THE JUDGE: “wrong” or “plainly wrong” – the basis for adopting children without consent?

Adoption Curves

Adoption Curves (Photo credit: Nathan Laurell)

This article in Family Law Week is entitled Court of Appeal to consider the test for challenge by parents who have not consented to adoption.

It refers to this ‘test’:

“So once an adoption application is challenged by the natural parent at a very late stage, it is easy to see that to avert the progress, the completion of the progress to adoption, the applicant has to clear three fences.

The first is to establish the necessary change of circumstances.

The second is then to satisfy the court that, in the exercise of discretion, it would be right to grant permission.

The third and final stage would of course be to persuade the court at the opposed hearing to refuse the adoption order and to reverse the direction in which the child’s life has travelled since the inception of the original public law care proceedings.”

I’m still learning about the ‘culture’ that surrounds the secrecy of family courts and results in adoptions without parental consent. And what are petitions, when it comes to parents and children suffering?

Every day in the life of a child forcibly away from its parents is “wrong” or “plainly wrong”, in my view.

But judges on different levels of ladder or hierarchy of job or of court express it their way. E.g. in Wakefield, a judge is supposed to have said in 2010, in Criminal Court:

“That despite evidence of a number of crimes, family law is separate from the rest of the body of law and cannot be prosecuted.”

Maybe it does get more and more difficult to pretend that everything is ethical, moral, fair, reasonable and correct what goes on behind closed doors?

Funny, how the same judges keep popping up as one studies this subject…


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4 Responses to THE JUDGE: “wrong” or “plainly wrong” – the basis for adopting children without consent?

  1. mary says:

    So how can you take a case back to court even though you have not consented to forced adoption,and the judge still agrees with social services?

  2. Selene Woods says:

    I would also like to know, what can you do once the actual adoption has gone ahead, as I was never given a chance to prove my stability or any new changes of circumstance in court( not once, and I was rejected anyway because they had made many mistakes and most probably wanted me of their way. It does not change the fact that the way I was treated was in- human!)
    My son was removed and subjected to forced adoption proceedings( because a s.worker that I never met in person, decided to charge me with abandonment (-not true-) giving her an excuse to remove my son without my knowledge, after the appointed social worker had arranged a situation for us( me and my son) to be apart against my wishes- his father had managed to argue his right to spend time alone with his own son. ( even though he had robbed my food and bill money the week before, and was the main ‘risk’ factor from the info in their files back then,and creator of the main bulk of my problem’s. )

    The police could have got more involved in the beginning( during the times I had had to call hem for help because of domestic violence I was suffering , enacted by the father of my son.
    You would have thought that after a number of occasions and call outs they could have offered to help me gain an injunction against the father under the grounds of domestic violence.
    I have come to learn that there are also many reforms and revisions needed in domestic violence policies and Laws as at present, the police don’t seem to be up-to date enough and aware of intervention methods they could employ instead of just referring it straight to social services as an ‘at risk’ case!
    More needs to be done to help the victims of any forms of abuse , not persecute them whilst letting their abusers go unpunished or held to account for the situations that they have caused.
    The whole structure of the system stinks, and the more you look into it, the more you find that little is actually done to prevent situations from developing that could have been avoided from the outset with just a little practical support and understanding..
    This would also save a lot of money and heart ache, alas there is no profit in protecting people, only processing them through the legal system one way or another.
    The baby’s father didn’t seem to get any scrutiny for his part in my problems from the s.s, I was held responsible for things totally outside of my control like his disrespect of my right to live in peace and safety, without the fear of theft of violence from him -big mistake!)
    The first Judge was unsympathetic to my pleas, and I don’t feel that my Barrister was really doing her best to defend me and my sons rights. The fourth Judge, when offered an alternative strategy and solution by my self( and solicitor) and the foster carer( through her solicitor),for an open contact arrangement ( open contact post adoption).
    He had no choice but to see that we both had my sons future interests in mind( the foster carer had had my son for 3 years,( post the quick scheme adoption,) and had bonded as well, so she decided put in an application to adopt him herself, with some consideration to my feelings as the mother of the child she was adopting., The Judge agreed to her application to adopt and seemed UN- impressed with what had done, as they had not acted in his interests, at all!
    I was not given the chance to have my son returned, and he was adopted regardless of my efforts to show that I was now living alone, without the father, and that subsequently, I did not pose any risk to my own son! ( I was never charged with abuse or any kind of neglect)
    At least I know who he is living with , and can still see him on Birthdays and at Christmas which is more than most manage to secure once forced adoption actually go’s ahead!

    I did have a new flat before the final court proceedings ( I had lost the flat I lived in with my son previously, as once he was under a care order, I was no longer entitled to benefits or to to live in the two bedroom flat we had shared as a family home.
    I was made homeless and destitute in the blink of an eye I was also made to pay back massive debts , amounted in housing benefit payments they expected me to return, even though the Land lord took all rent checks directly and never did return my deposit of £1000),

    I did my best to resolve this problem ( it took me two years to get accepted on the Council ‘ bidding system’, but I was only entitled to rent a one bedroom, and needed a two bedroom flat for it to be accepted as an environmentally correct condition for my son to be returned to.

