Petitions of Latvian, Lithuanian and Russian Mothers and on behalf of thousands of victims in the UK
before EU Committee on 19 and 20 March 2014: http://www.europarl.europa.eu/committees/en/peti/home.html

Arma of carmarthenshire County Council

Arma of carmarthenshire County Council (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sian Lloyd[i] in South Wales recently took her life, after her baby Lily was taken off her shortly after birth – by Carmarthenshire County Council. A father who knew her well was saved by Police after he had tried the same, since he cannot get his 13-year old daughter and 9-year old son out of the ‘care’ of the same Council.

S.C.O.T. UK[ii] is the largest campaigning group on Facebook who organise an annual demo outside Downing Street. After the site recently published photos of his children, the father faces imprisonment. His ‘Penal Notice’ of July 2013 says: “if you don’t comply with this order, you may be held to be in contempt of court and you may be imprisoned or fined, or have your assets seized.”

The 2013 S.C.O.T. UK protest[iii] resulted in a letter from the Minister[iv] and the petition before the House of Commons about Children Placed in Foster Care[v]. A survey among 100 parents revealed that 84 of them had their children taken for ‘future risk of emotional harm.’

1,000 children continue to be taken into ‘care’ a month. 10,000 a year go missing from ‘care’. 50 a year die whilst in ‘care’. Already in 2006, it was admitted in Parliament that 200 parents a year are imprisoned for supposed abuse of their children.

A court hearing about the removal of a child from his American mother[vi] by a London Council has been timed to coincide with the presentation of a petition to the European Parliament to seek redress for similar actions by different councils for thousands of families nationwide. The petition has attracted over 2,500 signatures on http://www.change.org/petitions/eu-parliament-abolish-adoptions-without-parental-consent

The EU Petitions Committee will receive also a petition on 19 March from Latvian Laila Brice, whose 5-year old daughter was taken by Merton Council without a court order and put up for adoption.

On the same day Haringey Council will apply to the British Family court for the adoption of the two youngest of Gloria and Chiwar Musa[vii] whose older five children were forcefully removed by police acting for the Council and the parents later jailed for seven years – for supposedly having abused them.

The Association of McKenzie Friends, a voluntary organisation that supports a number of families, is campaigning to stop the forced removal of children from their parents and their subsequent fostering or adoption without due process. The Association also decries the secrecy of family courts[viii], gagging orders with threat of imprisonment, and forced adoptions, which it says are unique in the UK[ix] Writing in The Telegraph, Christopher Booker described the situation as an international scandal[x].

McKenzie Friends have documented and published many other cases where the children were forcibly removed from their parents under questionable circumstances. “These are mostly immigrant families or vulnerable single mothers whom councils should be helping, not terrorising,” McKenzie Friends chair Belinda McKenzie said. “The secrecy of the family courts was meant to protect children. Instead it is protecting shameful and unethical behaviour by the authorities.”


For more details, please contact Sabine K McNeill on 07968 039 141 or sabine AT 3d-metrics.com

Notes and links for editors:

  1. The Association of McKenzie Friends[xi] is an unfunded network of individuals. It has come together to help parents whose children were taken and who were then imprisoned, fending for themselves as Litigants in Person[xii]. Their petition Children Placed in Foster Care[xiii] was put before the House of Commons on 3 September 2013 without any response so far.
  2. Foreigners among women[xiv] whose children are targeted have also been observed by Vicky Haigh[xv]. She was imprisoned for 3 years for supposedly having breached a ‘non-molestation order’ – by saying ‘hello’ when she saw her daughter accidentally at a petrol station. She has not seen her now 10-year old daughter since, after she was given to her abusive father. She was the first victim named by John Hemming MP in Parliament: Gag removed job done[xvi]. Her ‘non-molestation order’ for no contact has just been renewed for 3 years.
  3. John Hemming is the only MP who reliably stands up for victims of family courts. He is Chairman of Justice for Families[xvii] and has organised a meeting for foreign embassies that resulted in the Early Day Motion International Concerns about UK Law[xviii].
  4. Christopher Booker’s column in The Telegraph addresses the issue regularly. He wrote 14 articles[xix] about the Musas and 2 about Melissa Laird[xx].
  5. The publisher of Forced Adoption as a book and website is Ian Josephs who has a law degree from Oxford and runs a language school in Monaco. He advises up to 10 parents a day by phone and has spent over £30,000 to help families.
  6. Abolish Adoption without Parental Consent[xxi] is an online petition before the EU Parliament which is supported by a 12-page Dossier of Online Evidence[xxii].

