FROM THE DARKNESS of Secrecy to the Openness of Transparency: with Video of retired BA Pilot about Court of ‘Protection’

This text comes from the Organiser of the demo outside Downing Street on Friday 19th July: S.C.O.T.UK – Stolen Children of the UK.

What will a loving parent do to protect their children?

Some will do nothing. Just walk away. Some will fight for custody then give up, go back to work paying their taxes, taxes which encourage and enable the exact same intolerable injustice to happen to other children and parents.

Some will hold placards, banners, and rallies, then give up and just fade away. Some will spend hours doing research, file useless paperwork, and then give up.

Some will go off to have replacement children, hoping some day to tell their original progeny that they tried and there was nothing more they could do. Thousands will be driven to suicide.

But some, morally strong individuals, will not stand for such intolerable injustice. They will defend themselves and their children to the death if given no other choice. They will show by example that they and their children are not pound signs, and their children are not replaceable.

If the courts won’t protect them and their children, they will undoubtedly act outside the corrupt legal system to procure protection and relief via any means obtainable.

Left no peaceful options, they will fight to the death to protect themselves, their children, and their constitutional, inalienable, and divine rights (including the right to raise their children, free from perpetual poverty and endless hearings in a corrupt family court full of sexual favours, bribes, greed, & corruption which seeks only to maximize profit).

It is utterly and completely asinine to create persons who have nothing left to lose; no contact with their children, their property stripped from them, then their drivers licenses when they’ve committed no offence, and then their freedom when they’ve committed no crime. Such injustice is intolerable. All words and actions of such victims then become acts of self-defence, especially when all peaceful efforts to obtain justice prove ineffectual and fall on deaf ears.

Please watch this retired BA pilot highlight how the Court of ‘Protection’ is used to adopt children and imprison their parents – with more detailed press references here.

Do we dare call it ‘anarchy’ when not only the financial but also the justice system has betrayed all ‘democracy’, civil rights and any notion of morality?

Will we create the shift necessary from the Secrecy of Family Courts to Transparency of Process, Fairness and Common Sense???


About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is
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18 Responses to FROM THE DARKNESS of Secrecy to the Openness of Transparency: with Video of retired BA Pilot about Court of ‘Protection’

  1. Peter Briody says:

    The legal profession is like water, which will always rush to the lowest point possible. For that, they all look so alarmingly normal. Do they not?

  2. Peter Briody says:

    …. and Home Secretary Teresa May wants to abolish the Human Rights Act.

  3. truthaholics says:

    The proportionality of more than 80% of children being forcibly removed from their families under bogus or highly exaggerated circumstances into permanent placements speaks volumes about the appearance as well as existence of collusion which has the effect of silencing the child’s and the natural family’s voice instead of listening to it – indicating the corruption of justice and perverting its course by any standard of natural justice.

    Such anti-family human rights compliant-practice continues, in effect, unchecked and unabated, due to a simple tick-box approach instead of critical scrutiny of decision-making during care proceedings, which is underpinned by policy considerations shrouded in secrecy but unmistakably geared towards speeding up adoption in order to secure Treasury revenues for local authorities for meeting targets, introduced as flagship reform by none other than Tony B’Liar’s New Labour.

    Make no mistake there is a disaster looming large when class actions begin to be launched against the government ministers, judiciary and local authorities concerned by the children wrongfully removed from their parents into adoption or permanent foster-care.

    Perhaps then this shameful chapter renting the fabric of British family life will finally draw to a close.

  4. I listened with increasing anger to the story unfolding. It is difficult to believe that this is Britain 2013.

    Last night I watched and listened on BBC 1 to the Panorama revelations about the British Army’s lack of care for its own soldier, and its cavalier attitude to the increasing number of suicides resulting from Post Traumatic Stress. All the more poignant when we looked at the families trying to cope with the aftermath, then remembered the contrasting circumstances of a certain royal prince gaining his relaxation and de-stressing by having a naked romp during a high life holiday – sorry state visit – to America. He’ll never face such stress, and if he did, you can be sure he’d not be forgotten, or forced to cope alone.

    It has ever been thus, one law for the rich and powerful; another for Mr & Mrs N E One. It is time to stop this rot, but I have to admit, I do not have the answer. I hope public revelation of the nightmare facts surrounding all cases outlined through ‘Victims United’ will bear fruit, and someone, somewhere, will be able to announce a victory for justice one day. Until then, we’ll keep writing, blogging and try to make the small voices of individual victims heard. Perhaps it may be of some comfort to share such troubles, but until justice is done – and seen to be done, none of us are safe.

    • Yes, yes, yes, Maureen.

      There are many blog posts I could produce and I shall send you an email that echoes your concern for veterans.

      Maybe you’ll get it out there and I’ll reblog it!

      A new kind of ‘blogging tango’ between us!

      We have to find our joys somewhere instead of despairing, as in my dream last night where I sobbed over the horribleness of child snatching…

      • Hello Sabine,

        Something has been happening to my WordPress site and I’m having difficulty in accessing some items. It’s very annoying and extremely time-consuming – not to mention frustrating! I am determined to conquer the little microbe whatever it is.

        • Dear Maureen

          I just looked at your blog and everything appears ok to me as a ‘reader’. It so happens that I have problems authoring, as I am using TalkTalk. It’s apparently a known problem.

          Is that your internet provider by any chance?

          Am happy to have another Skype session – possibly tomorrow morning.

  5. Reblogged this on Musings of a Penpusher and commented:
    Hard to credit such injustice exists in the Britain of 2013.

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