KELLIE COTTAM’s cry for help to stop the adoption of her two children

It is compelling reading, Kellie’s experience of what I’ve seen over and over again:

  • Social Workers targeting vulnerable parents rather than helping families stay together as Minister Ed Timpson wrote to us last year
  • Social Workers using Police to remove children – without court orders
  • Social Workers and ‘experts’ creating lies on paper to influence judges to justify their pre-conceived judgements
  • Legal procedures, already complex as they are, being abused for criminal purposes in secret family courts
  • Judges rubber stamping a process that Kellie rightly calls KIDNAPPING.
English: Ehlers-Danlos syndrome patient, 16 ye...

English: Ehlers-Danlos syndrome patient, 16 year old Caucasian male (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Forced Adoption Exposed

kellie AT

My name is Kellie Cottam, I am 36 and the Mother of four beautiful Children; Liam who is 18, Daniel 15, Aaron 5 and Faith 4. But two of my children have been unlawfully detained by Mold, Flintshire County Council and placed on Care Orders Awaiting Adoption of which as from yesterday I was informed that again without going to the adoption panel my children have now been placed with potential adopters. Meaning my children have already suffered the abuse of being told they are having a new Mummy and Daddy. They have a Mummy and a Daddy who love them and these are children who were in fact kidnapped.

I have contacted complaints and even up held complaints have been ignored; I have been ignored by The Chief Executive, Head of Social Services, Head Of Legal, The Superintendant, MPs, IPCP, HCPC, Wales Care Council and The Ombudsman.

SO I am now writing to everyone I can to please call an investigation into this case and stop my children from having their life with their family taken from them and brought home.

I urge you to see the paper work from what I am telling you, this has been an injustice from my own childhood, through adulthood and now with my own children, and worse affects my 18 and 15 year old for the rest of their lives, and I cannot fathom how Aaron and Faith must feel.

I am further doing this publically to bring public awareness to what is happening and bring more support in for my family. This is an INJUSTICE.

My family have a condition named Ehlers Danlos Syndrome which means that we don’t have the main body glue that holds our bodies together in the same way that a normal person would meaning we have dislocations, sublocations and it affects our entire body. For more information see

As a child I was very hypermobile and would suffer with my knees, back, shoulders, hands and body in general and would tell the school I was struggling with my hands with writing at the speed they needed me to, and sitting on a chair for long periods of time. I was very sporty and active but in my teens I started to struggle and I didn’t know why.

At the age of 11 I also asked the school with help. In fact my step uncle being only 5 years older than me was forcing me into sexual acts and I didn’t want to. I was not believed by my family and I was classed by my mother as an attention seeker.

Because of my so-called attention seeking behaviour, social services were called in but they put steps in to ignore my pleads for help and all the paper work on me just called me a liar and attention seeker when in fact I was telling the truth about my uncle and later a gang rape by 6 youth who thought it would be funny to pin me down and all do what they did.

I was a child who needed help to understand her body and learn boundaries to keep me safe and all I got for asking for help was to be expelled from school because my mother and father refused to work with social services.

More so when I was 14 I was at the age of getting into relationships and I asked my school for help in making sure I was not forced into sexual relationships when it was not what I wanted and I didn’t want to become a teenage mother.

When I was 15 and things were getting challenging with my mother I went to social services and asked to be put into foster care. All I wanted was to do well at school. I wanted to be a solicitor and help children who disclosed sexual abuse. But I later learnt from my paper work that they said I would not amount to anything other than a teenage mother, and wrote Kellie is attractive in a street corner kind of way and not to believe her lies.

I again was asking for help in love relationships. My fear of getting pregnant was great and I have seen again they called this attention seeking behaviour, of which I did get pregnant and social services forced a termination saying that because I was on medication my child would be born with a cleft and children with this condition die and I would not be able to cope. They hid this in the paper work but luckily my doctor has a copy of what they had said.

Having left foster care and gone on to college I later became pregnant with my son who is now 18 and when he was 7 months old I had problems with my neck and back and again this was put down to mental health and I was forced to have an assessment keeping me in for 11 weeks.

At 22 through my son being diagnosed with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome I was finally diagnosed myself.

Going through the medical process with doctors who did not understand this condition, and where not specialists my life became about pain management, medication braces, and I lost the will and would use a wheelchair to be able to go out and about.

I was married at the time and my relationship broke down and I became a single mother and entered the benefit system, but I went to university. I learnt to manage my condition and I finally got to Professor Bird in Leeds, who just as we were getting somewhere he retired and I was left without the correct support.

It took me 13 years to finally bring another person into my children’s life. While my boys were at their dad’s I did date. I met some really nice guys but for me I just could not bring anyone into my family, and I found telling people about my past meant they had to go through it. This caused an argument where I had to call the police. But my children never saw any of this. So when the social worker said Aaron and Faith have been raised in domestic violence from 2003 to now that’s a lie. It was one incident I never saw him again. And Faith and Aaron where not even born until 2009.

