UNCOMFORTABLE TRUTHS expected in Australia: over 5,000 victims of child sexual abuse

13 04 03 Uncomfortable truthsThe Daily Mail speaks out on behalf of the Australian victims – at least occasionally – albeit not enough to make a difference in the UK (yet):

  • The Australia-wide commission is looking into allegations of child sex abuse in state and religious institutions as well as community groups.
  • Prime Minister Julia Gillard announced the commission in November in the face of a string of sexual abuse accusations against priests and claims of a Roman Catholic Church cover-up.
  • The government has offered free legal advice to people who want to make submissions to the inquiry before public hearings begin after September.

Australia took the lead with another Royal Commission in 1996: when investigating New South Wales Police, the result was corruption, reform and paedophilia

But who joins the dots between institutionalised child snatching, forced adoption and global elite paedophilia? Still, one little step of progress at a time:

  1. on 28th March #paedobritain was trending on Twitter for more than eight hours which gave rise to this article in the Huffington Post: From Paedogeddon to #paedobritain: it’s not a joke any more
  2. a comment on this NeedleBlog promises ‘big news’ in some months in the UK
  3. this spotlight on historic child abuse: the past on trial has had over 100,000 visitors since February 2013!

About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is www.smartknowledge.space
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7 Responses to UNCOMFORTABLE TRUTHS expected in Australia: over 5,000 victims of child sexual abuse

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  2. First time the people have exposed the government and forced open the doors on a worldwide conspiracy that is so obscene it almost defies belief. David Cameron glibly tells the UK and the rest of the world that forced adoptions are not going on in the UK. The international court has made a judgement against the UK demanding the return of Bailie Kaye Cooper to her Lawful Guardian. The UK has refused, the rest of Europe knows, the victims of crimes against families by the UK government know. If I know its going on and other Victims of Crime and legal Abuse know it’s going on and we know that the documents have been served on UK Courts, and the Prime Minister David Cameron, and The Prime Minister of the UK tells us that it is not going on. How is it possible to accept obvious lies? If this has happened and all the evidence proves that it has, it shows that we are being governed or controlled by an authority appointed by HM the Queen to govern according to law, and they are betraying their oath and making the UK citizens complicit in a internationally recognised crime against humanity.

    Our parent’s generation spoke out against the Germans after the 2nd World War for remaining silent about the persecution of the Jews. “First they came for the Jews, I remained silent because I was not a Jew” —- The lessons of history are there for all to see, This is the most corrupt crime any one can conceive and it is being carried out by the authorities in outrageous abuse of Human Rights, This crime is worse than if they had simply put all the children to death, instead they inflict emotional damage on families parents and child that will live forever in the minds of all victims and scar the reputation of every citizen for all history. We will each be scourged with shame If we do not Unite and prevent this abuse now.

    We are citizens of the European Union agreed in the Maastricht Treaty, which was signed in 1992, and has been in force since 1993. European citizenship is supplementary to national citizenship and affords rights such as the right to vote in European elections, the right to free movement, settlement and employment across the EU, and the right to consular protection from other EU states’ embassies when a person’s country of citizenship does not maintain an embassy or consulate in the country they need protection in.

    Quite how the UK can be a member of the EU and breach International law, and govern its citizens in defiance of International Law is beyond reason.

    When the UK citizens learn of the extent of this abuse how do we deal with our MP’s who have stood by and allowed it to happen? Then there are all those closely informed of what was actually happening. Our nearest example I can remember is the Watergate scandal, and we can note what happened then. This is different, it is on a much greater scale and it is against the most vulnerable, by a superior authority, conducted over a long period of time, and in contempt of international law.

    How many will feel disgusted and ashamed that they allowed it to happen?

    In English law if a person accused of a crime, pleads guilty, they get a lighter sentence than the would if they plead not guilty. Here we have the UK having been found Guilty still protesting that it did not happen here. In other words pleading not Guilty although all the evidence is in and the finding made.

    Is this crime by a democratically elected government concealing its conduct by closed courts, gagging orders, and proper gander the greatest peacetime crime ever?

  3. Phil Thompson says:

    VICTIMS UNITE are at the FOREFRONT of exposing the CORRUPTION that is ENDEMIC within the social service system in ENGLAND. WILL ANY Judge, Magistrate, Barrister, Lawyer,Social Worker or member from CAFCASS DARE to REPLY and STATE that they are not CORRUPT in the case of MY FAMILY. I STATE that WALSALL MBC were CORRUPT in their action against my Family. Will this VILE CORRUPT COUNCIL challenge me. They KNOW of this post. I await a reply from them.

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