THE CHILD SNATCHERS’ MANUAL: Persecution Strategies used by Social Workers


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Below is the Abstract of a study made by academics in Sweden where family courts are not secret and where there is no gagging. But parents whose children were taken will recognise what they are doing:

The purpose of this study is to make a critical examination of six official reports in an LVU (Care of Young Persons Act) investigation, to detect the possible occurrence of persecution strategies in the social welfare service reports and, in that case, to define the strategies used and examine whether the investigation complies with the legitimate claims of objectivity and impartiality.

In the official reports, fifty-six different persecution strategies appear. Definitions of the strategies found are produced, and their application in the case will be shown in passages from the reports. The main patterns seen in the investigators’ actions are: “Power defines reality,” and “influencing and persuading the reader“. Two techniques were found in the material, withholding and fabricating, which co-operate to make an investigation defective. The strategies have been divided into six groups depending on their purpose:

  1. Persuading the reader through language: contains twelve strategies that the investigators use to try to make the reader come to the same conclusion as themselves.
  2. Making the client seem pathological: contains eight strategies that describe the client as peculiar, mentally unstable, aggressive, etc.
  3. Ignoring objectivity aspects: contains seventeen strategies such as, for example, ignoring the client’s perspective, suppressing information, exaggerating information, fabulation, irrelevant statements, etc.
  4. Exercising power and control: contains six strategies that are all connected with the authorities trying to take control of the client’s life.
  5. The authorities know best: comprises five strategies containing blind faith, moralising, self-justification, emphasis on the social authorities’ resources and exceeding the limits of one’s competence.
  6. Feel-think-believe-experience-interpret: contains nine strategies that are influenced by the investigators’ subjective interpretations, arguments, etc.

Here is the full report of just over 100 pages which have also been called the Child Snatchers’ Manual.


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    56 prosecution strategies revealed – including 8 strategies to make the client look peculiar, mentally unstable etc. exactly the same methods used against gang stalking targets.

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  5. 11:01

    Edwina Underwood

    I had a child taken from me. I had my granddaughter from 5 weeks to nearly 4 years old. we were ‘invited’ to a SS meeting and she was removed and never came home. she had never had any harm. we fought a year long battle with no financial help. we spent all we had and some. we lost despite an independent SW and court psychologist supporting us.. we now have no money and no voice.. her and our human rights have been breached. I to am a self educated woman and I have an MA. I also work as a volunteer for the CAB, my husband was a local councillor. we are educated decent people and yet we have been victimised by the SS and the courts..




    • It’s all too much, Edwina… Therefore I’m going to Brussels, hoping to make a difference with the aid of the ‘harmonisation’ across 28 member countries. For the UK is unique in 5 points and a English civil servant said “the UK can’t have it both ways, be a member of a club and not play by its rules”…

      Let’s who or what will give!

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