CHILDREN IN CARE to Protect #Police #Cover-Up of organised #ChildSexualAbuse

Now that the Musas have been deported to Nigeria, while their seven children are kept in ‘care’, and two are supposed to be adopted without their consent, this case is most definitely the worst of all child snatching cases, as it involves more than just the two children in care, besides detailed cover-ups. Watch this space and join us in the High Court in London on 20 January, if you like. Ask me for details on the 19th! sabine AT

National Inquiry into Organised, Orchestrated & Historic Child Sexual Abuse

The Mask of Zorro The Mask of Zorro (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This case is the result of an 8-year old boy and his 9-year old sister confessing at long last the abuse they suffered by their British father who is the leader of a Sexual Ritual Abuse cult in North London. The Russian mother had a history of domestic violence with him that included 5 Police call-outs and 3 reports. She had long noticed signs of unhappiness, sickness and stress in her children, but only when on holiday in August with them, she learned about most harrowing details as the reason.

However, six days after reporting the crimes to Barnet Police on 05 September 2014, the children were taken into ‘protective custody’ and subsequently to two different foster carers. Medical examinations initiated by the Police confirmed scarring in the rectum area of both children. The hearing of the boy is impaired due to the father’s…

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I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is
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5 Responses to CHILDREN IN CARE to Protect #Police #Cover-Up of organised #ChildSexualAbuse

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  3. Anonymous says:

    The poor Home Secretary is up sh-t creek without a paddle ! I am sure Teressa is trying to do the right thing but with the home office and other gov. depts. run by ex public school child abuse victims she has,nt realised the behind the scenes administrators are paedophiles, child traffickers, etc. She should look at Sgnt. Fluit NSW police paedophiles ( a simple google)

    Sgnt.Fluit in Sydney controlled all the drugs, gambling dens, child trafficking with kids supplied by the social services, All paedophiles were blackmailed monies extorted for non-prosecution,

    It was money all round for police, solicitors court personnel for altering ,creating, false records
    etc. etc. It is just the same as S.Yorks police, to busy looting the area to take care of Liverpool fans at Hillsborough. This lot in Rotherham have avoided checking ALL CCTV footage for young girls-boys getting into asian taxis or is it white taxis ? the same taxis would appear again and again going round Rotherham dropping of kids for abuse, drugs for a ” Glittering” experience !
    all 1400 of them ! not 14. not 114, but one thousand and fourteen, thats a lot for any sex
    maniac or is there 1400 sex abusers in Rotherham ? can.t be that many ( they would get knocked down by a bloody taxi on a delivery drop)

    Being entertained by “Jimmy” ” Rolf ” the odd chief inspector or supt. I see chief super.
    Gordon Anglesea trial has been “adjourned” again. You know the own “Bryn Estyn” Sunshine
    transit van child abuse, some boys taken to London for MP,s and other senior civil servants to abuse and murder, it was a one-way single for some victims, perhaps super. Anglesea. will die as intended before trial, it is the “grave yard policy” the gov. depts use to stall trials indefinately to conceal the tactless truth ! ( keep stalling till they die ) including the VICTIMS lack of evidence you see ! Meanwhile the cops are fitting-up potential victim witness,s in order to say they are un-reliable witness,s in court because they have criminal records ( after being fitted-up )

    This Country of ours is a disgusting cess-pit of corruption created by civil servants cowards and corrupt law un-enforcement agencies to busy child trafficking for the transplant industry, sexual-deviant abuse.


  4. peter oakes says:

    The above comment was rather prophetitic ! an Asian policeman from Rotherham was run-over and killed ??? Feb 5th. 2015. I believe it was an asian taxi ? perhaps our Victims
    in S.Yorks. cant help with the details, before the “knock off ” all the potential witness,s

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