MIND THE GAP: between French film ‘Taken’ and UK adoption realities ‘TakenUK’

We don’t know what happens to the children who are put into ‘care’, supposedly ‘in the best interest’ of the child. Maybe it matches what the film Taken is about: girls end up as prostitutes… The statistics about children in care published by the Daily Mail are very grim.

Maybe they end up missing, as this report by the All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for Runaway and Missing Children and Adults and the APPG for Looked-after Children and Care Leavers suggests.

The report argued that the Government was under-reporting the number of children going missing from care. While the official figure for 2011 was 930, the report argues that, according to police data, an estimated 10,000 individual children went missing. The report cited that this high number was symptomatic of a care system which was far from being fit for purpose and in need of an urgent rethink. For the full report click here.

Maybe they end up dying, as these 75 children published with the names of the responsible Local Authorities on the White Rose Blog.

But, in response to Madeleine Moon MP’s question: how many children die whilst in the care of Local Authorities, the Secretary of State, Edward Timpson MP said:

The number of children who die while in the care of local authorities in England is low, typically around 50 children per year. Due to these low numbers and to protect their identities, figures cannot be provided for each individual local authority.

While children are in ‘care, parents are only allowed contact in specific ‘contact centres’, supervised and with the most horrible restrictions regarding what they are allowed to talk about. Often they are not allowed to speak in their native language!

Sometimes, foster carers become adoptive parents. But children are also advertised by adoption agencies. In any case, most adoptions take place AGAINST the will of the parents and thus WITHOUT their consent. That’s what’s called forced adoption – obviously with dreadful effects on both parents and children.

Worst of course when babies are taken at birth or shortly thereafter for such adoptions. That’s what TakenUK is about:

  • accountability for the increased numbers of forcibly removed children by the UK Government and its social care departments
  • medical professionals are misdiagnosing Non-Accidental Injury as a basis for taking children, such as in the case of the Slovak couple, who, after 920 days, got their 2 boys back – just before adoption
  • risk of future emotional harm
  • mental illness – diagnosis during court proceedings.

Pound Pup Legacy was set up by adoptees to address to offer support to the victims of the ‘dark side of child placement’.

Adoptees, the Forgotten Ones is a petition expressing some of the problems of victims of forced adoption.

And these are our petitions, to support the one we’ll be submitting to the EU Petitions Committee:


About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is www.smartknowledge.space
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6 Responses to MIND THE GAP: between French film ‘Taken’ and UK adoption realities ‘TakenUK’

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  2. Peter Briody says:

    Independent research in Germany reveals, that one of the leading factors in “Child Protection” consists of an erroneous but unshakable belief that the authorities are in a better position to raise children than are the natural parents (we call this “Calhounism”). Among other parameters uncovered, you will find plenty. some of which are more related to organized crime. Additionally we are blessed with a Justice system, hardly deserving of that name, to which any piece of hard evidence is only an embarrassment.

    Children in care are generally poorly clothed, extremely badly educated and unhappy. Many of them get sexually abused. How many children have died in this environment, is unknown to the German public, but I know personally of quite a few cases. The work goes on …..

    • I guess that this ‘unshakable belief’ should be called ‘pretext’.

      It is unbelievable that all who ‘are just doing their job’ [just as in the Gestapo] can ignore / brush aside the trauma they are afflicting by separating a child from their mother.

      The work HAS to go on – all over the world. Discouragement is NOT an option!…

      Thanks for your comment!

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