[xi]              http://mckenzie-friends.co.uk/about/

[xii]             http://bit.ly/1bX2Qub

[xiv]             http://bit.ly/1027te2

[xv]             http://bit.ly/V7c28P

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I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is www.smartknowledge.space
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26 Responses to UN-BELIEVABLE FACTS about UK CHILD ‘PROTECTION’ to be heard in BRUSSELS

  1. Anonymous says:

    The Dinefwr Child Protection Team based in Ammanford has a lot to answer for. Please remember this town and its multi controversial Police Station as well as its child snatching scouts located in the area’s primary and secondary catchment schools.
    For those that remember the Baby Harley Story – it was at Ammanford Police Station that Baby Harley was ripped from his mother’s feeding breast at 4.00am and was foot rocked in an un-padded baby carrier by a Police Officer before he was taken away by a lonely man to be later abused in care at the local community of Penygroes.
    So gross was the experimentation on the lactose intolerant child at Penygroes it needed paramedics and Judge Parry to immediately order the removal of the child from its carers.
    So gross that South Wales Police sealed off the public area of Morriston Hospital, Swansea so that friends could not access that area in the interest of a duress of a child and its distressed loving parents.
    It took a complaint to a Watch Inspector for the aggressive police officers to be replaced by lesser heavies to protect SS officers. Not the child. Only those that had caused harm to Baby Harley.
    There is more to come in respect of this cavalier team and their associates.
    No child is safe under this Team.
    No proud man, woman or child is safe in this corner of Wales anyway!

    • anonymous says:

      ffiona anthony is one to be watched…lies in court..doesn’t turn up at ur house for arranged visits but lies saying i didn’t answer door…she made a referral based on her lies.. my daughter then went to live with her dad and her dads mother is also a social worker they all had obviously planned this all along…our contact was made less because we both cried leaving eachother…wel now i will be taking this further..they cant keep getting away with this.. anyone else had a problem with this evil, malicious, heartless woman ?

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  3. Anonymous says:

    The man that led by example and with overall responsibility over the Ammanford Child Snatchers and their cohorts from neighbouring feeder schools: has thrown in the towel to stand down after Councillors refused to suspend him as Gloucestershire Police has taken over from Dyfed Powys Police to investigate him and his Cabinet.
    Memorandums of understanding between Local Authority and ACPO may be be his liferaft.
    If that his holed, protection to his abuse of position may be Royal Protocol / Immunity due to his unworthy gong from the HM Palace. We could see the first HMP in Wales with an Executive Suite.
    CARMARTHENSHIRE Council chief executive Mark James has stepped down while a police investigation is carried out over two reports carried out by the Wales Audit Office.

    Read more: http://www.southwales-eveningpost.co.uk/Carmarthenshire-Council-steps-unlawful-payments/story-20632012-detail/story.html#ixzz2tWyh7FWd

  4. Anonymous says:

    Let this be a warning to any parent. Close to this area is Ysgol Bro Dinefwr – Tregib Campus.
    Never, never, never allow your child to speak to Mrs Sarah Tiddy of this school on their own.
    She has the direct express route to Ammanford Social Services.
    Your child could be next.
    If your child is being bullied at this school BEWARE they are excellent at shifting blame on parents. Their commitment is to protect the school’s image not your child.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Just as this gentleman asks the people of the UK to take note of criminals in Chester paid by the public purse to commit crimes against Humanity.

    Carmarthenshire you are next to be named and shamed for the same crimes against humanity.

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  10. Hi pls could you get a mackenzie friend to help me im in court on 3rd april and ss are taking my children for no reason they say its sexual abuse and chastising my children all this has been proved that it didnt happen but they still choosing to take my children pls help my number if you wish to contact me is 07847691133 thank you

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  17. Thanks for your article, I appreciated it.

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