I met my babies’ dad which became a relationship of insecurity, trust issues and resulted in domestic violence, when Aaron was 5 months old. I left learning I was pregnant with Faith. So again Aaron and Faith have never been part of this. They were raised in a loving home. They did not see their father. He wanted nothing to do with being a dad.

On my own with no family support I turned to Lancashire Childrens Services to ask for help when I was in hospital to give birth to my daughter. As I haemorrhaged with my son and had complications while undiagnosed with my older boys, I found they didn’t take the matter seriously and after the birth of my daughter I was left on my own.

Picking up my daughter in her car seat I slipped the disks in my lower back and finally social services came in and helped me while I was healing but I faced so much lack of understanding about the condition as I look so normal.

Sick and tired of the system and because I face challenges with normal employment over health and safety and discrimination I decided to go self employed.

I just wanted to be in a financial situation where I was in control of the help I had in and could live with an au pair who would be there if I was working, or needed to go into hospital and be in a situation where I did not have to beg the services to help me.

On the 23rd October 2010 I was involved in a media snowball as a single mother with a disability trapped in the benefit system launching Challenge Britain (which is now Step Up Britain) to bring a new system in to the social care and benefit system that enabled and empowered those who come to the system to be helped on to the path that was right for them.

I was a single mum but all I would get is constant failures of the system, and I had enough.

I had planned to move houses to be able to work from home and provide the space for the au pair but things fell through having learnt my ex had taken loans out in my name and bills had not been paid. I fell out of the private rental market and took a social housing interim property but I would get warnings that I could not work from home, and the housing manager served notice arriving while I was getting my daughter dressed and then made a complaint to social services about my daughter not being dressed when she had just got out of the bath and he had just turned up at the property.

I had enough of the services and I relocated my family to Southport but social services would harass me and all I wanted to do was earn the level of funds I needed to support my own family without their help.

Further I did not trust people to look after my children. I am very protective over who they spend their time with, and obviously once they had got to school age I knew I could work during the day. Which would have been this September had this all not happened.

Having been in the Unleash the Power Within world with Anthony Robbins and training to be one of his trainers, I turned to an event called the National Achievers Congress with speakers such as Sir Richard Branson, Lord Alan Sugar, Donald Trump and such people to learn now to make the level of income my family needed for financial stability. But I was ridiculed by the social worker and I would get that I was grandeur and a single mother with a disability could not achieve what she was trying to do and they kept saying they would take my children into foster care rather than support me in my decision.

We found a place in Wales called Save the Family who said they could help and it would give me the space I needed to get the defaults off my account, get my company up and running and keep social services from taking my children.

However I arrived in October 2012 and again found I was being discriminated over my condition and my family was being put at risk and I was in a situation where if I injured myself and went into hospital I would lose my children to social services.

I was seeing children being taken and I couldn’t understand why. I also believed there was a sexual abuser on site but I was being told I was wrong, while this person did go on to abuse a child.

See here that Save The Family where proved to be failing families since 2010, I just happened to be the person who would say it and issue complaints.

I asked for help with my washing one day and the fact my two younger children were being put in a situation where they were trapped in even though we were living in acres, of land with facilities all around us and all I was being told was I could not use the facilities without a health and safety assessment and again discriminating our condition.

Finally a social worker came out and as far as I was concerned everything was ok and they were going to agree to the core assessment to enforce Safe the Family to make the adjustments needed and the risk assessments.

When the social worker left, I had to attend a residence meeting and my son Aaron didn’t want to go and refused to put his shoes on asking for his brother’s X box.

Because my back was struggling, and I could not risk injury to my son I had difficulties in picking him up and had to put my hands behind his head to leaver him up.

Having broken down to the staff member at pleas saying I could not take much more and this situation needed to be sorted before I ended up hurting myself or my children because of our condition and that I needed the social worker to deal with this situation and not leave it months before they came back in. On returning back to the flat I received a call from the social worker to say that they needed me to go with them to the hospital to have Aaron checked out.

When I asked why, she said I had picked Aaron up by the hair. When I said this was not the case and explained what had happened she said if I did not go to the hospital she would come with the police and take the children. So I agreed to go.

Having told what really happened I thought the matter was over and then I was taken into a room where the police was treating me as someone who had mental health issues and said if I did not hand over my children he would take them and I wouldn’t even get to say bye. I was forced to hand over my children even without any orders to do so, and was told they would be back the next day.

Having waited for my children to return I was given just half an hour to get to court and when I arrived I saw the paper work and I couldn’t believe that the social worker had informed the police and I understood why I was treated as I was.

