ALARM RAISED as 19 babies vanish from council care – Sunday Times – 08 June 2014

The crawling babies sculptures by David Černý ...

The crawling babies sculptures by David Černý on Žižkov Television Tower, Prague, Czech Republic (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The article is here, but behind a ‘paywall’.

However, the Sunday Express has related news: Secret Service infiltrated paedophile group to ‘blackmail establishment’:

And Judge Gareth Jones makes it plain: Social workers are NOT beyond the law: Judge blasts social workers telling them they ‘are not above the law’ 

What on earth makes them act as inhumanely as they do, I fathom to understand… But it’s weird: on one level they need the courts to legitimise their actions, on the other they act as ‘independently’ as possible.

  • They punish parents by cancelling or shortening their contact sessions.
  • They impose unacceptable conditions such as not speaking their native language – one of the reasons why petitions were taken to the EU Petitions Committee in Brussels by Latvian citizens
  • They demand parents not to show love and emotions and not to talk about whatever proceedings may be ongoing.

The taking of babies at birth is one of the most criminal acts imaginable in my view. But it is and has been happening. The taking of children is happening every 20 minutes according to Channel IV.

Parents are ‘immobilised’ by any of the following methods:

  • the Family Court who legitimise the removal of their children
  • fraudulent bankruptcies to ruin business men
  • labelling litigants as ‘vexatious’ to stop them from suing anybody in authority
  • imprisoning and deporting non-UK citizens
  • carting British citizens off to mental hospitals as the ultimate imprisonment
  • the Court of Protection who remove their ‘mental capacity’

Lord Hardie, Chairman of the Committee to review the Mental Capacity Act 2005 said:

The evidence suggests that tens of thousands of people are being deprived of their liberty without the protection of the law, and without the protection that Parliament intended. Worse still, in some cases the safeguards are being wilfully used to oppress individuals and to force decisions upon them.

The full text of the report can be viewed here:

The questions therefore are:

1. What are the benefits?

  • sex, money or both, besides who knows what other perks…

2. Who benefits?

  • everybody who’s in on it: social workers, Police, staff in prisons, courts and the Government.

3. Who pays to get these dirty jobs done?

  • everybody who can, preferably the ‘public gravy train’ of public coffers.

4. How are mainstream media prevented from reporting?

  • D-Notices – designed for war secrets in 1912.

5. What difference can internet media make?

  • ATVOD has been set up to control the editorial content of videos online!

6. Has anybody seen ‘regulation’ working, especially ‘self-regulation’ of the legal and financial profession???

Just asking…

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5 Responses to ALARM RAISED as 19 babies vanish from council care – Sunday Times – 08 June 2014

  1. PLEASE let this CANCER of CHILDRENS Social Services come to an END.

  2. Can it be that Downing Street and Westminster are at last waking up to what has been for so long swept under the carpet? Perhaps even their senses, long-dulled by over indulgence in the good-things of life, are beginning to smell the stench of rottenness within.

    • Grandma B says:

      Downing Street and Westminster have always known what is going on. They thought they could get away with it for ever, but is looks like the truth is coming out, at long last!

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