Post Traumatic Stress Disorder verses Adopted Child Syndrome

Now you can learn it from a real expert: about the ‘primal wound’ of severance from birth mother and all the anti-social behaviour possibly stemming from adoptions.

Adoption Detective | A True Story by Judith Land

Post traumatic stress disorder and adopted child syndrome similarly explain the psychological trauma that may result from exposure to a severely distressing event. Post traumatic stress disorder is an intense psychological condition that develops after a person is exposed to a traumatic event, including death and separation from family and loved ones. The diagnosis may be given when a group of symptoms continue after the traumatic incident, such as disturbing recurring flashbacks, avoidance or numbing of memories of the event, and high levels of anxiety. Abnormalities may be diagnosed as subjective, chronic, relapsing or remitting. In all cases, health care providers should be alert to the presence of a distortion of normal feelings and behavior.

Severing the connection with the birth mother is a stressful incident that traumatizes the primitive instincts of the adopted child; an occurrence that may lead to a severe psychological condition referred to as the the…

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5 Responses to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder verses Adopted Child Syndrome

  1. scotland stole my irish born child supposidl till i got a proper housing ….it never happened the housing said if you have your children we give you a house/flat social services in edinburgh said you have a house /flat we will give you your children …catch 22 was a plan in the 70 to keep peoples children ..i fecking hate social workers and i fight them now because i am no longer a naeive kid of 19 yrs old with no family …..i am a grandmother of 11 .

  2. eileen garner says:

    liverpools ss took my grandkids off there mum .put them up for adoption they said in court that she as post traumatic stress disorder but her gp say she has not

  3. No matter what is said in all our posts about Social Services. There have been too many FAMILIES who STATE that the SS are CORRUPT in their actions against FAMILIES. There should be a Government Investigation.

  4. maria says:

    I am an adopted child,harmed by a lack of screening of adopted parents in the 70’s.Having a good job and middle class voice was all that mattered in those days.

    Social services put me through 2 hellish care proceedings years ago which yes I won,but left me scarred and traumatised. If you have been in their care system as a child they are as spiteful and ruthless as hell.They have a deep prejudice of these parents and seem to make them jump through hoops to make them keep a family. Expecting us to prove we are exceptional.In contrast to our own miserable childhoods where they were utterly negligent and hypocritical.Requiring nothing in our adoptive parents but providing a roof over our heads and a nice accent. Ive written my experiences in a new ptsd book going to Downing Street to highlight trauma involved in these processes.

    There’s a lack of research into how adoption affected people and I think its because its regarded as a dirty secret.

    Ive met many adoptees and most have had bad experiences as screening wasn’t carried out in the past.So you got kids going to parents who looked nice on the surface and had a bit of money.

    Where is the compensation for people who’s lives have been messed up in this way? We are the forgotten victims.

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