@cabinetofficeuk Dear #Government Please set up a Royal Commission into Ritual Abuse and Satanic Crimes!

Victims Unite!

Please set up a Royal Commission into Ritual Abuse and Satanic Crimes! That is the title.

And here’s the rationale:

First we saw Listen to the Children – Channel 4’s Dispatches Documentary about foster ‘care’ leading to ritual abuse in Nottingham – in 1990 – where min 22:25 points to fostering and adoption via the Local Council.

Now we have had the privilege of studying the ‘legal deposit copy’ of “Children for the Devil – Ritual Abuse and Satanic Crimes” in the British Library. A few other copies are available at high price only.

The book was published in 1991 and mentions cases in the US, Canada, Holland and the UK – some of which were successfully prosecuted, some were covered-up, others were horribly distorted. It confirms what we know from the personal experience of parents whose children were:

  • snatched by Police and Social Services;
  • handed to the abusive parent in secret…

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