no discourse for you to “attempt” to terminate service. I refer to “Conduct requirements from the RSA, Sub art. 4: “The abandonment or sudden closure”.

    Ms. Adams.
    After a very detailed investigation of you’re submitted accounting. It beggars’ belief that the documents presented to myself for payment are so flawed and non descript. I am now very concerned at your accounting and mythology of accounting. I will prove on each and every event listed below. It is up to you to prove otherwise and not for me to prove any further.

    May I point out to you, that EVERY purchase in the UK from a newspaper, TAXI, Train, new house or car requires a receipt, and EVERY company and or agency, be it government or not has to produce a receipt for goods or services rendered.

    On the February 27, 2012 10:55:40 AM GMT+01:00 in your email and in paragraph five, you quoted the following “….Unfortunately the court do not provide us with a receipt…” Are you suggesting that this government body is being fraudulent in NOT producing receipts in accordance with UK LAW or are YOU not producing the required receipts and being fraudulent in accordance with UK LAW and the RSA code of conduct, Sub art 4: “The misappropriation from clients account”.

    It is becoming very clear that your handling of my account, at best has been done in a very poor way and not in accordance with the RSA’s code of conduct principle 8. “run your business or carry out your role in the business effectively and in accordance with proper governance and sound financial and risk management principles” This is a very CLEAR case of “Failure to carry out DUE DILLIGENCE” on behalf of the client. As you are a financial controlling partner in this company. It is your mandatory requirement to carry out full and fair due diligence on my behalf. This has not been done and thus leaves YOU personally liable for any discrepancies in this accounting and not “Williscroft & Co.”

    Failure to carry out this due diligence also renders your public liable insurance void!

    From your website sub-page and line index from HTML source code states:
    We can offer you:
    • Economic and cost efficient legal solutions according to your needs and your instructions

    You have failed time and time again to act upon my instructions issued to you by voice, email and fax. This is in clear breach of your own advertising on your website and is in breach of the UK consumer goods act of 2008 and failure to comply to EU regulations regarding to your advertized services. (On page “about us paragraph 2”).

    From your website sup-page and line index from HTML source code states:

    What can be done?
    We can assist in obtaining preventative orders to stop a child from being abducted. This could either be by obtaining a Prohibited Steps Order at a local court or by making the child a Ward of Court in the High Court. If the abduction is threatened imminently or, is in the process of being carried out, it is vital to see a specialist advisor who knows what order to obtain from the courts to ensure the best protection is obtained quickly.
    If the child has already been abducted from a person with parental responsibility but remains in this country, we can apply for orders to ensure that the child is located and returned home.

    Based upon this company statement, you have not complied to your own company commitment and policy thus you are in breach of: The RSA code of conduct art. 1 and 4 which state:
    1. Uphold the rule of law and the proper administration of justice.
    4. Act in the best interests of each client.

    The above two commitments were contractual obligations that were signed to by yourself and myself. You have failed to comply again and are at fault, yet you expect me to pay for your failure?

    You were clearly informed by voice, email and fax of actions being taken in Belgium, under Belgian LAW. You also acknowledged the fact that you were in receipt of Ms. Benedetti’s professional informational curiosity letter to YOU where YOU were only an informational addressee’ and not an ACTION addressee. So every single document, email, fax, phone call to all parties after this date including to myself were made by your personal “assumption” and decision at your expense. I want EVERY single entry removing from my account pertaining to this. Failure to comply is falsified accounting. This is in breach of: The RSA code of conduct 2 and 5 with state:
    1. Act with integrity
    5. Provide a proper standard of service to your clients

    Now, moving on into individual billing documents. You were informed on 01 February 2012 that actions were now being taken in Belgium. You were clearly told to STOP all activities on my behalf in the UK. With reference to your billing document SXA/CMC/COO83/2, file number COO83/2, Dated 10/02/2012, with an internal bill No. of 4214

    Within you claim for professional charges: “between 13Th January 2012 and 9th February 2012 ..specifically relating to private law proceeding and proceedings in Belgium”

    If you were clearly instructed to STOP on the 1st February, how can you quote 9th February 2012 and Belgium, when activities in Belgium have NOTHING WHAT SO EVER to do with you. Please remove from my account all reference and all charges pertaining to activities in Belgium. You were ONLY an information addressee’ and NOT an action addressee! Do not change me for “assuming” and “actioning” on your own behalf and expecting me to pay for your ill assumption.

