BELINDA’s BATTLE for Britain’s Children and an Ethical Parliament

13 11 11 Battle for ChildrenDear All

Here it is – the artwork for the sides of the ‘battle van’, leaflets, T-shirts etc. (needs a tiny bit of polishing but this is basically it) with many thanks to Jeni for making my concept reality!

When it comes to 2015 a 5 can be superimposed on the 4 and so on but I fully intend this Battle to be over FAST – its focus is the 2015 General Election by which time I intend we will have got the message out, with or without the help of the MSM (mainstream press & media) that we need people in parliament/government who are going to protect the next generation of citizens of this country AS AN ABSOLUTE PRIORITY, if not they risk not being elected/re-elected. The politicians and would-be politicians have 18 months to show the public/their constituents that the protection of children & family life is an overall and overriding major concern for them. As a nation we are going to collectively REJECT the neo-nazi police-state creeping up on us from within which means first and foremost removing Paedophilia UK from Parliament and public life – I blame that psychopathic mentality for everything else that’s wrong, let’s really muck out the stables this time.

Over the next 4 weeks I’ll be unrolling the battle-plan and asking for ‘volunteers for national service’ – don’t worry, this will take only a very little of your time, I’ll be doing most of the donkey-work. All I need to get going is to know everyone’s CONSTITUENCY or MP – if you’re unsure you can find that out by going onto, tap on MPs Lords and offices then type your postcode into the box saying Find Your MP. [Also by using]

Empowerment Mondays London:  We’ll be at the Old Bailey tomorrow 11th and next Monday, 18th November, 10-4 pm. Old Bailey Street is 2nd to left off Fleet Street after the junction with Farringdon Road going towards St Pauls. As you know Rebekah Brooks & Andy Coulson are on trial, press & media will be there.   

“When America sneezes…” (Britain gets a cold):

Thank you Christopher: Christopher Booker is one of the very few journalists regularly covering the horrors of state kidnapping

Scotland:  The first of the population to be micro-chipped under the ‘New World Order’ should be these “sex beasts”/classified paedophiles, surely!

UK National Adoption Week 4-10 November: Some 11,000 children a year are being taken into ‘care’ and Cameron & co want that number to rise and for more and more to be adopted, so roll-up would-be adopters to grab the children on display in the glossy BAAF/local agency catalogues. ‘Adoption Parties’ or meetings have been going on all over the country this week. Anyone can adopt these days, married or unmarried couples, gays & lesbians, single people. This last category is the one that really gives me the shudders – Paul and I leafleted two Adoption meetings in central London (to inform the would-be parents they might be about to acquire a stolen child) and noted that a significant number of attendees arrived on their own. Which could have had an innocent explanation ie. they’d come straight from work and their partner was already in the meeting, yes, that was it. Or was it…

Parent’s Walk of Justice: At the time of writing walkers Sid and Sam trailed by Ardjuna + caravan and kittens Liberty and Justice! have reached Kirkcaldy where Sid may need to rest a day or so as he has shin pains. For the route go to   (however the dates for the route are now different due to the delay leaving…) and for updates!/events/153995178144822/?fref=ts

Wikileaks on Robert’s blog! Julian Assange is already a frequenter, now here is Sarah Harrison, Wikileaks’ Section Editor

Rusty’s trial: Ren writes “…Received a letter from Graham Morrison at Gavin Bain & Co Solicitors, Aberdeen this am. He relates that following his call to me on the previous Friday (1st November), on the Monday morning, 4th November, he and David Moggach appeared at Aberdeen Sheriffs Court on my behalf and were informed by Sheriff Summers that with the Sheriff Principal being hospitalised then he was officially adjourning said trial and fixed a Notional Trial diet for the 20th November – which represents a calling of the case to ensure that the date then fixed for the trial accommodates all parties involved. I don’t have to attend this hearing and Graham will advise on the date fixed. Hence it looks like the trial is still going ahead. Will keep you informed when Graham advises me.”


Voice for Justice UK on Hollie Greig!news/c1s5c

EXPOSED: The Face of Common Purpose – Britain’s PM

Can you handle the Truth? 15 Minutes to wake you up:



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