DEAR MEP, if you want to be re-elected, will you commit to our ‘pro child’ agenda?

14 03 23 Slide 9When you go to, you can type your postcode and find all your elected representatives, including MEPs.

There are 73 MEPs from the UK who, in theory, could contribute to our Battle for Britain’s Children. The picture is the last slide I presented in Brussels to the EU Petitions Committee.

You could write:

Dear MEP,

This is to ask whether you are willing to take on a ‘pro child‘ stance and help families locally while supporting Child Rights in Brussels. Here’s our wish list:

1. on behalf of foreign nationals, will you ensure consular visits, i.e. allow foreign children to be visited by the representatives of their embassies and consulates – to speak in their native language? This would ensure the enforcement of

2. in local councils, will you stop forced adoptions?

  • this would ensure that family judges in the UK eventually will stop dispensing with parental consent ‘in the best interest of the child’ – i.e. exert not only a trauma on the child but also the birth parents and whole family who have not committed any crime;

3. in Brussels, will you take up the topic with the EU Commission and the Petitions Committee?

4. Please note Early Day Motion 950 that Lib Dem John Hemming MP put down regarding Deaths of Children from Child Abuse and Child Neglect in England:

That this House notes that prosecutions for manslaughter and murder as a result of a child death in 2011 were 16 and in 2012 were 19, but in 2013 were 34; further notes that this would imply an increase in the number of child deaths from child abuse and neglect; further notes that Ofsted hold records of significant incident notifications as a result of deaths of children suspected to have occurred as a result of child abuse and neglect and that Ofsted did until 2012 provide lists of those notifications to the hon. Member for Birmingham, Yardley for his research and analysis; further notes, however, that Ofsted are now refusing to provide that information either through freedom of information or through a parliamentary question; further notes the thesis of the hon. Member for Birmingham, Yardley that the wrong children are taken into care as a consequence of the concentration on removing young babies from their mothers and the difficulty of assessing risk at birth given that risk factors change later in life; further notes that in 2010 1,400 babies under one month were taken into care, but in 2013 that figure was 2,013, a 45 per cent increase; recognises that the statistics are aligned with the thesis that more children are dying as a result of child abuse and neglect as a consequence of the concentration on younger children; and believes that this issue should be reviewed urgently.

My case involves … Council and … children aged …

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I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is
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9 Responses to DEAR MEP, if you want to be re-elected, will you commit to our ‘pro child’ agenda?

  1. John Brookes says:


  2. Anonymous says:

    I note that Portugal is a playground for UK Paedophiles. Carmarthenshire UK is also a paedophile playground for UK Paedophiles. Documented satanic and paedophilic acts in Carmarthenshire are fully documented. The cover up and involvement by Masonic Police, Judges and those in public office ensure that this illicit pastime is oppressed.

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  7. York n.Yorkshire and DECLAN GARRETT MATTHEW CURRAN, “Councillor’s son found hanged”. Who/what is pete(r) Dwyer? Who/what was cllr Rodney irad Hills new labour cllr a Jones??? “Vengeance is mine” saith the Lord. Judgment Day? Bring it on! Slainte! York n.Yorkshire “God’s county”(?)

  8. gorean3 says:

    hi did i not see a article where you want cases etc called in to help fight welfare abuses . if so my daughter is about to go to court about abuse on her children the welfare has broke so many rules and it seems they think my daughters a bit of a bimbo and therefore not covered thier double dealings.

    they should lose out right as they so blinkered that they not seeing the errors in thier remodification , i.e. her ex is cohensing and manipulating the welfare and her child, her child 7 has been reported that her mum hits her hundreds on times , yet on the police interview she states she can hear mum doing it to her 3 year old. at night my daughter removes the 3 year old down stairs and changes her due to a medical problem which the 3 year old cries due to it , then she returned to bed in same room as her 7year old sister, quite possibly she hears her sister downstairs crying and believes she eking smacked which i believe she can show the nonsense in this , however the welfare has also interviewed the 7 year old and reported that she hears mum spanking the 2year year and tries to stop her and tells her no?

    clearly if she only hears this she not in the same room to tell mummy to stop also if this insane mum is told to stop by this 7 year old , what happens then , does this insane mum then hit her etc , this is just one example in the stuff they put forward as evidence which they not looked at how impossible thier statements are, as well as the clear lies they telling which they state one thing in a statement but their own log of events show they lying, a real solicitor will tear it apart however she be doing it herself as the judge has allowed 6 hours to prove her claims before they decide on residency as they trying to give residency to a ex,

    if you interested i will send you her arguments which is really along monologue pointing out the errors the judges 3 in all was not happy the last hearing where she pointed this out and she was ordered to have a solicitor which is all well and good if you can afford it , so they have to put up with another long essay dotted with reference to documents proving the points. thin she has gone over board as thier so many as you only need to kill the cat once. i.e. once you proved they lied 5 times do you really need to go on ,

    however if it helps in your action against welfare let me know



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