    Further in this same document, you quote a fee of 200 UK pounds? If you recall you were pressurizing me, also your PA to send urgently the sum of 200 UK pounds for enforcement. I am legally entitled to see this receipt. Further more, you a “LEGAL” professional, (best of the best for international child abduction), are fully aware that from your email to me where you claimed that you were to London for me to go to the high court to enforce a court order, however you did clearly tell me on Skype that you were there for something else and you should not have told me what it was. You were personally and legally responsible for the collection of the receipt and it will be date and time stamped with the submission date and time in the high court. As I said, I am legally entitled to see this receipt! Furthermore on the same topic and same line, “No VAT”…… Are you suggesting that the high court in the UK does not pay VAT?

    Moving on, with reference to your billing document SXA/CMC/COO83/2 File number COO82/2, Dated 09/12/2011 and with internal bill Number 3871.
    Within you claim for professional charges: “…Personal attendance at court…” Then you go on to claim under Non Vatable disbursements, ”Postage to court”? Now you were either at court or you posted things to court, you can’t be in both places at once. Yet again there is another entry of 200 UK pounds. Once again you clearly know the legal criteria for receipts, P
    please provide me with the receipts. Are you once again saying a country court now does not pay VAT?

    Next billing document, internal bill number 3799. If you now compare this bill number to the entry in bill number 3871 not only will you see a poor entry but a “highly professional” cut, copy and past into comments, (same date different bill). Another fee for count court costs at 200 UK pounds. How many times do I have to pay for the same document? Also in the same bill is a list of train, taxi and bus fares. You know the receipt requirements, but more over you also legally know that the VAT is paid at source for these items and cannot be re-charged to me. More over of GRAVE concern is the duplication of fees, adding to this troubling fact is that fact that you have ALREADY received a considerable sum of money from me to cover these costs. So as there is a clear duplication and you have NOT notified me of this internal error I have to “assume” that you never intend to reimburse me. That is theft from a client! By not informing the client this fraud! I assume that I am right on both counts.

    Onto itemized billing, number one!

    Prepared by: Stephanie Adams on 19.12.2011 at 13:37:21 showing a system executing date of 19/12/2011 13:37:22 consisting of 2 pages.
    Page one.
    Entry 06 of Louise Fowler dated 30/11/2011. Who is “call in agent”… This is an unknown as in no name, or company or event. I will not accept unknown events in itemized billing. Charged at 7.00 UK pounds with no receipt.
    Entry 05 of Travel dated 08/12/2011. Train tickets?
    Entry 07 of Letter out dated 06/12/2011. To who?
    Entry 07 of Letter out dated 06/12/2011. To other side, to who?
    Entry 07 of Letter out dated 05/12/2011. To other side, to who? Letter / email / fax … to who?

    Onto itemized billing, number two!
    Prepared by: Stephanie Adams on 15/01/2012 at 20:57:21 showing a system executing date of 15/01/2012 20:57:41 consisting of 5 pages
    Not withstanding the fact that at no time have we discussed or authorized any out of hours work that is chargeable, this entry was compiled outside of standard working hours and I cannot accept any additional costs incurred outside of working hours. Within the said same document I have identified 17 “Seventeen” errors ranging from “unknown persons”, “The topic of maintenance” and you are clearly aware that it is NOT. Discussions that should remain within the bounds of client confidentiality based of the fact that these bills are required by law to be audited by a third party. So you have breach my confidentiality by entering your very disturbing notes. There are entries to letters out to absolutely no one. Please show to me the historic version of these letters as I have paid for them already. With reference to Skype calls, I do believe that the entries here were of your choice and you must of assumed that I have to talk to you? Why are you assuming I wanted to discuss anything other than via email, however I am clearly aware I did demand one urgent Skype call that you failed carry out.

    Onto itemized billing, number three!
    Prepared by: Stephanie Adams on 10/02/2012 at 15:03:22 showing a system executing date of 10/012/2012 15:03:22 consisting of 4 pages.

    I am aghast at this document! There are 38 errors in total and from a total entry of 70 it is more that 50% WRONG. What sort of billing do you do?

