Does Article 8 survive adoption?

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H H Keith Hollis

There has been further consideration of potential post-adoption Article 8 rights for natural parents in a judgment by Peter Jackson J in the case of Seddon v Oldham MBC. There are no surprises in the conclusions he reaches.

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4 Responses to Does Article 8 survive adoption?

  1. What a disgusting man making an equally disgusting judgement ! This mother appears to have committed no crime,broken no laws, and evidently loves and misses her child.
    With icy clarity this judge tells this mother” you are no longer the mother of your child !”(With no qualification explainig that is in law only)
    That is a black lie pronounced by a wicked man ;The birth mother carried this child Inside her for 9 months ,noone else did that,not the new “parents,not Sir Peter,, only one human being did that ;the mother in question begging for contact with her child only to be rudely denied by bewigged monsters with hearts of stone;Was it too much to allow brief contact at Xmas and birthdays making it an “open adoption”,?;A system that research has shown gives on balance better results for all concerned;Shame on all concerned in this travesty of nature and of justice!

    • I forwarded your EXCELLENT comment to the organiser of the Fact Finding Mission of MEPs on November 5/6.

      THANK YOU, Ian!

    • I totally agree with you. Judge cannot take decision. There is no law like that can prove this decision right.
      Adoption is some that can change the whole life of a parents and children so nobody can take it lightly.

      • vivicom4 says:

        Do these people actually ever put themselves in the mothers/ parents shoes? Do they have any idea whatsoever what that mother will go through? A life of misery, deep dark depression and pain inconceivable to anyone. This has to be stopped. I’d like to strangle the dirty judges in this country. They may have law degrees but their main qualification is having a degree in arseholism !!!

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