#UKColumn #WhistleblowerKids = #HollieGreig south of the border

In their news of 23 March 2015, UKColumn refer to the Hampstead Scandal as Hollie Greig south of the border.

So what do these two ‘cases’ have in common?

  1. Many high-level abusers;
  2. high-level cover-ups including the internet;
  3. not only child sexual but also satanic ritual abuse;
  4. the authorities not believing the victims;
  5. courts not respecting the evidence;
  6. perverting the course of justice;
  7. using the police, judiciary and mainstream media for cover-ups.

‘Abuse’ is an understatement for rape, torture and murder, to put it mildly.

But parents who have lost their children need to realise:

This is therefore a wake-up call of a different kind. We need to

  • Free the Whistleblower Kids – despite the judgement and without the near 16,000 signers after the petition was taken down;
  • Educate Britain about Using the secrecy of UK family courts to cover-up criminal activities;
  • Tell London about what’s been going in eight Hampstead and Highgate schools and churches, according the 8-year-old boy and 9-year-old girl who accuse their father of horrendous crimes as the leader of a ‘strange culture’.

Here are the videos that caused the internet explosion – on www.WhistleblowerKids.com – a new secure site which we’d like to develop better. Any chance of you contributing to the crowd funding?

Instead of another petition, I now started Whistleblower Kids and Hampstead Scandal – a ‘global network’ on www.meetup.com

May it help towards the breakthroughs I hope 2015 will bring us all!!!…


About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is www.smartknowledge.space
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17 Responses to #UKColumn #WhistleblowerKids = #HollieGreig south of the border

  1. l8in says:

    Reblogged this on L8in.

  2. truth1now says:

    I have tried the video links and I get screen trash. I have no doubt its being interfered with . Xen and I were having troubles last night, too. Thought I would let you know.

  3. Jacob's Ladder says:

    If You Believe Ella Draper is an Evil Mother . . .

  4. vivicom4 says:

    This has been going on for years and it has been known about and after years of this going on, it’s still bloody well going on. What the hell is wrong with these people? The people that committed these vile crimes are usually respected people of the community and so we let them carry on. We allow them to pass judgement over petty crimes and we let them decide when to remove a child. If everyone takes a stand, if everyone speaks up, then there’s more chance of stopping it. So after all these years people have only decided to take action. How many more years is it going to take? Educate people.Shove it in their face if we have to. Tough shit if it offends. Don’t let these people dictate leadership, or decide our lives. They should not be allowed to and have no rights to judge anyone when the truth is, these people are the worst, lowlife scumbags and the worst criminals. Show these videos in every place where possible because when you try to click on the link, it has so predictably been taken off you tube. Get these kids away from these parents who are sick, twisted and vile and get them locked up. Why are they allowed to carry on? This country is supposed to make me feel patriotic. What a joke! This country makes me sick. I have absolutely no faith in British justice, as it’s a total humiliation and a farce. I trust none of the authorities, social services are totally bloody useless and most of them need taken out and shot. Wake up people. Stop hiding under your covers and open your eyes. Then choose between these children and the ones who use them for their sick, revolting needs..Are we really going to let this carry on???

    • truth1now says:

      I totally agree with your sentiment. Yet sadly, I will say that most could not care less. Apathy and indifference are really the opposite side of a same coin, with evil on the other side. Vladamir Lennin called them useful idiots. Idiots just go along with whatever. They always look for the easy way out. They are a blight upon humanity. I have written an article on it. My view is that it is a sin to not care and to be indifferent. You saw the children and were moved, as I was. But idiots are not moved by much at all. They already died a long time ago. We really only ever reach our potential when we strive to be all that we can be. To not do so is to let all that potential go to waste.

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  6. Reblogged this on The Real Mommies and Daddies of the Real America and Our Children Who Want to Come Home and commented:
    Uni versal–One script, world wide . . . the same one. Same universal responses from the same worldwide groups and re-victimizers, those knowing and others not knowing because they refuse to read and learn, or don’t have time until after they have lost what was really important–their private, real living property called “children.”

    It would be great to see how Alissa and little Gabriel are doing. Truly spirited and aware, lovely, and brave little souls they appear to be.

    Like my five year old who was completely disbelieved as a matter of public, “socio-economic” policy that very well could have planted the stories via collusive CPS, police officers, private “play therapies” of the father, and the father in spite of all the “courageous kids” mandatory reporting campaigns promoted by joint public-private venture corporations owned by the very judges and court-appointed guardian ad litem and attorneys ad litem and amicus attorneys who have a stake in the outcome of the cases they steer to themselves.

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