MPs: You have been voted in, you let the families down whose kids are taken. Now you will be voted out.

13 06 19 FB IreneIrene Jones posted this excellent message on this Facebook group: BBC time to investigate and expose child snatching by Local Authorities:

Dear Parents,
For whatever reason you lost your children to the system, it has been engineered to function in co-ordination between social services and the judges.

Do not give up, never.
Do not break down mentally.
Don’t show them signs of break down.
Don’t show your anger and frustration by cursing them on Facebook or the internet in general.
Your freedom to protest no one can deny.

Don’t get involved in long term projects that drives away your main aim to bring your children back.
Recent history telling us that currently there are thousands of heart breaking Youtube videos showing child stealing by the social services been endorsed by a judge. [See the Dossier of Evidence supporting our petition to the EU Parliament!]

Do not blame one particular judge.
Judges have the same agenda to sign the removal of your children.
But every judge adopts a different approach.
Some judges are purely arrogant and spiteful, and some judges don’t agree with such inhuman child abuse, but they cannot do anything else other than follow the corrupt practice.
Remember we are millions but they are a few thousands.

You have to continue lobbying the politicians, bombarding them with letters, even if they ignore you.

It is legal and a very good idea that if your local MP won’t listen to your case, you can create a large banner or banners, and place these banners outside your local MP surgery (his office) and parade this banner around your town or city.


You have the right to protest against your MP, as long as you do not harass him or her, or show a personal vendetta against your MP.

Such actions will draw attention to his constituency and he is at risk of loosing voters.
Please behave as well as you can, and protest peacefully. Do not use loud speakers and make sure that you will not annoy the public, because this will have adverse results to your case.

Campaign against your MP, distribute leaflets in shopping malls, churches, village fetes, cinemas, football matches and even door to door.

It is a good idea if you register as a parliamentary candidate or a candidate for local authority (independent), so your actions can be seen as politically motivated, having a particular agenda such as changing the current law in regards of children taken in to care.

If all UK areas were covered with such actions, and if you can at least draw the attention of your local press, the 647 members of parliament will begin to sweat, worrying that they may loose their “safe” seat in the next election.

Jumping on the roof tops of the politicians’ homes and offices attracts attention, although such attention will have negative views by the parents whose children are not affected by the social services.

These parents have to learn that their kids too are in danger once they can see a peaceful and persuading campaign.

I haven’t see many cars with campaigning stickers.

We need not one but 647 peaceful demonstrations outside the local MP surgeries!

Local press are easier to approach than the main stream media and the national tabloids.

The answer to our problem lies with the Members of Parliament.
They can change the law and they have to change the law.

Our campaign should be a clear message.
You have been voted in, you let the families down. Now you will be voted out.

I wonder how many parliamentary candidates will support our cause so to get their once a life time opportunity to become members of parliament?

I have actually compiled a list of 65 supportive MPs. I ‘spotted’ them by analysing Early Day Motions, relating to ‘family justice’, most of them tabled by John Hemming MP.

1        Allan            Graham
2        Amess          David
3        Anderson     David
4        Baron           John
5        Bottomley    Peter
6        Brady           Graham
7        Burden         Richard
8        Burt              Lorely
9        Campbell     Gregory
10      Campbell     Ronnie
11      Caton           Martin
12      Cooper         Rosie
13      Corbyn         Jeremy
14      Crausby       David
15      Cunningham    Jim
16      Davidson      Ian
17      Davies          Dai
18      Davis            David
19      Dobbin         Jim
20      Doran           Frank
21      Durkan         Mark
22      Edwards       Jonathan
23      Engel           Natascha
24      Flynn           Paul
25      Galloway     George
26      Gapes         Mike
27      George       Andrew
28      Glindon      Mary
29      Godsiff       Roger
30      Hamilton    Fabian
31      Hancock     Mike
32      Hemming   John
33      Hendrick    Mark
34      Hooey         Kate
35      Hopkins     Kelvin
36      Heyes        David
37      Hooey        Kate
38      Huppert    Julian
39      Jackson     Stewart
40      Leech        John
41      Lewell-Buck     Emma
42      Llwyd           Elfyn
43      Long            Naomi
44      Lucas           Caroline
45      McCrea        Dr William
46      McDonnell   Alasdair
47      McDonnell   John
48      Meale           Alan
49      Morris          David
50      Mulholland  Greg
51      Murphy       Paul
52      Qureshi       Yasmin
53      Reckless      Mark
54      Ritchie         Margaret
55      Rogerson     Dan
56      Russell         Bob
57      Sanders       Adrian
58      Shannon      Jim
59      Simpson      David
60      Skinner        Dennis
61      Stunell         Andrew
62      Ward            David
63      Williams       Mark
64      Winterton    Nick
65      Yeo               Tim


About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is
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6 Responses to MPs: You have been voted in, you let the families down whose kids are taken. Now you will be voted out.

  1. Phil Thompson says:

    Written Answers – Education: Australia (17 Jun 2013)
    Edward Timpson: The United Kingdom Government has not made any formal
    response to the apology made by the Australian Government. The
    Government has no plans to issue a similar apology.
    Dear Victims Unite. This MINISTER appears to be COMPLETELY UNAWARE of the GROUNDSWELL of people who have suffered under the actions of social services. What can we as a BODY DO to EDUCATE Edward Timpson MP and MINISTER as to the REALITY of FORCED in ENGLAND. Being an ADOPTEE himself I would opine that he should be more aware as to the plight of the PARENTS who have lost their young ones by the CORRUPTION of social services.

  2. Phil Thompson says:

    Correction. Edward Timpson and MINISTER as to the reality of FORCED ADOPTION in England.

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