    I would live with him in a cardboard box if i was forced to( through no fault of my own) or share a one bedroom,( until I could qualify for a swap), just to be together, but S.Services demand that it is all done to their standards and degrees of acceptability, which is hard to achieve, what with all the ever increasing bills we are forced to pay, and not forgetting the new housing restrictions that are now , affecting us all.
    I have to say, that I have been failed by more than one public service , one after another they have failed their most basic duties and responsibilities( at great expense to the tax payer), and that my complaints run into almost every service I have had the misfortune to be affiliated with, since my return to England, after being brought up and educated abroad in Bahrain. ( mind you, I wouldn’t want to be there right now either!) Please tell us where we stand legally on challenging these forced adoptions now they have already been decided, as I do not wish to cause any harm to the adoptive parent nor my son by contesting it.
    I just wan’t him to know the truth, and that I LOVE HIM!

    thanks Selene Woods.

  3. Selene Woods says:

    I feel we have the right to go back to court and have the evidence used in the first place, re-examined. If it shows massive errors and the denial of offering fair examination of all the so called evidence and changes of circumstance (if required to the case), and whether the s.s had done all they could before asking for ‘ forced adoption’ to be granted, then I think that we deserve an apology in writing, ( from all the professionals and Judges involved , recognition and an apology from Parliament for enabling this illegal ‘Child Trafficking’ to go on for so long) admitting Legal malpractice and abuse of family law.

    I am not anti system at all, and value the original concepts of’ socially designed support systems’- as they are vital for the protection and rights of the public, in this day and age ( especially with the amount of humans now walking the Earth), but I feel very strongly about being lied to and being Judged by an unfair and immoral Legal system, having my son stolen for profit by the s.s , enabled by a corrupt Government that succeeds, at the expense of other peoples lives, making them suffer in everyday life because of selfish, judgmental, and bi-est civil servants acting on the orders of their superiors. ( Conspiracies don’t just belong in comic books, we have a secret NEW WORLD ORDER farming us like sheep, destroying all of our beautiful and sacred natural environments, and selling off our children.for profit like lambs at market , (should we fall into socially undesirable circumstances or probably that your child ‘just’ matched a current adoptive bid!)
    Please people!, start doing your jobs properly, with a little Human Empathy, or move over and let someone who wants to help families stick together do your job instead.
    It is obvious, all the way through system there is a hidden agenda, totally opposite to what we ( the public) were/are still told they were designed for.
    We have all been conned by this mass( world wide) deception and have blindly and misguidedly supported it. We must all fight back through becoming aware, before we are all blatantly slaves to the system , and before the rest of the Natural Planet has been destroyed along with our genetically linked ‘wild’ evolving cousins.( we are all at varying stages of evolution, but should all, have the same rights to evolve alongside one another on this planet. It does not just belong to greedy humans to profit from!)
    . We must stop this before we are all completely state dependant, ( although most of us already are) and have nowhere else to go.that is safe from their manipulations .
    They have created it this way so they can have ultimate control over any opposition, and cut people off directly ( should they start a campaign to contest any part of it. )
    Your rights will be denied, you may be made to lose your job/ home ,your benefit entitlement can be stopped and your personal details and passport/ I.D blacklisted.
    Your phone and email/ facebook CAN be monitored and your connection’s disabled, easily if desired.
    If you get to close to the truth of what is really going on( and try and highlight it), you may be implicated as a terrorist or charged with treason ( possibly put under a curfew or tag, even made to not leave your hometown,( just for sticking up for your rights, and the rights of all living things!)
    I was labeled a ‘THIRD CLASS’ terrorist for protesting peacefully at the Newbury A34 Bypass protests( 1995-7), and summoned to court for ‘Trespass’ on what used to be ancient woodland/green belt land that was brought up on a compulsory purchase order. (granted for all the wrong reasons.)
    The summons was later dropped, a day before the court date, and was only used to control my movement’s in and around Newbury, before they had managed to compound the area they were chopping down/destroying( 8 miles of ancient, indigenous hardwood forest with no public inquiry until we protestors came along to help)
    I don’t want to alarm anyone but if we are to stop these things from happening it will only be achievable if we all support our personal rights( planetary rights too) and the rights of families in this country( by all sticking together), and not allowing anything or anyone to distract or pervert us away from the original argument in the first place.
    .( it is unfortunate that the Government., Police and Army all know about, and use’ crowd manipulation’, and ‘peaceful protest ‘perversion techniques to disrupt the original motivations behind your right to peacefully demonstrate and get your message heard .( remember this next time you see a riot appear on the news! They have probably initiated it with undercover Police posing as anarchists, kicking off and sparking nieve peoples angers and inciting chaos, most probably in the hope of blackening the peaceful protestors message.)
    The media is also still controlled a lot, despite some allowances in the ‘freedoms of information act’, and that undercover reporters are required to apply for a licence to be even allowed gather evidence and report in the first place.)
    We must also look at how we live on this planet and find better ways to coexist less harmfully.( we have the technology now, so why isn’t it being used?)
    I don’t see why our Lives really need all of the distractions and fakeries created by and allowed by the current system, and feel that we are capable of existing and experiencing this once off opportunity that is OUR LIFE, with respect for the Planet, other people and other life forms without the need for a military style dictatorship, or police state!.
    We were not designed to process quite so much bullshit, as it deprives us of the energy and respect we need to interact with the real world in a healthy way.
    I feel we owe more to a planet that has supported us with all we need to live on, for millions of years!( without wasting or damaging anything)
    I also think we deserve more than a corrupt Government that abuses us like livestock,( or a tax figure/ number), and hope that something happens in my lifetime to assure me of radical change for the better, for all of us and the amazing planet that has given us life for so long.

    We don’t need anything this government is offering at present, as it’s all lies.

    .What we really need is a new found realisation and common acknowledgement from people as to what is really going on, on our planet , and i hope that awareness itself will be enough to unite the human race into united positive action!

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