@RT_com Drilling down statistics: from #ForcedAdoptions to #ForcedRemovals aka #ChildSnatching

16 05 26 RT Forced AdoptionWhat difference do numbers make?

Every number stands for the tragedy and suffering of a CHILD, plus the parents and grandparents, as in this moving story, told by Daniel Hawkins of Russia Today, broadcast in May 2015.

However, it so happens that I have just gone systematically through the statistics published by the Department of Education on the Government site as well.

What I found shocking:

  1. only 152 of all 326 local authorities are taken into account;
  2. the number of children missing from care is not included;
  3. the number of children dying in care is not included either;
  4. long term trends are consistently rising:
  • Local Authorities:

16 05 27 LA Statistics

  • Regions: 

16 05 20 Regional Statistics

  • and the Nation as a whole: 

What does that tell us???

Here’s the 12-page petition STOP the Forced Removal of Children from their Parents!


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I'm a mathematician, software designer, system analyst, event organiser, independent web publisher and online promoter of positivity.
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