ARE social services complicit in UK child-abuse networks?


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Time and time again we hear tell of social services departments across the U.K. turning a blind eye to complaints of wide-scale child abuse rings and in some cases being implicated in them.

In the London borough of Richmond, it’s now been reported that social services knew full well that children were being abused at the Elm Guest house.

In Sunderland, former Director of Social Services, Colin Smart, tried in vain to alert his superiors about abuse taking place in children’s homes but was vilified and dragged in front of the High Court for his efforts.

According to a report by Nick Davies:

Cover-up has become part of the story of child abuse, particularly in the children’s homes which were swept by a wave of rape and assault during the last three decades. Over and over again, somewhere in the midst of this wave, a lonely figure would appear…

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One Response to ARE social services complicit in UK child-abuse networks?

  1. Manager SS child snatcher said to me and Peter we know there are bad Social Workers. Can you imagine what would happen if a sacked child snatcher went to an Employment Tribunal. That is their hold on their employers.


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