WE CAN OVERCOME! Come On People, Let’s Take Back the Children, PLEASE, PLEASE!

This 7 minute video is bound to be the best ‘motivator’ I’ve come across among all those parents who are victims of institutionalised child snatching aka state kidnapping or the Kids for Cash scandal.

Here’s what she says about herself on YouTube: Gemma Williams, is a UK social services crimes researcher and a pro-family activist living in exile. She has fought and stood by many families criminally targeted for profit by UK social services.

THE UK SOCIAL SERVICES KIDS-FOR-CASH PROGRAM, is a widely practised campaign, that aims to bring as many children as needed into a questionable care system, for the objective of profit to its stakeholders.

As a result, both she and her immediate family have been constantly targeted, harassed, abused and even set up by factions of UK social services, in retaliation for refusing to back down on her efforts to continually expose THE UK SOCIAL SERVICES KIDS-FOR-CASH PROGRAM.

YouTube video:

SSEC (research) UK:


Examiner.com: University of Southampton decided to stop teaching social work

She’s as passionate as Kellie Cottam who suffers from a disease called Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome is supposed to be committed to prison on 28 October 2013 – for wanting her children back. You can join the event via this Facebook page. Here she is appealing to everybody who has courage, any courage at all.

This TED talk is one that was recommended to me by Annemarie on Facebook: WILFUL BLINDNESS – the legal term for not speaking out, not blowing the whistle & but being blind and silent…


About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is www.smartknowledge.space
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7 Responses to WE CAN OVERCOME! Come On People, Let’s Take Back the Children, PLEASE, PLEASE!

  1. Kellie says:

    This video is not me hon, I believe it is Gemma… The committal to prison is me… But the message is a vital one… And this is what we are moving forward too…

  2. I had problems in getting the video up and when I did, and made a comment, got a dialogue box telling me that this comment could not be accepted!

    • Send me the link to the video and I’ll do it for you, Colin.

      • the only time we can fight the system if the goverment get there elboes out there arses and and open there eyes and see whats going on behind closed doors ?i want to get my story out and fight the system like i am now but if anybody who nows a newspaper prepared to take my story i would really appreciate the feed back please because im prepared to do what it takes to get my children out of the system and help other parents fight because if parents walk away and let the system keep there children then they have won dont give them the satisfaction because you walk away the system love that you fight and believe me you see there faces

  3. i have a comment for all the goverment who is over safeguarding and all the proffessionals who are supposed to be responsable for our children you are all to blame for all those little souls deaths i dont now how you can sleep at night and i think you are all corrupt insted of letting foster parents abuse our children and letting social workers minipulate an emotionally effect our children //and hide reports when the goverment should now about them get your fingers out of your back sides and start saving childrens lives ??there are evil wicked parents out there but you all are taking children of parents who do not deserve to be and thats just to cover your backs for all the little souls you have let been murdered you two are classed has murderers for letting this happen//what would you do if it was your children because i now for a fact you would do what it takes to protsct them

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