HOW SOCIAL SERVICES are paid bonuses to snatch babies for adoption: Daily Mail 2008

Adoption Curves

Adoption Curves (Photo credit: Nathan Laurell)

Can you believe it when the Daily Mail prints it? How Social Services Paid Bonuses to snatch babies for adoption – already in January 2008:

  • four babies a day – five years ago – when it represented a 300% increase
  • 300 children a month – five years ago – which has risen to 1,000 children a month

The author Sue Reid who began studying forced adoptions in 2003 writes furthermore:

  • she found a deeply secretive that is biased against decent parents
  • routine dishonesty by Social Services
  • questionable evidence by doctors
  • one mother’s son was adopted on the grounds that there was a chance she might shout at him when he was older.

Regarding the institutionalisation of child snatching:

  • millions of pounds of taxpayers’ money has been given to councils to encourage them to meet high Government targets on child adoptions
  • Blair promised millions of pounds to councils that achieved the targets and some have already received more than £2 million each in rewards for successful adoptions
  • Under New Labour policy, Blair changed targets in 2000 to raise the number of children being adopted by 50% to 5,400 a year

Regarding the national disgrace and human tragedy:

  • the secrecy of the family courts threatens the centuries-old tradition of Britain’s legal system: innocent until proven guilty beyond all reasonable doubt
  • there are nor juries in family courts, only a lone judge or trio of magistrates who make decisions based on the balance of probability
  • many parents have found themselves sent to prison for breaching court orders by talking about their case

By the current President of the Family Division:

It seems quite indefensible that there should be no access by the media, and no access by the public, to what is going on in courts where judges are, day by day, taking people’s children away.

In hashtags: #childsnatchbritain leads to #paedobritain and #forcedadoption.


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13 Responses to HOW SOCIAL SERVICES are paid bonuses to snatch babies for adoption: Daily Mail 2008

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  3. I thought I’d reached a stage when no revelation could shock; but still they keep coming!

    • That’s really ‘funny’, for I experience it all as ‘shock therapy’, too!

      Fortunately, I’ve not become too cynical emotionally. It’s important to maintain one’s passions and enthusiasm, methinks!

      • Vital to keep a sense of humour too, though these days, mine does get a little jaundiced. Scepticism dogs my every thought when analysing anything I read, or hear, emanating from the media – or politicians.

        Must say, there aren’t many places my wrath has not been vented, while a good many ears must have been on fire at some time during the past ten years since mine have been assaulted by stories of crooked dealings with the law, lawyers, the judiciary, politicians…daren’t continue…you’ve heard it all before…and can fill in any gaps left by me.

        There is no end to the perfidy of those who expect our respect, but do so little to earn it while sticking snouts into overfull troughs and feasting on more than they deserve.

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  8. donna says:

    Innocent families suffering deeply of social services unlawful acts Middlesbrough Vancouver house maria fretter and co third parties have violated harassed and more and more innocent families are been victimized we are still currently going through this crime they are committing

    • Yes, Donna,
      there is only one consolation: more and more people are waking up to this gradual shock therapy of what REALLY is behind the ‘elite’ and what glues them together…

      Just fight whatever way you can think up!

  9. Shaleena Hunt says:

    Hi there My name Shaleena
    I been in social services care since I was 4yrs even well before I was born they taken me and my siblings that I know away from mum she has mental illness. They put me in foster home I was abused in care how is that right

    • Thank You for sharing your fate, Shaleena. Unfortunately, or fortunately, it’s now coming out that the purpose of removing children from their biological parents is generally more sinister rather than ‘social’ or ‘in the interest’ of the children.

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