    There is yet another very disturbing fact that I have to bring to your attention. From your own company website on HTML source code line of:

    Quoted paragraph of.. “History of Williscroft & Co
    Sue Williscroft set up the firm in 1987. Sue retired from the partnership in 2008 and the remaining partners are Lindsey Johnson (Managing Partner), June Kelly, Stephanie Adams, and Lucy Cohen.
    In August 1994 the firm was successful in gaining one of the first Legal Aid Board Franchises in the Bradford Area for family and housing law. We now have specialist quality marks in all areas of work. In 2009 Williscroft & Co were awarding the Yorkshire Lawyer of the Year Award (1 – 10 partners).”
    After doing a little research the following fact can be seen as in who is the sponsor for this award…

    You emailed me on December 9, 2011 6:11:37 PM GMT+01:00 and made the comment of…”
    2. There is to be drug and alcohol testing of Mrs Cooper, the drug specifically being cannabis. These test will be undertaken by Trimega laboratories, this being the firm I generally use and suggested by me. There will be liver function testing and hair strand testing. In the past the Courts have generally just ordered hair strand testing but there is a recent Court of Appeal case where the Judge said that, where alcohol abuse is being suggested then liver function testing should also be carried out. The costs of those tests are to be borne equally between yourself and Mrs Cooper’s public funding certificate. I will let you have further details of the exact cost and you will need to pay this money up front before the tests can be undertaken.

    What is the internal relationship of Ms. Stephanie Adams and Trimega laboratories and Williscroft & Co. Solicitors with the very prestigious award? You were also asking me to pay a significant sum of money to this company in the form of Ms. Cooper’s tests!

    With you own quote, “Nigel I’m your solicitor, you can trust me…”. From a financial point of view this is not a valid choice for me.

    With your own quote, “Nigel I am not hiding anything from you…”. Then please provide to me the receipts, tickets and documents as requested.

    Once again from myself, “Are you hiding something from me”?

    Finally, in a sentence that you are accustomed to and with regards to payment of this bill. Is it 28 days from the day when you submitted this appalling document or is it not 28 days as you suggested in your email and that I should disregard, or should I not disregard the disregard and not pay anything until you present me with a fully justified, correctly formatted and accurately accounts content that I approve and at this time does it become 28 days or do I disregard in accordance with your email to disregard?
    As you are and will remain my contractually obliged legal representative until I say otherwise, please do not send another email that is constructed as above.

  50. Peter says:

    Nigel – Kindred Spirit

    Please feel free to contact me so we can collaborate on getting your daughter back, and getting the Abominable UK Forced Adoption Process stopped and comprehensively reversed.

    Then we can get all those involved formally prosecuted and punished for their crimes against humanity.

    Todays news that the Australia PM Gillard apologises for their ‘shameful’ forced adoptions is a Global Step in the Right Direction.

  51. obsesiverights says:

    Does This make the Australian government a terrorist organisation by supporting the principle that Nigel Cooper went to the international court for? all should contact the worldwide community and get the International people of conscience to lobby the UK. The first duty of a State is to Protect its people. We stand by and let these wrongs happen at our peril. Persist in this endevour for this generation and the next. WHAT IS RIGHT IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN WHO IS RIGHT.

    • You are so right, and have summed it up in ten words. Bravo..

      • obsesiverights says:

        Thanks for the compliment. I think that to get the message across we must;
        A) get the attention,
        B) Keep the Message as Simple as possible and that means focus on the main problem, It has to be kept simple so that it is very easily understood. This must get and capture the fleeting interest span.
        C) Once we have interest we must work on getting the public to want to help. The basic instinct in people is to help one another.
        D) Show them how easy it is for them to help and suggest what needs to be done, and explain that every click on the post, will give a measure of confidence and support to victims and keep hope alive.

    • Well written, once again!!!

      However, I get the nasty impression that the State is NOT there for its people (any more)…

      Instead, since WW2 all Nation States have been systematically undermined by their national central banks so that governments are in debt and thus everybody is ‘indebted’ to their central bankers…

      Governments have become the henchmen of a global elite that wants to reduce the population and control earth’s resources.


      However, we MUST remind the authorities of what they CLAIM to be there for!

      Maybe we can rattle their conscience after all!?…

  52. obsesiverights says:

    I think these people suffer from “Descartes’ Error” they have lost the part of their brain that deals with emotions. Emotions are the driving force behind decisions and actions, without which they are left as “rational fools” unable to show affection, or take decisions. Like robots they have no conscience and regard concepts like love and loyalty as irrelevant.

