Child Welfare Debates In Parliament This Week

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The 18th January was a busy day for child welfare matters in the House of Commons.

As Britain moves forward with plans to leave the EU, questions are now being asked about cross border agency information sharing, especially in relation to child protection.

Yesterday, ministers discussed how leaving the EU might affect Britain’s security, law enforcement and its criminal justice system.  Home Affairs Committee Chair, Yvette Cooper, asked whether the government planned to try to keep its Europol membership. Europol has worked closely with the Met in order to protect children from child abuse and exploitation.

The child abuse inquiry also continues to dominate Commons’ discussions.

In another debate, Ann Clwyd MP asked if the Home Department would take steps to encourage survivors of non recent child abuse to share their experience with the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse. (And Ann, it is non recent rather than historic abuse, a term survivors and victims…

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2 Responses to Child Welfare Debates In Parliament This Week

  1. Behind Closed Doors of the UK Govenment says:

    Every County council who have contact with children across the UK should be closed down in regards to child abuse, neglect, harming children in their care as well as mental damage they cause their victims to go through abusive court process set up by UK Gov for any victim who complains about being abuse as a child in the care of the county council U.K and all this Is still going on EU OR NO EU don’t make a deferent. SADO’S .
    As a child age 6 I was abused for years on end. my head was forced and held under a cold water tap water ,Put in a strait jacket and made to step into a Large pillow slip that was tied with pins and a bottle to piss in, staved and lots more. THIS IS WHAT CARE IS ABOUT FOR LOTS OF US WILE THEY RAKE YOUR MONEY IN IN THE NAME OF U.K BIG CHARITY’S FULL STOP

    Arthur Victim of the UK SO CALLED CARE system. For years on end.
    My Dad and others in this country did not fight wars for this crap abusing children to keep you lot in the good life.

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