WHAT IS RIGHT is more important than WHO is Right: Social Services or Children?

12 06 17 secret childThere is a stark contrast between what is unique in the UK and the Centre for International Legal Protection of Children and Youth in the Slovak Republic. They helped get the 2 Slovak boys returned – to their grandmother – to save face…

But in the UK, the wishes of grandparents are also ignored, when the main purpose is to make money out of children. Supposedly “in the interest of the child”. In reality, irreparable damages, traumatisation and often enough sexual and physical abuse, besides untold pain on legal, financial, mental and emotional levels for the whole family.

Ruthless and plain criminal. How else should I pussyfoot around, when I hear yet another terrible story of Social Services thinking they can play god, police, judiciary and government all wrapped into one??? Abuse of power – how could it ever become ‘legal’, ???

Generations later, some decent politicians may have the decency it takes to apologise. Whether it is Willy Brandt who fell on his knees 40 years ago with his silent apology or Australian PM Gillard who apologised today for the adoptions forced upon unmarried women between the 50s and 70s.

Why can’t the child be right??? Isn’t it obvious that the child needs its mum and belongs to her??? How can it ever be justified to cut contact or even take a child for good altogether?

Well, the UK manages to even criminalise the parents and imprison them – all in the daylight of courts of ‘justice’.

Recently I found one ‘cultural’ explanation: perfidious Albion – the duplicity, treachery and hence infidelity with respect to promises made to other nation states.

An example are international treaties re regarding wars and children: what’s their point, if they are being violated?

But just as wars between men needs to stop, so does this war against children need to be stopped, especially foreign ones! On International Women’s Day, Amnesty International told mums in HMP Holloway that ten times more foreigners are being held in UK prisons than Britons…


About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is www.smartknowledge.space
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10 Responses to WHAT IS RIGHT is more important than WHO is Right: Social Services or Children?

  1. Phil Thompson says:

    Dear Victims Unite. May I please disagree with you(in the way of discussion)with the words 2 Slovak boys returned – to their grandmother- to SAVE FACE. As far as I am concerned the Slovak Government saw an INJUSTICE AT LAST and ACTED WISELY. May other Governments do the same.

  2. Phil Thompson says:

    I wish to expand my thoughts. I pray for the day when the Social Services of England will become “enlightened” to what they have done and are doing. BUT I wish to say that MANY of the social workers who did their dirty deeds have gone to other employment. Should their previous actions count . Its like giving False evidence and then leaving the country. Consider this. If all cases submitted by social services were to be tried by a Jury even in Camera would they DARE to bring such PETTY CHARGES in their SECRET REPORTS. I think NOT. Trial by Jury would MAKE Social Services become a Social Service because of their ACCOUNTABILITY.

  3. Phil Thompson says:

    I AGREE absolutely with you.

  4. Phil Thompson says:

    RETURNED to the PARENTS who LOVE Cherish and ADORE them.

  5. obsesiverights says:

    The Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard has formally apologised to thousands of parents and children for the Unethical Dishonest and probably illegal actions PAST AND PRESENT she left no-one out of who was responsible. Forced adoption apology: PM speech Published – 21 March 2013 Expires in 7 Days All those affected by the practice of forced adoption that occurred in Australian hospitals in the 1950s, 60s and 70s [PAST AND PRESENT] Everyone must circulate this video write to your MP again this time let them know of the International Court Judgement and this Video it expires in six days.

    USA People write to your congress if has been proven to be a crime in an international court and is happening now. Then acting even NOW will be too late for some. Surely enough people care

  6. Phil Thompson says:

    Dear obsesiveright. I am some what taken aback by your comment that there only SIX days left. They HAD over SIXTY years and more to Apologise for what they have done. So it would seem that the APOLOGY was a “face saving event” after all. Am I wrong.

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  8. Reblogged this on Standing up for Rights and commented:
    What is Right for you is Right for me and this is the universal right of Justice for all

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