    The only way we can get these “Dr Spock s” to right the wrong is to create a reality that leaves them with no option but to break with their code of silence. The reality can only be formed from the hearts and minds of a public conscience that makes a determined lobby to install in our government a respect for the real public conscience.

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  55. Philip Thompson says:

    Anonymous. I have seen extensive facts and figures including listening to his video. All I have seen from you are a few words without any proof of what you say. If what you say is true about a TV broadcast about Nigel Cooper it seems to me that the Establishment is closing ranks. With your knowledge please explain why this TV Company has not listened to so many others who have told of the forced adoptions that have happened in the UK. Name yourself and make your accusations openly.

  56. I had just drafted the same message That Philip Thompson responded to only he stated it short and sweet. I express the same thought but include a spell out – so that if Anonymous had any effect, this explanation, and Philip’s short an sweet message will make the point that to have your opinion trusted it must be verified.

    Beware the anonymous complainant, one who makes allegations and inferences of criminal acts without pointing at anything that can support any reasonable grounds for making them. These allegations fail to provide any clue or evidence whatsoever of Nigel’s “fabricated tale of woe and hardship”. If Nigel was trying to keep “his dubious past” secret by changing his name, he went a very strange way about keeping his other names secret. .

    March 14, 2013 at 12:46 pm Nigel Cooper “ …………. All and any legal, civil or financial matters relating to my name as Mr. Nigel Cooper or as Mr. Nigel Hands or as Mr. Nigel Cheese in relation to ……. my associated name or names and any other documented information in any from held between any party as listed above”.

    We have the witness evidence, documents, and videos, and news reports of this scandal of forced adoptions. Is “Anonymous” telling us that the Australian PM was “taken in by the ‘Bullshit’ Aussie families were dishing out? And that families across the world, and what about FBI Agent Ted L Gunderson was he also a criminal?

    As for checking the facts I reported my concerns to my MP who no doubt would have made her own investigations before informing me that she would be making written questions before responding to me. Since then I have written to the PM in the same manner and informing him that I believed this was a matter of grave concern. It is clear that if Nigel was slandering and libelling the UK the UK government had a duty of care, and to protect itself from scandal that has been spread internationally around the world to be open and accountable and inform the world of this fabrication.

    There are reputation protection agencies along with other vested interested parties spreading misinformation, they come in all guises to be your best friend and even lovers, but with the real intent to subvert and undermine the truth to destroy the confidence and silence dissent.

    The simple thing is the truth is fact and the evidence bares witness to the facts.

    • Philip Thompson says:

      Butlincat. Did I sit beside you at the Musa Trial ?. Anyway, coming back I wish to state that in all my efforts and others who wish to be heard in any discussion on any Website. There has always been an Anonymous who makes statements causes dissension and then vanishes. Is this spectre a creature who is being paid by SS ?. Looking over all of what has been done by the SS I think that my comments are valid. As far as I am concerned ANYBODY who wishes to be anonymous should be automatically banned.

      • butlincat says:

        Phil Thompson – 1stly i apologise for omitting your 1st name before. 2ndly – perhaps you did – in the lunch break? – during the month of the 6+ week Musa trial before i was banned for no reason. And i agree usually the “anonymous”‘s have nothing constructive to say or do and many are employed by government. The Hollie Greig group sites have been infiltrated by saboteurs getting sites shut down by various means or generally causing dissent since day 1. 99% of anonymous’s are pure cowards but sadly some who arent aware of them are influenced by their bs and actually believe them without seeing any evidence of their claims – this occurance with N Cooper being a prime example, perhaps. Proof of statements they make is the key but 9 times out of ten they have gone back into hiding by then until the next time.

        • Philip Thompson says:

          Butlincat Sir. As a very young child in Boarding School(NEVER in the Colliery where I later worked, there my name was young Phil by Polish, Germans and Welsh MEN who looked after me.), In the Army and even where I worked for nearly 20 years in a factory I was called Thompson. Thank you for your Courtesy by addressing me as Phil. I WILL now seize the opportunity to ask you to comment on my latest post.
          Youtube:– Walsall ss-forced adoption
          I do not know if the Youtube post is allowed on this site. So what. I have done it anyway.
          May I crave an INDULGENCE from SKM. STOP. I remember that SKM(I do this deliberately in case I am considered a synchophant) has previously published the case of my Family within this Website. In a very ROUNDABOUT way, thank you BOTH butlincat and Sabine.
          Roll on the 19th of JULY.

