Gradual Shock Therapy of #WakingUp: from #ChildSnatching to #ForcedAdoptions and #ChildSexualAbuse #RitualAbuse #SatanicAbuse

In London, my political waking-up process started with analysing the money system – behind the war machinery – by organising the Forum for Stable Currencies at the House of Lords, thanks to Lord Sudeley:

  • Chronology of websites illustrating the ‘public learning’ about money and its creation.

That’s where victims of white collar crimes attended meetings and I began to publish

They told me about meetings with ‘hymns to the god of money’. And then I discovered child snatching as the most heinous of all white collar crimes – and we began to assist what culminated in the worst of all child snatching cases:

  • The Nigerian Musas who exemplify the full spectrum of abuse: the oldest daughter was molested by the son of the foster carers; the other two were taken to dark places at night where there are only men; the boy asked: Mummy, what is paedophilia?
  • This portfolio of nine cases was collated for the Education Committee and includes the Musa drama.
  • The parents were sentenced to 7 years of imprisonment in a completely staged court case with false evidence being fabricated by Police and NHS, supported by actress Michelle Collins.
  • The youngest child was taken at birth in HMP Holloway and the two youngest were adopted without the parents’ consent.
  • The mother’s cell neighbour was US mother Melissa Laird whose son was kept by the same Council who now holds the two whistleblower kids.
  • Here’s the petition trying to persuade the High Court judge NOT to hand the children to their father whom they accuse – a pattern we’ve observed over oodles of cases.

This is the worst case in terms of institutionalised cover-ups:

  • The then 8- and 9-year old siblings speak on camera privately and to Barnet Police in a collection of videos here – about their father as the leader of a cult involving 70+ abusers, 18 other children, some adopted for the purpose of abuse, 8 schools and a church in Hampstead.
  • For fear of being killed, they had promised their dad NOT to talk to their Russian mother.

And now comes the hard part: Satanism as the ‘religion that binds’ and relies on killing babies as part of institutionalised child abuse.

This is not the only one. The answer is always a search engine. Google are unfortunately part of the internet corporations who are willing to cover up

  • The Truth if you can Handle it.
  • In real life, it requires Seeing and Listening and waking up to spirituality beyond religion – as one of the possible avenues of realising that Personal is Political.
  • On screen, it means connecting with the right people for the right reasons, and trusting that the right information comes to the right people at the right time.

About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician, software designer, system analyst, event organiser, independent web publisher and online promoter of positivity.
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