WHISTLEBLOWER Brian Pead arrested last night; pls call 0300 333 4444 and ask about him at Southend Police Station

Brian Pead is innocent

Never underestimate the power of the enemy. But it’s hard to imagine HOW far ‘they’ go in their determination to hide crimes and cover them up with more crimes:

  • in Wales, Police entered the home of a family and took money from the safe without giving a receipt
  • their computer and phones were confiscated ‘until after the trial’
  • the mother of the child was imprisoned with the charge of ‘conspiracy to abduct a child’

In Southend on Sea, Brian Pead was arrested unlawfully last night when reporting a crime of Unlawful Entry and Harassment of a 75-year-old lady. Instead, he was arrested for ‘not providing his personal details as required’. His co-author who was with him went to get the evidence – didn’t make a difference.

The Rule of Law has not only been replaced by the Rule of Money: the Innocent get charged, while the Criminals rule!



About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is www.smartknowledge.space
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7 Responses to WHISTLEBLOWER Brian Pead arrested last night; pls call 0300 333 4444 and ask about him at Southend Police Station

  1. I found it most difficult to comment,

    But I believe that such conduct as described in the Brian Pead is innocent web site by the police CPS and the Judge in court is in my experience as likely as not.

    If it is true that Brian is innocent it is the most horrible thing that I can imagine happening to a man because no matter how innocent there is serious damage to reputation and his personal dignity.

    The balance is on the police it is that they have been seen and known to use more than the minimum force, they close ranks to conceal misconduct and given recent publicity where police have been observed to do wrong, never to my recollection have the police reported their colleagues misconduct. I find it extremely difficult that Police would charge a person with sexual assault on a child without evidence and a jury convict without evidence. It is expected that the CPS and Police would combine their effort to make the case.

    In my experience would the Judge make those comments? almost certainly, on the balance of that probability, and having heard similar comments in court by judges this supports those improper comments and mistrial.

    Altogether my opinion is sickeningly disappointed in police, and surprised that Brian was so naive not anticipating the whistleblowing backlash. The first defense of the offenders is to attack their accuser.

    Because the whole system is untrustworthy it creates confusion no-one should be convicted unless proven guilty beyond reasonable doubt.

    To my mind the case has reasonable doubt therefore; Brian Pead is Innocent

    But how can he clear his name? Is it possible to get clear and convincing evidence against wrongdoers? Will that be sufficient?

    Trust in the love of family and friends.

    • This whole ‘victim work’ is ‘shock therapy’!!!

      One shock after another for our beliefs and values…

      We spent HOURS with him after his court case, incl. one other serious whistleblower victim. I can assure you it takes ‘victims turned suriviors and starfighters’ to take on ‘the system’!…

  2. The deeper – the darker – the nastier – more vicious- and disgusting it gets. Extremes breed extremes – The turning back from the brink beyond the point which no one goes, is only achieved by shock and fear of repercussions.

    It is impossible to undo the damage and it is bitter when it happens to people that see the wrong going on, and are then conscience bound to blow the whistle Only then to find themselves accused of the very offense they were intending to prevent. Then most disgusting of al, they are betrayed by the authority siding with the offenders to frame the whistleblower.

    The fear develops within the authority when they realise that things cannot continue in the same way. Bul***te baffles brains only for so long, then there are no more secrets – coverups – or lies, – the facts are laid bare and the truth exposed. Neither the authority or the public can afford a serious confrontation. This time will not be like miners fighting for their jobs, or people fighting against a poll tax, it will be people fighting for the future of their children and their children’s children

    In my opinion this can be made a peaceful revolution if the government recognise that the people are aware of the corruption and that the government must face up to its responsibilities and decide how they are going to right the wrong and make sure nothing like it can happen again. This does not need a Public Inquiry.

    The system is broken and cannot be repaired or overhauled and patched up as all the parts are corrupted, repairs have been tried before and don’t work.

    The bulldozers must come in to clear out the old corrupt system, and rebuild it. But this time within the control of an impartial regime that is governed through Parliament. The Powers may still be separated and independent but under the law laid down by Parliament. Individual responsibility, not trust alone but trust through discipline, transparent and open, with a ruthless regard for the law.

    Our Courts have an antiquated legal system designed purely to intimidate and put the opposing sides in their place under a Higher Personage.

    Time is wasted by the duplication of paper documents and “err what page? eer ,,,, oh I see” as the judges sit on the high bench out of normal hearing range… – for what is supposed to be a hearing. Wasted time slow cumbersome, and inefficient.

    Simple large screen linked to screens on laptops (or other) for each of the participants every written document can highlight relevant issue. Nobody loses the page as it is on the large screen. And every hearing is recorded on video.

    Every authority holding a meeting affecting the individuals rights be recorded on video Police stations for offenders and victims of crime, family court hearings and employment, etc.

    All reasonable safeguards can be in place to prevent and deter attempts to tamper or control access to recordings by unauthorized persons. .

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  4. Reblogged this on Standing up for Rights and commented:
    From the cradle to the grave you will only ever have the right when you refuse to allow it to me taken. If your rights are taken they are stolen and if you give them up you lose them

  5. Sabine Brian was not arrested in Southend he moved from Essex 2 years ago, he was arrested in Lincoln

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