    • I shall have to put the ‘mental health warning’ of Victims Unite here, too. One campaigner told me “it comes with the territory”. But when I saw one excellent blogger take his site down, because of abuse he had received, I was really sad.

      Fortunately, WordPress allows bloggers to block IP addresses as well as user names. For me it’s clear:

      1. no matter what may be ‘wrong’ with any individual, what ‘the system’ [aka the State] has done to the child/ren is ALWAYS worse than anything a parent may have done;

      2. haters / trolls / shills should be ashamed of themselves and remember their conscience; eventually they will have to anyway;

      3. the fact that somebody bothers to pay somebody who accepts doing such nasty work is a VERY sad state of affairs;

      4. as the publisher of any site, I’d like to promote positivity. I don’t see any value in adding to the negativity that is around;

      5. I appreciate that people who have been gagged or are afraid of such repression, use ‘Anonymous’ or other false names. Hence I do not block every Anonymous. But people who are nasty accusers indicate their wrongdoing by hiding behind ‘Anonymous’.

  57. butlincat says:

    Thompson – my thoughts exactly. If this particular “Anonymous” could provide us with 1 shred of tangible evidence regarding any film company and where he got the info from with a relavent link it would change a situation of “smoke, mirrors and severe discrediting” which he/she has begun to one of truth with hard fact. You say, “Anonymous”, to use other methods than “google”, presumably you mean the Internet, to get whatever on this character “Hands” – but surely you know it would be nigh on impossible to get information from unnamed and infinite sources – why do you not give concerned citizens a hint as to where to get any nformation of “confidence trickery”on the part of the subject? To make vague insinuations without any evidence at all just wastes time and means little at the end of the day. Please give a shred of evidence that your statements are not pure fantasy – that should be easy…butlincat.

  58. Philip Thompson says:

    Butlincat. SIR. Yes during the lunch break. No matter. What I am trying to emphasise is that in SPITE of ALL our decent protestations at what has been done to FAMILIES within the UK by Social Services. NOBODY in POWER will LISTEN to our pleas. It seems to me that only persons in the “limelight” can have their case heard at the public expense. Levinson etc.

    • butlincat says:

      Thats true. So many poor parents and childrens’ cases go totally unheard of, let alone those that are publicised. Noone in authority weve contacted will budge one inch and take note of outrageous miscarriages of justice and we have the letters from them to prove that. Professionals do lie and are experts at it and there is overwhelming evidence of that that goes nowhere, sadly.

      • “Deny and Lie” seems to be the motto to cover up colleagues – for whatever reason. Primarily salary and pension, presumably.

        Truth doesn’t seem to have any value.

        • Maggie says:

          Sabine, can you please tell me why you do not support the MONUMENT for the abused children, you do so much good work getting information out to the public, and yet do not support a monument of which we did talk about it when the petition went live. We have in this country a monument for animals people and so forth, yet there is not one monument for the hundreds of thousands of abused children in care passed and present, it is time the Nation recognized the silent witnesses of the children screaming to be heard.

          • I have supported it in one blog post, Maggie. There’s only so much I can do.

            Sorry. My priority MUST be on my software invention.

          • Maggie says:

            Thank you for your reply, the charity is now well established and innundated with calls and emails from families and organisations world wide, my first priority is to the charity, would you now please delete my telephone number as the help line for victims unite.
            And good luck with all you do.
            Maggie Tuttle

  59. Maggie says:

    The charity has been collating evidence FOR 2 YEARS from many families throughout this dear old so called British Empire whose only Empire left is to steal and sell the children of the Nation and to create millions of jobs in the system. I was recently sent an email that a lawyer had written to a family saying,
    I also have information from the Ombudsman written to a grandparent who had found social services guilty going on to say.
    September 2013 there will be a march through Westminster with all people pushing empty prams and boards asking give back the children.
    I am also in talks with a lawyer re a class action for the abused children in care. For more info please contact Maggie

  60. Philip Thompson says:

    NEW to our discussion and TOTAL SUPPORT of Mr.Nigel Cooper. I have noted in one of his posts that he is seeking a Lawyer, Barrister or any other LEGAL representative to take up his case. Have there been any takers. I THINK NOT. A Cast IRON Case that is easily winnable and yet NO Lawyer will accept him as a client. Lets wait and see if I am correct..

