WALKING for JUSTICE: from Dunblane to Brussels – via Downing Street and all Parliaments

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3 / Sept / 2013

A Mother, who will be walking with me from Dunblane to Ireland, Wales and Brussels, has had two children stolen from her by secret courts and was also a victim of child care home abuse. kelliecottam@gmail.com

Sorry I’m not very good with words, but would your newspaper be interested in supporting our Walk for Justice from Dunblane to Brussels and the court of human rights via Ireland and Wales to Downing Street?

We don’t have many days to go, so we obviously don’t wish to cause any grief to Parents from the shootings. So we may just walk quietly from Dunblane and then head off to the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh.
A local bagpipe player from Dunblane, and the last mile heading into Edinburgh  and the Scottish Parliament would be a great help for us 😉
But as long as it would not offend the people itself in Dunblane?Although I am not a victim of any crime, I have come across many survivors of all kinds of abuse, and corruption, and know that  many of our laws now, are totally wrong and fail most victims of violence, child abuse, trafficking and corruption.
One thing that I find absolutely disgusting and as bad a human rights violation as it’s possible to be, in our own country with the full knowledge of our Government and all or most MPs!!!! is that children who have been abused in care homes and so badly let down by their so called child protection services, are also targeted for their babies for forced adoptions later in life when they have them.
Are  children that are abused in care homes not allowed to have children of their own when they grow up???
Because it seems that far too many are loosing their children through secret family courts and it’s time our local MPs started speaking out about this.
Yet only one Mr John Hemming is openly fighting this in Parliament, but getting no support at all.
This is not I may say just a British Problem and the Australian Government has just apologised to its own people over many 1000s of cases in their own country.
There are also many campaigners and journalists in Britain and even Sir Bob Geldof has spoken out and reported such problems.
Because of these criminally insane laws, even as a 72 year old man with a spinal injury I “WILL” be walking from Dunblane to Brussels via “ALL” the British Parliaments: first the Scottish Parliament in Edinborough, then the long way round the North East Coast down past Newcastle, Sunderland,  Whitby, Middlesbrough, Scarborough as far as Bridlington, visiting as many sea ports, towns and cities as possible, then across country  via York, Leeds, Bradford, Manchester, Bolton, Wigan, Liverpool and across to Dublin, the Irish Parliament, back to Hollyhead Chester and round North Wales to Swansea, Cardiff and the Welsh Parliament, London and finally to The Court of Human Rights in Brussels.I shall not be walking alone, but will have to walk through Winter without tents and other equipment because of the weight and no support vehicle, with a mother who was also abused in care and  who has had two of her own children taken away from her and put up for adoption by secret courts and social services, but like most good mothers she will “NOT” give up her children without the strongest possible fight.
Her daughter has asked her to just take her home, so that alone proves she has not been harmed but taken against her own will, but her mother is powerless to do so.
“WHERE” “WHERE”  is that daughter’s human right to go home, where she wants to go???
So we intend to try the most extreme challenge that we are capable of doing to gain public support and prove just how much this mother loves and is prepared to fight against gagging orders to get her children back???
There is also something quite evil  about our law makers that don’t allow children to speak out about their abuse in care homes or for loving parents that are not allowed to tell their children they love them during a supervised visitation, or that they will do everything they can to get them back!
In fact, parents can also be “jailed” for not abiding by a judge’s decision to remove their children, even when they have been taken with lies and false evidence! How can this possibly be right or legal???Where is a child’s human right to live with their own parents if they so wish?
Where is a child’s human right to be allowed to stay together with their natural siblings or grandparent, if they are removed from their parent?
Where is a child’s human right to be given all knowledge of their birth parents when there old enough to want to know where they came from?
This is also against an innocent child’s human rights!!!
Once a child has been adopted there is no way of getting that child back by law. Even when it’s been taken falsely – isn’t that also against a child and a parent’s human rights?
That law too has to be changed! And where is a child’s human right to be protected by the law when paedophiles have total immunity  to abuse them or kill them without fear of any prosecution because of their positions of power???
In a just and honourable country, “ALL” these laws should never have been introduced and certainly need to be fought for one way or another in the most peaceful and lawful way!!!
And unless more people are prepared to stand up and make  the strongest and most peaceful possible stand, so called human rights and politically correct laws will only get much worse and affect far more innocent and vulnerable people in the future!!!”ALL” laws that threaten parents with imprisonment for fighting for the rights to love and protect their own children are a gross infringement of their human rights and “have” to be abolished!!!
The same with immunity for paedophiles, as long as they are protected with immunity then they are still free to abuse and kill unprotected and defenceless children without fear of prosecution!!!!
What kind of people politicians and law makers would ever want to introduce such laws as this in the first place???!
There has to be questions asked here and these laws  “MUST BE FOUGHT FOR AND CHANGED!!!!
Murderers now have human rights to appeal against life sentences. Paedophiles have human rights. But it seems that the innocent victims, children and families no longer have any!!!Even if this walk for justice is unsuccessful, then something bigger and better will have to be undertaken until these laws are removed and changed.
S Hingerty

About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is www.smartknowledge.space
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4 Responses to WALKING for JUSTICE: from Dunblane to Brussels – via Downing Street and all Parliaments

  1. Anonymous says:

    I totally agree and good luck with the walk!
    To many people believe that social services are there to keep the family together that couldn’t be further from the truth in my own experience.

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  3. Joan Lowe says:

    I wish you all the luck I habe lost my grandkids to the family courts if there is any help I can give and I will meet you at downing street

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