They turned a mother with a physical condition into a mother with anger issues and stated that I had been sectioned under the mental health act when Aaron was 7 months old and both children had gone to live with their father’s parents.

When I told the judges that this was not true I was told to get legal counsel which I found in the café at the courts.

The whole 26 weeks process was a farce and during the time my children were abused emotionally, physically, and possible sexually but the first foster parents.

It was heart breaking and devastating to watch my children go from happy healthy children to the blank look in their eyes, to hear of my son hiding under the table and being told my daughter was starting to come out of her shell. This was a girl who was so bright and bubbly, happy and healthy. It was so emotional, but you cannot express your feelings, or make complaints as they say you are not working with the system. You are forced to watch the ongoing abuse to your children and are powerless to do anything about it.

The social worker failed to up hold any of the judge’s orders and on the final day my children were placed on an order of adoption.

I had filed complaints of which some were up held but all other matters were not addressed because it was in the courts.

I was put through a psychological assessment where all my medical notes, passed social services records where all used to label me.

Further learning from specialist makes you a narcissist, which was later said because I said to the social worker what can a £30/40 grand a year social worker teach me about making money.

The Social Worker was not able to read or understand the reports and just cut and pasted things turning statements into personality disorders which was never even said I had.

All the way through the process the social workers refused to acknowledge our condition saying it was the easiest condition to fake, and then in the last week said I was so ill that my children would grow up to be my carer even though I have raised an 18 and 15 year old who told the court they were not their mother’s carer, but that we have a family condition and it means we have to do things differently.

I lost my children on the 21st June 2013, and on the 28th June I was taken to court to be gagged, an injunction that prevents me from naming my children, speaking of my court case, and telling anyone what has happened.

I did not get to see the paper work until after the court case was over and I had 21 days to appeal which was refused.

I am not legal I am just a Mum, but when you are thrown out of the court process there is then no legal aid and I have been left to find people who know this system and help.

I turned to social media for help and found a protest that was going on called S.C.O.T UK – Stolen Children of The UK.

I attended hoping to find someone to help and all I found was so many parents who like me had had their children taken where the social workers had fabricated evidence to take children and there were all these other people in the same situation.

I was friends with a man called Sid who was aware of this world and he wanted to do a Walk For Justice for all the Stolen Children, and worse: children who were abused in care homes and gagged from speaking out.

I could not believe what I was finding.

I wrote so many complaints, made so many calls and was being ignored.

I attended a conference called Children Screaming To Be Heard and again there where all these parents who have been failed by the system.

On the same day I was issued with a notice to attend the Royal Courts Of Justice for a 2 year committal to prison for breaching my order through promoting the Walk For Justice and taken to court on the 10th September 2013 the day before Sid set off.

I told the judge straight, jail me, it will never stop me from speaking out about the injustice to my family; I will just come out and start again. He said he would look at why my appeal was refused but nothing happened.

I don’t know the law but I am learning, and all I keep seeing is other families losing in court. I have asked legals for help but without the funds I am stuck as a litigant in person and every day passes and I just can’t learn fast enough. But I am learning, and I am trying.

But what is so scary is since my own children have been taken, I have set up and I have 15/20 people come in a week and I can not believe the scale of what is going on.

I have been writing to all the news and papers and been helping them connect to others, I beat my gag and they withdrew the committal but still no reporter will touch my story as they find it complex, the same with legals.

But every day I learn the laws and processes and will never give up hope of getting my children back.

I have found that this is not just me. So many other families are facing this and it has been said a child is being taken every 20 minutes.

I have further learnt that my fears of the paedophile circle within our UK Government is actually true and spoken to many adults and children who have been sexually abused within the care system and been gagged and to learn that Tony Blair set targets in 2004 for 1000 children to be removed a month for adoption, and the focus is on taking children from birth and up to 5 to get as many into the adoption process as they can. Worse than that: in Wales where my children were taken 52 paedophiles have been arrested.

I thought my case was just an error that could be fixed but to learn in the bigger picture of all this so many people are having fabrications placed on them to take their children, the use of psychological reports to label parents to grant the orders and this is not just going on in the UK but all around the common wealth and in other countries, too.

It’s madness, people have been trying to expose what this system has been doing for years, people being gagged, jailed, even going missing, and murdered.

These are our children, and they are being taken unlawfully, but slowly the truth is coming out, I just hope it all comes up soon so I can bring my own children home.

I hope and pray I find a legal who wishes to help me, or I learn fast enough to put the orders in I need to bring them home. I spend every day learning all I can.

I will never give up the hope of my justice for my family; my older boys miss their brother and sister so much.

My contact was stopped because my daughter cried and begged me to just take her and I haven’t seen her since.