    • As it should now be obvious, that despite Nigel Coopers reward and many law firms in the UK being contacted, none of them have chosen to respond, that the “Powers that Be” have asserted their will.

      The UK Judiciary has clearly taken steps to ensure that any lawyer brave enough to take the first steps will find themselves in “contempt of the UK Court” and “judged to be insane” as they did to Norman Scarth. Maybe they would not go that far, but instead any lawyer starting the application will be starting something that somehow never gets heard. I have sent out this offer to International Law Firms in the USA. … Nigel has no doubt tried European lawyers? I urge other people to do the same, to any foreign country with International LAWYERS.

      The thing is that we each know our legal system is corrupt. The Prime Minister has proved it is corrupt by failing to recall Parliament to this constitutional crisis.

      The UK Judiciary have breached their Oath of Allegiance and Oath of Office to administer Justice ACCORDING TO THE LAW. By breaching their Oath they have broken the contract, they therefore cannot have the Power to administer Justice.

      They know they fabricated a structure where they have made law, they have taken over the legislative power by stealth and used it to protect themselves from being subjected to it.

      This is not something that “only just happened” it has gone on for decades. The charges that will follow this in the international court are likely to result in significant jail sentences for those directly involved in this crime. The people at risk have maintained a guise of legal authority. The only people that have sufficient lawful power to get this sorted is the Members of Parliament who could act responsibly and hold the Criminals to account.

      These guilty Senior Judiciary people have now been woken up to find that the International Court has put them under Order of the law. They have used fraud to continue as nothing has happened, and continue to keep silent and hope it goes away.

      • Continuing on
        Whether Bailey is still in the UK or anywhere else she may not be known as Bailie Kate Cooper. The “powers that be” will have covered the trail. Nigel has raised the stakes, he is fighting for his rights his daughters rights, and this is now a desperate situation.

        The Press will be unable to keep silent for much longer the gags are slipping, this has been international news. WE MUST ALL GET TOGETHER AND MAKE BAILIE KATE COOPER TOO HOT TO HANDLE. We do this by posting her picture AND; UK CITIZENS DEMAND THE GOVERNMENT RETURN THIS CHILD TO HER LEGAL GUARDIAN AS ORDERED BY THE INTERNATIONAL COURT.
        Get the picture and caption printed at a print/copy shop, and also ask if they would leave a copy of it in their window, or put it displayed on your rear window or car bumper, and take a photo, to leave wherever you can. Keep a Cost and follow Nigel’s advice for claiming your costs back. You may also like to write to your local newspaper particularly if you have also contacted them before about your own family experience, and piggyback your own case. Then also tell them of the demonstrations you intend to attend (even if you don’t actually attend). details on Nigel Coopers page and others.

        If the “Powers that Be” can keep the lid on this direct defiance of an International Court Order, the forced adoption will be gradually toned down and disappear. The army of Government forces will crush demonstrations before they even get started. This is demonstrated in the “Lessons of the Past”.

        IF we want things to change we must act. Each one of us must write, email, or phone our MP’s, and the Press print out a copy of your letter and get your family and friends to do the same. When Nigel Cooper and Bailies case crumples, the whole corrupt business will be exposed. Time is of the essence.

        It is reasonable to understand Nigel’s intense concern and need to go to almost any lengths to recover his daughter, especially as contact is prevented and he can’t even be assured of hers health and safety. I am concerned about hordes of people hunting for eight year old girls that look like Bailie Kate Cooper. We already know there are many predatory paedophiles, looking for victims, it is almost certain that in any party of even vetted individuals one or more poses a risk. Let anyone tell me that giving out “wanted posters” of this type with authority of law, will not put other children at risk of real and dangerous predatory paedophiles, in the guise of concerned citizens. I believe in Nigel and am sickened to my stomach what has happened to him and Bailie, and all the many others that have suffered, and continue to suffer.

  61. LL M says:

    That’s a very painful matter you describe.
    I think you explained the permission allegedly given by you to take our little girl to the UK was false. Nevertheless, it was used, and later relied on in Court. The British Court also noted the children were longer term residents of Britain than of Belgium. They granted the mother’s side their request.
    When it was pointed out the Belgian court had a different view, the English court says it sought discussion with the Belgian judge, but he did not make this possible. Accordingly, going by the rules, it says, it finalised the earlier judgement.

