Margaret Hodge, filthy social workers and the VIP child-abuse connection

‘Filthy Social Workers’! The best blogger who calls a spade a spade and makes the link between #childsnatchuk and #paedobritain.


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Time and time again we hear tell of social services departments across the UK turning a blind eye to complaints of wide-scale child abuse rings and in some cases being implicated in them.

Who the hell gave them the power to snatch children in the first place and why would they?

One of the most horrific paedophile scandals involved Islington Council and led to the tragic death of Jason Swift.

Thousands of children were abused with the full complicity of the council and whistle-blower social workers were vilified or sacked.

The disgusting piece of filth, aka Margaret Hodge MP, was part of the Islington Mossad Mafia and was an integral player in the procurement of boys who were snatched from homes and raped and often murdered.

She has, quite unbelievably, been allowed to put her councillor son-in-law Joe Caluori, in charge of a new white-wash investigation into the scandal.

Hodge (nee…

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    Cruel bastards we are living in. Hell for these pigs
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