I am a great mother, and I love my children. I have never harmed them and never would. It’s the failings of the social workers and the police that took my children from me, but they are being protected when they should be reprimanded for what they have done. But all they do is cover up their mistake, or was it more than a mistake and was it planned this way? Did they just want my children?

I have raised two amazing boys, one who has his own business and works to fund it, as well as studying, and the other is a deputy head boy, a prefect, graphic designer, doing amazing at school, a goal keeper and qualified referee. Both have a great circle of friends, and other than wanting their brother and sister home are rounded, balanced, grounded, healthy and happy. But the sadness of Aaron and Faith stays with them every day.

When Aaron and Faith where taken, both where active, loved playing, where happy, eat well. I was educating them on managing their bodies, and they loved being able to run fast. They were both reading, writing their name, loved learning. Both where dry in the day and night, and there was no reason to do this to my family.

I cannot change my past or the failings as a child, all I can do is make sure my children do not suffer as I have. I was able to do this for Liam and Daniel, but I don’t even know where Aaron and Faith are, how they are doing and every day I have to face this and sometimes feel powerless to do anything.

I am now with my fiancé who accepts me for my past, knows my future and loves me for who I am. He has seen all my paper work and knows this for the injustice that this is. He has been with me for four years through, being my social media man, but because of the actions of Flintshire County Council I am now kept from a family life with Jason and stopped from being around his children after Flintshire contacted Stockport.

The consequences of their actions have torn my family to pieces, but I will never give up hope.

All I can do is keep learning, keep exposing, and hope the police take this seriously, because at the end of the day, my children have been kidnapped, and I will get justice.

I just hope and pray it is soon.

I am writing to you to beg and plead for someone to please intervene in this case, to see what I see in this paper work, and to hold those who are responsible accountable and return my children.

We are now at the point if I am not listened to, we are willing to barricade in Mold County Council until someone listens and the potential adopters know these children were in fact KIDNAPPED and this is a CRIME.

All I want is to be me, Kellie, the happy go lucky easy to be around person that I am who loves to help people achieve their goals and dreams. I am a great coach. To be the best wife I can be and support and enable my partner to be the best version of him, and empower him to do all he can. To be the best mother I can be to inspire my children to be all they can be, to be happy and healthy and make the most of all they do and love life.

I hoped and prayed for my parents to let go and know I was telling the truth and to move past all that happened and build a relationship with me now as I am. To be close to my family, have a great circle of friends, and to be the best my family can be and to help others in our community.

I don’t ask for anything other than to be happy. But without my children, and the way this is done, every day is a struggle, one that only ends when my children are returned to me.

Had I have been left to do what we were working on by now Aaron would have been in his second year of school, Faith would be starting in September, and I would not be leaving tax credits ready to make my own money and I know I would have helped so many other people do the same.

We could have been a benefit to Britain as the papers say, but now my mess is a message and I hope this is one we can all learn from, to make sure no other family ever suffers the way mine has.

This could all be turned around.

You ask people to take responsibility, and I do. But when we have county councils that refuse to be held accountable, how can we ever have the system that this country so needs?


Kellie Cottam



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I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is
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11 Responses to KELLIE COTTAM’s cry for help to stop the adoption of her two children

  1. Kellie is just one of thousands upon thousands right across this country, Europe and beyond.
    This is a multi billion pound industry.
    It props up slush funds of Local Authorities right through to Child Barons that move children for varying profitable reasons.

    • Having seen some of Kevin Annett’s videos, I can now compare the genocide of the indigenous people in Canada with the eradication of future generations by abusing children screaming to be heard:

      ** as John Hemming MP says: children from East European countries are favoured
      ** as Nigerian Gloria Musa always said: taking our children is genocide.

      • John Hemming MP is being seen as the “man” for our children and a hero by mothers of stolen children as he stands on the floor in the Palace of Westminster.
        He is just one ant amidst the many. There are over 700 MPs in that House of ill repute.
        It is no secret: we all know by now what MPs and their civil servants think of and do to children, but not all of them are at it Surely?

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  3. Reblogged this on Musings of a Penpusher and commented:
    This is legalised kidnap but it is amoral and WRONG.

  4. forcedadoption says:

    Liam and Daniel should have their own solicitor to ask for regular contact with Aaron and Faith and opposing their adoption as a breach of human rights for all children to have contact with each other.That is your best chance at this stage of recuperating your two younger children

  5. Kellie says:

    Melanie… I have only just seen this…. I have no words, just tears and a massive big thank you

  6. Dean Harris says:

    Hi Kellie,
    Your story is a difficult one and I would like to support you and other parents by sharing on Facebook but I also want to respect your and other’s privacy. Please advise me what to share if it would help your cause.

  7. Melody Souten says:

    U should hear that I call so, so called professions & they have got BLOOD ON THEIR HANDS as well.

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