TRAUMATISED son – back from #SS after #childsnatchuk by Kent County Council

12 minutes of the snatch of a 2-year old boy from a 20-year old mum who had been in care since age 13 and whose mum had been in care as well. Here’s her Facebook page. And her Facebook group to fight for little William.

11 minutes about lies by Social Workers until surprise, surprise, 6 months later, she actually got her son back – but he is still traumatised from the separation, and she feels she’s sometimes sitting next to a stranger…

And all that “in the child’s best interest” – when

And here’s what the Department of Education emailed re “in their best interests”:

Dear Ms McNeill

Thank you for your email of 26 July, addressed to the Minister of State for Justice and Civil Liberties, about children in care. Your email has been passed to this department as we are responsible for the policy on family law and I have been asked to reply.

Our system of family justice is based firmly on the principle that children should not be taken into care without a court independently assessing all of the evidence first. The government believes this is right. The evidence must, in all cases, be carefully scrutinised by the courts. Parents have legal representatives who are appointed to support them and ensure their views are heard, and to ensure that evidence put forward can be challenged. In addition, applications made to the court are subject to separate scrutiny by the child’s guardian, who must submit their own analysis of the evidence and ensure that the child’s interests and views are properly represented. Where, despite these checks and balances in the system, there are concerns about any individual case and its conclusion, cases can be subject to appeal.

This government agrees that there would be benefits in having even greater openness and it is important that we make progress on this. The question of how to open up the family courts further, and balance access with proper controls to prevent the disclosure of sensitive information which might be harmful to parties in the proceedings if released, including vulnerable children and adults, remains a difficult and controversial issue. The President of the Family Division is taking this work forward and will consider how progress can be made.

The government also wants to improve the lives of the thousands of children who enter the care system and who deserve a second chance of a safe, stable childhood. For those children who cannot be returned home, adoption is one way of providing this.

Children should clearly only be taken into care and placed for adoption when it is in their best interests. While it is important to consider if safeguards within the system are sufficiently robust, it is also important not to undermine the work of the professionals we rely on to keep vulnerable children safe. To do so risks damaging the chances of many thousands of children who would greatly benefit from the stable family upbringing a successful adoption can provide.

Once again, thank you for writing.


About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is
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11 Responses to TRAUMATISED son – back from #SS after #childsnatchuk by Kent County Council

  1. well done Sabine, for exposing this – and its good to see how succinctly the key points are explained. I’d go so far as to suggest that it has now almost reached a stage that the County Councils and Social dis-services up and down Britain should be abolished like the corrupted 46 Police forces – all operating as CRIMINAL GANGS in Britain to spread human misery and extort money by illicit means, trampling all over innocent families and vulnerable minors.
    The acts of iniquity which they are conducting under the banner of “child welfare” are shocking to witness, and it is self-evident that there should be some kind of penalty system in place where they pay compensation to the distressed child and parent / mother for their wicked acts of child-snatching and disregarding that children are the property of their parents.

  2. Reblogged this on Victims Unite! and commented:

    Social Services can’t do it without Police. Police can’t do it without CPS. CPS can’t do it without judges. All of them are beyond prosecution – thanks to Royal Charters:

    • The reality is that we don’t have any proper policing in Britain at this time. The new Minister for anti-corruption is Matthew Hancock – will he step up to the plate I wonder? clearly the NCA ought to be tackling many of these child snatching issues, too, because it all comes down to RACKETEERING for £££ – notably, they all ignore the Law and Constitutional rights, and focus on ‘statutes’ which have all been foisted on us by the EU and require consent.

  3. So right Sabine

    “Social Services can’t do it without Police. Police can’t do it without CPS. CPS can’t do it without judges. All of them are beyond prosecution – thanks to Royal Charters:

    The System has failed vulnerable children for over 50 years. It is the system that steals children and places them in a punishing conveyor belt to mental instability where they can easily become the victims of pedophiles.

