FCK U SOCIAL WORKERS – I’m calling Grandma! It’s about time kids can go where they WANT and BELONG!

I’ve long been feeling that it is up to us in the generation of grandparents to stand up to this institutionalisation of evil, hypocrisy and cruelty of

  • snatching children in their ‘best interest’
  • selling them to ‘foster carers’ or ‘foster homes’
  • putting them up for ‘forced adoptions’, generally against the will of the parents, let along getting their consent, and NOT considering ‘next of kin’ or ‘extended family’ as first options. That wouldn’t bring them as much money, of course.

This photo got me going to express my latest thoughts – after having been to HMP Holloway again, talking to a number of solicitors and wandering around Facebook.

In fact, I have seen a remarkable case of legal verbiage to ‘circumvent’ the legal requirement to obtain the parents’ consent. But how would the mother know? She only realised once her daughter was adopted that her solicitor was NOT working in HER interest…

Is it possible to get kids back, once they’ve been adopted? Well, the two Slovak boys were liberated after 920 days, demos outside the UK Embassy in Bratislava, TV and press reports.

Here, two girls used Facebook and walked away from their adoptive parents, without saying good bye. After all, they KNEW that they were acting AGAINST the mother’s will, too! Not just Social Services!

I found the story, as I’m compiling this Dossier of online Evidence for the MEPs in the Petitions Secretariat of the EU Parliament. If you haven’t added your signature yet, please click on EU Parliament: Abolish Adoptions without Parental Consent! This is simply the best platform for keeping in touch. But I’m counting signatures from a number of petitions on How Many People Know about child ‘care’, secret family courts and forced adoptions?

I know of one superb father and this remarkable grandfather who beg their respective Social Services to take them to court. But why would they bother? As long as the child or grandchild is under their control, they’ve got what they wanted. But no good conscience at night…

Please note the Official Statistics that open the Dossier of Evidence:

  1. 50 kids DYING in ‘care’ – considered to be ‘low’ by Edward Timpson MP, Secretary of State for Education

  2. 10,000 running away from ‘care’ – while the official figure is 930 – published by the responsible All Party Parliamentary Groups

  3. 27,900 kids taken in 2007, 42,700 taken in 2011 – a 35% increase in 4 years

  4. 200 parents imprisoned by family courts in 2006 – as admitted in Parliament by Harriet Harman MP – generally for ‘contempt of court’ or ‘gagging orders’ – unique to the UK.

I have been told by colleagues who have studied the field for longer than I have, that there is a ‘culture of non-investigation’ regarding crimes against children…. Excuse me??? Why??? My current explanation: #childsnatchuk leads to #paedobritain


About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is www.smartknowledge.space
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17 Responses to FCK U SOCIAL WORKERS – I’m calling Grandma! It’s about time kids can go where they WANT and BELONG!

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  2. mary says:

    How can I get my grandaughter from care,she has a loving. Blood family who loves her,the snatched her sreaming wetting her self she was nearly 3 years old,she was never hurt but very loved,there is no truth in what the ss says,we are still trying to get her home but 4years on the family courts are just as corrupt not letting any member of her family talk,there are at least 3 homes where she can stay,but there is too much money to be.made from snatching babies and children and that is the truth,what are we to do?

  3. Phil Thompson says:

    Mary. June 11. To anyone who see the post of this ANOTHER ABUSED FAMILY by social services. Is this lady’s STATEMENT any different to so many others who have posted on here and on other websites. The answer is NO. Letters have been written to the PRIME MINISTER, Justice Ministers, Secretary of State, JUDGES, MPs and Councillors. THEY KNOW of the CORRUPTION that has been perpetrated by social services(lower case). As far as I am concerned there is a CONSPIRACY of SILENCE by all these people including the newspapers and TV. Let me explain. On a daily basis a murderous parent is brought to the attention of the public. RIGHTLY SO. A woman throws eggs at a person and makes the front page, two middle pages and a third expose the next day in a national newspaper. BUT as to ANY of the MEDIA taking up a SINGLE case where the CORRUPTION of the ADOPTION INDUSTRY(worth BILLIONS) has been exposed. NOTHING.
    BTW Mary. I am sorry that you too fell into the clutches of a CORRUPT ORGANISATION.
    Mary. Just to show you what you are up against. I ASK the indulgence of VU.
    Please Google:– Walsall ss-forced adoption.
    Read my many comments. I take the NON RESPONSE that there IS a CONSPIRACY of SILENCE. I know that this post is of no help to you. All I am doing is to show you and another person from LIVERPOOL what you are up against.

    • Well said, Phil!!! I’ll quote you in my letter to the President of the Family Division. Ironically he spoke already 3 years ago about the disrepute into which the family courts have fallen! http://bit.ly/11hm2g3

      And I quote your ‘conspiracy of silence’ in my comment on John Ward’s excellent blog as well.

      There’s going to be a conference on July 15th in Liverpool and a demo in London on the 19th. My Dossier of Evidence gives you the Facebook links: http://bit.ly/13erbXH

      Onwards and upwards, against all the odds, FOR our children and grandchildren!!!

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