APPEALING to Elected Officials: Sign this Child Protection Covenant #CPCovenant with

This is a document that originated in Scotland and is read out by UK Column, appealing to the Police, the Judiciary and the State with its various law enforcement forms to ‘do their job’.

– starting at min 15.

Child Protection Covenant Child sexual abuse, Satanist ritual abuse and the grooming of children for sex have no place in a peaceful, civilised society governed by the rule of law. I pledge to take the following action to protect the innocent from the predations of those who would cruelly abuse them:

1. Accept no excuses, obfuscation or delay from any public servant or state official who has a duty to protect children and is failing to fulfill that responsibility.

2. Demand a full explanation of any case where a state official or public servant appears to have failed in his or her duty to protect children from abuse or failed to investigate and prosecute the perpetrators of such abuse.

3. Call publicly for the resignation of the responsible state officials and public servants in cases where no adequate reasons are given for a failure to investigate and prosecute abuse.

I take this action in light of the universal disgust felt by all right-thinking members of our society at the official concealment of these most heinous crimes. This cover-up has gone on for decades and continues today. I have therefore decided to take a personal and public stand and to make it my business to drive out this evil from our justice system, wherever it is found. I cannot do this alone and call upon others to make this same pledge, to be watchful for official misconduct and metaphorically to hear the cries of those innocents who never drew breath, those who had the breath of life but never knew love, and those who struggle to find hope in a world disfigured by their suffering.


Do use to contact all your elected officials! Political action made easy!

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I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is
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    There must be no hiding place for the perpetrators of these crimes against children and young people – not even the grave.

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