    You have to be heartless or a pedophile to tear a child from its mums arms. We must keep exposing the fact that many of the people who make these decisions in the Police, Courts and CPS are pedophiles or themselves involved in exploiting children. Never Forget serial pedophile Peter Righton was Home Office backed child protection expert and Social Care worker. There are many Peter Rightons ensconced within their system of ‘child protection’

    The fiction that they care about poor children, is just that fiction. Look at Rotherham! Their duplicity and hypocrisy is self evident and yet they still fool many members of the Public. We have to smash this.evil system.

    • Duplicity and hypocrisy, Andrea!…

      Many Peter Rightons…

      What I find so horrible is that even compensation for victims wouldn’t undo the trauma. Even bars for the paedos wouldn’t undo what they’ve done.

      And where are the judges who would put all the paedos behind bars???

      Exposure, exposure, exposure…

      Long live the internet!

  4. I have heard I am not the only person who has been illegally incarcerated for helping a victim of the Stasi-Social Services up North, without any trial or legal representation or even a summons by the corrupted Family Court – and not even permitted a DEFENCE! They traded on the LEGAL FICTION – straw man – as they are doing with our children.
    All Birth Certificates are turned into financial annuities – this is why they are doing these things!
    I was thrown into Holloway Prison ILLEGALLY over 3 years ago all because they wanted to shut me down for having discovered that Doncaster County Council (Jimmy Saville-land) had been ISSUING THEIR OWN FAKE “COURT ORDERS’ using their own fake court seals in order to steal children and hand them over to paedos! ALL FOR PECUNIARY GAIN: this is defined as illegal racketeering.
    The social worker behind all of this – LISA BUNN – who must be named and shamed – had issued a false “Non molestation order’ against poor Vicky Haigh and she’d falsely posed as being a “solicitor” when she was not a solicitor! It is illegal to issue an NMO without being a solicitor: this highlights the atrocities of how Britain’s Social DIS-services are being run. She is the one who should have been banged up – not vicky or me. These are tyrants of the worst order. They must be routed out.
    What “civilised” country can allow this? This is the same “civilised” country which steals children for cash to serve the depraved appetite of sexual deviants and paedophiles, causing unwarranted damage to the child and monumental distress to the mother / parent. How come it is a criminal offence to “CAUSE ALARM AND DISTRESS” in any other sector except this one????
    Is anyone else asking the same question?

  5. Reblogged this on Musings of a Penpusher and commented:
    We must have the truth about the state snatching of small children.

  6. alex says:

    Depressing place England is. Highest amount of the pedophiles in Europe. Highest amount of people aids and chlamydia infected, highest amount of single mothers. Old recycled by the NHS using care pathways. Pensioners and disabled raped in care homes. Island of people without feelings people without values people without compassion even living in this zoo for so many years I will never get used to it and children snatching by English SS is the most inhumane thing out of all inhumane things I have discovered about England.

    My grandfather was telling me thing German SS was doing to German people before and during WWII you the English just simply copied Hitler and have created your little Nazi England.


  7. Innocent parents says:

    Hello parents who are victim of social service harassment

    Social service Southwark council South East London did hate crime on our Muslim race and religions and treated very badly with my family we are the most loving family with 2 children. But social services got involved with us due to take revenge of their friend accommodation provider who didn’t give us house for last 8 months. On asking house, provider became enemy of Muslim family and involves social worker who has ruined our private life, dignity and self-respect and liberty. social worker from the last 4 months had given tremendous damage to health, privacy and confidentiality by putt CP in GP without telling parents’ consent. Then the same social worker whole corrupted borough sent the same CP, which parents never know, sent to new borough, who again harassed us through police. 7 Police officers broke our door, and threatened us to arrest, searched our house, bullied and did Incivility and frightened my little son.

    Social services have no fear of God, Allah, Jesues, any God which religion they belong to !! They are very cruel, now they are made the parents solicitors and now we are ready to sue them in the court and will fight for our Rights in UK, but will not meet any liar social worker who abused their profession just for revenge and take commission for their boss.

    Southwark social services has Damaged our private life from the last 4 months. Parents and little child cannot sleep at night, due to fear of police breaking door and cruel behaviour. We are under cyber stalking, harassment. but no police was lodging complaint. When we sent complain to commissioner then one officer lodge complaint very slowly. But now Social services have made the parents from different culture very strong and good solicitors and fighting for our Rights.

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