DEAR MEPs: Please ensure Seven Action Points for Petitions Committee of EU Parliament

19 March 2014 will be forever memorable for all of us (some 30) who were in Brussels. My unsorted, uncommented photos are here.

Here’s the official video where Committee business is on the agenda, before individual petitioners make their plea and I present Abolish Forced Adoptions without Parental Consent on behalf of 1,000 children taken into ‘care’ every month.

Here’s the 3-minute summary that Portuguese TV put together:

Here’s the video of my 6-minute presentation.

It was accompanied by these 9 slides.

And these are the seven action points mentioned during the meeting of the Petitions Committee of the EU Parliament:

1. To look at the cases more and ensure that any domestic laws that infringed on the EU laws are dealt with. [Should MEPs maybe become the ‘watchdogs’?]

2. To write to the UK authority (the Mayor of London and the deputy were specifically mentioned) to help address the issues with relevant authorities. [Letters from Brussels will hopefully make more of a difference than from any of us…]

3. To send an investigative delegation to the UK (and other countries) for a fact finding mission. [We can help pick the local authorities!]

4. To organise a public or plenary hearing where forced adoption will feature as a main agenda. [That’s going to be CRUCIAL.]

5. To work out resolutions to be able to force sanctions on member states. [Yes, please!]

6. The call for a European Citizen Initiative to prevent forced adoption was also made.

7. Child protection is regulated on the international level y the UNCRC (United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child) which the UK has ratified and which is EU law. UK practices are in violation of EU law and the EU Commission needs to stick to its original position on adoption – the opinion of the independent panel as referenced below.

The last point is background information that wasn’t mentioned in the meeting, but is very relevant.


a)      Opinion of the independent panel:

b)      Is the UNCRC part of EU Law:

However, I am sorry to say that, so far, three delegates have been persecuted for their trip to Brussels:

  • the Portuguese Pedros [Lincolnshire Council] were arrested and held for 12 hours – with a warrant to search for evidence of the forced adoption group
  • Emyr Wyn Jones [Carmarthenshire Council] had contact with his children cancelled and SS didn’t show up for a case management meeting
  • Terence Steele [Sutton Council] is being very falsely presented as a ‘targeted individual’ by his local paper and the judge in his case ruled that his case has ‘no merits’ and that he would be banned from making further applications to the court!

John Hemming MP tabled Early Day Motion 1239 Petitions to the European Parliament.

Keep calm and Challenge Britain, as Kellie Cottam‘s son designed it. Her two children were taken by Flintshire Council.

Forced Adoption Exposed is one of many campaigning platforms – as illustrated in this Dossier of online Evidence, compiled to support the EU Petition.

Or look at Filthy Britain that The Coleman Experience keeps updating…

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I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is
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  1. Reblogged this on A Nigerian Family – Destroyed by Haringey Council – Gagged from Reporting and commented:

    I will have the Musa drama in my mind as long as I campaign against forced adoptions. The hearing to adopt their youngest kids was scheduled to coincide with our Brussels meeting!…

  2. Sabine I do not got words ….I just want to say,you deserve the next “Nobel da Paz ” for corage and dedication …..God bless you

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