SLOVAKIA protects the Family on Marriage, Adoption, Sex and Euthanasia

Well, what an interesting follow-up to the lead that Slovakia took when joining the proceedings of the Boor family to get their 2 boys back – after 920 days in ‘care’ and just in time before adoption against the parents’ wills. Here is the reminder of John Hemming MP suggesting in 2011 that some 1,000 children are wrongly adopted every year: BBC report and Parliamentary video.

Here’s a BBC link: Adoption – thousands of children forcibly taken into care.

And here is the link to the petition to support the Slovakian family referendum, to keep family values in the EU – despite all efforts by heartless people, mainly from the UK and nordic countries:

The referendum asks questions:

1) On Marriage: Do you agree that no other cohabitation but the union between one man and one woman should be called marriage?

2) On Adoption: Do you agree that neither same-sex couples, nor groups, shall be allowed to adopt children and subsequently raise them?

3) On Sex Education and Euthanasia: Do you agree that schools cannot require the participation of children in classes dedicated to sexual behaviour or euthanasia if their parents or the children themselves do not agree with the content of the lessons?

For more information:

Here is a fantastic ‘Yes’-side video in Slovak:

Support the Slovakian Family Referendum:


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