    I have read the 2012 judgement of Mr Justice Moylan, which can be found by searching on Home > Judgments > 2012 archive
    Re C [2012] EWHC 907 (Fam)

    Seeing your pain, and the added stress of the work fall-out you suffered, I would like to offer some advice. Best thing now is to find a new niche out of Britain, improve your position so you can re-settle in UK not far from your daughter. You definitely should re-establish your sunny disposition and general quality of life, and work to change your ten-year exile or whatever it was (I didn’t check out this bit). If you threatened somebody in UK, for example, that needs to be worked on and maybe support from a wise advisor or counsellor used to change that unhelpful way of proceeding. Obviously, you can’t threaten people.

    Imagine a future where you are happily re-established maybe in a nearby town to your daughter. You have a job, you have your own life, and your pleasant abode is sunny and secure. In this setting, your daughter will wish to visit. Indeed, maybe at times when she is a grumpy teenager, she will ask to stay at times, you know how teenagers will grump about the caring parent and take off to see the other parent …! Suddenly it will all be quite different.

    Believe me, Nigel, you are swimming against the current. Be smart, change. And you are losing time. Start now.

    Best regards, from a granny in a different country.

    • Excuse me for butting in but it is my opinion Here is yet another strange anonymous “granny in another country” implying that it would be appropriate to ignore an an International Court Judgement.

      One has to learn the mindset of the determined insurgent. We find from the “tone” of this letter and picking up clues and certain phrases a sense that this “concerned granny in another country” is what one would call an “involved party” rather than someone that happened on the case and took an interest, to become like me an “interested party”.

      Correct me if I am wrong but the term “our little girl” is not one that a “granny in another country” would be expected to use. It is more one would be expected to refer to one’s own child or grandchild.

      The writer seems bias in favour of the mother, and unreasonably (in my opinion) accepts that taking a child from her legal guardian and place of residence in Belgium across international borders on false papers is OK because the false papers were relied on in UK Court. Does that make a forged document legal?

      The matter is that the Judgements collide. One says she stays in the UK after having been taken without authority on forged documents from here adopted country against her own will and that of her legal guardian, and the other says she is a citizen of Belgium and must be returned to Belgium and her lawful guardian.

      It has always been the case that the Highest Court Authority is the law. The International Court ranks higher than the UK Court. Therefore where is the argument?

      “The Belgian court had a different view, the English court says it sought discussion with the Belgian judge, but he did not make this possible. Accordingly, going by the rules, it says, it finalised the earlier judgement.”

      IT DONE WHAT? ……. The inferior Court finalised the Order of a higher Court?

      Is this an “upside down judgement?

      Then we have the advice, this is intended to entice and discourage Nigel, out of sympathy, think how this “granny from another country” wrote first to try and convince him that “the anonymous writer” was some kindly old granny nothing to do with the family but referred to Bailie as “our little girl”, and “seeing your pain and added stress of work fall out” and putting in a load of personal and irrelevant details. These pail into insignificance with the taking of the child from her lawful guardian.

      And that final parting shot really shows what the writer really wants; Believe me, Nigel, you are swimming against the current. Be smart, change.

      Looked at objectively I believe this anonymous message came from people that feel threatened or was written by a reputation repair agency.

      • “Reputation Repair Agency” is a nice way of calling ‘nice’ shills / haters / trolls / mis- and dis-informers!

        The arrogant ‘perfidious Albion’ attitude of the UK judiciary / government doesn’t acknowledge foreigners as human beings and international law as being worth implementing, EVEN THOUGH they don’t mind travelling to fancy places to ratify such international contracts:

        1. The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child

        2. The European Convention on Human Rights

        The fact that the NATIONAL Children’s Act 1989 gets ignored in the process is ‘between the boys’…

        • You are exactly right “Reputation Repair Companies” are used only by corrupt companies firms and organisations, who would rather undermine, misinform, and contradict the legitimate complaints of their customers or clients. Rather than do as honest firms that value their integrity and the trust of their clients, and consider the complaint and take appropriate steps to put things right.

          Many of the famous and successful companies have recalled their products, and repaid customers, even losing money in the short term because there is no advantage no matter how great that can be used to justify a dishonest act. These firms have a reputation and if they lose trust, they lose sales. The RRCo’s on the other hand thrive by undertaking counter insurgency, and ply misinformation and slander to gain trust by subterfuge.

