Shouldn’t #ChildAbuse #CSA be an #election issue? Scandal of children in care

15 04 05 TelegraphChildren in care – the scandal that this election will ignore

In the past few years, record numbers of children have been taken by the government into a broken system, writes Christopher Booker in The Telegraph

Here’s the email I sent to all MPs.

And here’s a comment by an active commentator on the blog for the Whistleblower Kids:

“Society and the Courts are between a rock and a hard place on this one. There is an obligation on the state to protect children from mistreatment, wherever possible, that means on occasions parent’s rights have to be over-ruled. If it errs on one side, it stands accused of breaking up families unnecessarily; if it errs on the other it stands accused of failing to protect vulnerable children.

The examples of both situations are too legion to relate. However Booker has done everyone a great service by drawing attention to this important subject and if only other journalists and news outlets would follow his example: Particularly in this election period of PR trivia put out by the parties, reduced to yet another X Factor show. Our media is not interested in serious issues and true investigative journalism has been intentionally hobbled by government action and commercial pressures.

Compare the police resources devoted to essentially flim-flam gossip phone hacking, to that of Elm Guest House, Hackney, Dolphin Square besides Nottingham, Oxford, Rotherham, Savile etc etc. As a result, injustice and scandal in relation to child abuse goes unreported and un-discussed.

Too often we find government actively prefers secrecy and the criminal pursuit of whistle-blowers than stopping abuse yet we hear little of this in main stream media. Indeed the evidence suggests that it has intentionally used the care system to provide children, largely, to the political and social ‘elite’ for sexual abuse.

The family courts have operated in almost total secrecy, gagging all the participants on pain of imprisonment without trial, exploding in the process two of the most important principles of justice, namely “to be done, justice needs to be seen to be done” and “no one should be deprived of their lives, possessions or freedom without judgement by their peers”.

Unbelievably the government has recently tightened the secrecy framework, by making it illegal for any child in ‘care’ to report on his/her experience!  We have seen the worst of the court process and media reporting of it in the recent Hampstead Case that deserves as much publicity as possible if the children in question are to be spared the fate of sixty thousand others currently trapped in the English system.

It needs to be far more open to public scrutiny if children are not to be removed unnecessarily, whilst children who really do need protection do not find themselves in an even worse situation in LA ‘care’.”


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I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is
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4 Responses to Shouldn’t #ChildAbuse #CSA be an #election issue? Scandal of children in care

  1. Nikki Saxton says:

    I agree children should not be removed unnessaserly. I know what it feels like to have children removed mine was taken last year by social serves and they promised I could have my kids bk and didn’t let me instead took me to court for an adopteion order.. My kids are all being split up and it’s going tk mess them up even more they don’t understand why there not with there mum

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