AUSTIN MITCHELL MP has asked for the most violent child snatches to strengthen parents’ legal rights



Austin_Mitchell (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Austin Mitchell MP has asked me for a list of the most violent snatches to strengthen the rights of parents:

1. the snatch of a HUNGARIAN baby in a  CAR PARK:

o  described on this petition.

2. Then there is this LITHUANIAN 6-year old who was removed while his mum and grandmother were handcuffed and taken to a Police cell:


o   This is my latest case which I want to give my best shot because the father was charged with sexual abuse of his boy, but Brent Council is NOT protecting the boy!

3. The PORTUGUESE family was deprived of their FIVE children, after the father was handcuffed and arrested without documents:


o   The pretext was the accusation by the oldest boy whose interview by Police has never been disclosed by either Police or any of the solicitors;

o   Furthermore, the couple was arrested after having accompanied me to Brussels where I disclosed to the Petitions Committee that 1,000 children are taken per month;

o   They are now being treated like criminals by Social Services when they see their children and we helped them file a Judicial Review.

4. The NIGERIAN MUSA family was the first I learned about where also FIVE children were taken – the false allegation relating to a faked letter by the oldest daughter was invented subsequently:


o   All other accusations of abuse were fabricated, staged and manipulated at an unprecedented scale.

5. The snatch of Baby J led to Sir Munby’s judgement where he appeals to courts to adjust to the realities of the internet, especially social media, after the video was published on Facebook


o   I’m afraid I don’t know whether the video is still on the web anywhere.

6. The snatch of the LATVIAN siblings of Ilya by the Dutch Police was shown after my impassioned speech before the Petitions Committee in Brussels – presented for the 2nd time!


o   This is particularly ‘embarrassing’ because the Dutch Minister bragged about the UK ‘model’ having served for what they do in the Netherlands!

7. These two minutes are from a woman whose son was taken after a Caesarian – she doesn’t say which Council:

o   Again ‘embarrassing’ for there is a judgement by Sir James Munby about the right of mothers and babies re breastfeeding:

o   But Social Services do what they like.

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I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is
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