          I consider the Law Society and regulators are RRCo’s. If they were genuine regulators there would be a big increase in the number of prosecutions. This gives those they regulate immunity and only encourages them to carry on regardless.

          Just last year the Law Society acted to in a “class action” to enter into proceedings against Rick Kordowski’s Solicitors From Hell website in an expensive “class action” to shut down the Solicitors From Hell website. The site was shut down and almost immediately others sprang up to replace it.

          If anyone needs to be convinced that the UK legal system needs to be replaced with one where the law is upheld and everyone regardless of rank is subject to the law. Review the material when you google “”

          What can you expect when all these authorities are free of the law and just do what they like? It is inevitable when one can profit without risk of consequences, that many will be tempted to ignore what is right, but what is most disgusting of all is that the judges…. who should uphold the law ignore it only to protect the guilty at their own whim.

  62. Philip Thompson says:

    Granny from a different country. Methinks that you are getting rattled. BUT. How well you describe how happy he would be if he just Kow Towed to people like YOU Name YOURSELF hypocrite.

    • butlincat says:

      imho “granny” is saying the complete opposite of what needs to be done – one will never change any monster plan by not standing up against it, but there again “granny” is more than likely some bloke in a suit in some SS office somewhere, or Whitehall, and part of the evil agenda of seperating children from the parents when there is absolutely no need, and making a nice little earner out of it too. Shame on these people!

  63. Methinks that that ‘granny’ has large ears and a fur coat with teeth and jaws just waiting to gobble up an unsuspecting/gullible? Little Red Riding Hood. As the Red Queen said to Alice, ‘Off with his /her head.

    This is one’ man’s fight for justice, but many will empathise with him. I know I am one of those who will give him every support whenever, and wherever possible.

    It is to their shame, that those who could enforce justice have not done so, But there is nothing new in that. Craven cowards all – from those at the very top, to those who lurk at the bottom.

    I’ll let you know if my MP Jonathan Edwards comes up to scratch, but don’t hold your breath.

  64. Reblogged this on Standing up for Rights and commented:
    The Judiciary take the Oath of Allegiance and the Oath of Office the Judicial Oath. To administer Justice according to the law. When they fail to comply with the law they are breaking their oath to administer Justice according to the law. They break the Oath they break their contract. They break their contract they have no power to govern. They continue to govern is a fraud. They are to all intents and purposes a Dictatorship and it is up to the Legislators in Parliament to hold them to account.

  65. butlincat says:

    a] DAILY MAIL, 17 April 13 – “Thousands of children abused in their own homes are not being protected by local authorities, damning NSPCC report warns”

    How do they know this? do they go into the homes and see the abuse? of course they dont – its propaganda used to steal children – and sadly their mistake record is out of all comprehension.
    The rubbish is here:
    b] “Figures at an all time high for children being removed from families, most often good, loving ones” – Daily Mail April 12 2012 =

    c] “Children waiting for adoption at an all time high.”

    d] United Nations childstealing agenda – by whistleblower Ukrainian priest:
    e] Daily Mail – Figures for “Adoption and children in state care across England: get the data”

  66. ron says:

    what about a protest in central london, hand out flyers etc, embarrass the government,social services uk are power crazy

  67. Nigel Cooper says:

    If you want all of the information… Lock stock and TWO SMOKING BARRELS please get yourself a cuppa, sit back and listen……


    • I am glad to see that you’re learning more and more about websites and blogging, Sharon!

      Maybe you’ll be able to appreciate:

      1. I only ban people if, when and after they’ve posted enough negativity to pass my threshold of patience

      2. WordPress allows me to ban people one blog at a time.

      3. Having banned Butlin on Victims Unite, he can still comment on Punishment without Crime, as long as his comment is not nasty and negative.

      I just don’t think it’s good use of anybody’s time and effort to spread negativity.

      Everybody does their best. If they knew better, they would do better.

      In that light, your war on shills may not not be the best remedy for either you or your family. But: you know best and you do your best, as we all do…

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  71. Julia says:

    they have done the same to myself and my daughter again sunderland social services advocated and assisted my grandsons viaolant drug dealing father in removing my grandson when we had in place a restraining order, none mol order resedency order and it has not being 13 weeks since we have had any contact disgusted !!

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