THE PAEDOFILE: Is Michael Gove’s adoption the key to his odd attitude to care system paedophilia?

John Ward’s study of care home paedophilia and related politics is, once again, excellently put in this article.

The Slog.

goveelorMichael Gove was taken from his mother, a University student, in 1967 and brought up by adoptive parents. He has no memory at all of either his mother or having been very briefly in care while his adoptive parents (to whom he is fiercely loyal) brought him up.

Like many lucky enough to stumble into a better life than his birth mother could have provided, I suspect Mr Gove assumes that the system always works that well and quickly. There is no other pleasant explanation for his recent interventions into paedophile cases as Education Minister. So with that assumption, The Slog offers him yet more examples of just how badly wrong it goes…time after time after time.

The leader of Kingston Borough Council resigned earlier this week after he was arrested for possessing indecent images of children. Derek Osbourne was taken into custody last Tuesday morning and taken to a…

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One Response to THE PAEDOFILE: Is Michael Gove’s adoption the key to his odd attitude to care system paedophilia?

  1. Just LOOK at him ,you can see what he is! This person has Stockholm Syndrome. His demeanor alone shows that he is a disturbed individual.So he thinks that all people should be like him ?Was he stolen to order ?Purposely raised for the job he’s doing.And WHY has he no memory …Stockholm Syndrome and false memory syndrome….

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