3 Get Kids Back

  1. Golden Rules
  2. List of Contacts
  3. How to Represent Yourself
  4. Get Your Children Back

6 Responses to 3 Get Kids Back

  1. maureen hart says:

    My grandchildren were taken two years ago my son has done everything in his case plan I have tried twice to get guardianship of my granddaughters and both times went ignored each time we went to court or a hearing their reason for not returning the girls differed they had no legal reasons to put the girls up for permanent guardianship so in then end they used my sons facebook message to the girls mother as labeling my son psychologically unstable when what he had said was he could not take the pain of loosing his girls permanently and the only time it doesn’t hurt is when he s sleeping so he wished he could sleep for ever

    • It becomes more and more unbearable for me to read about more and more dramas such as yours, Maureen.

      It also seems that we in the grandparent generation must make the difference that the next generations need.

      We need to gather all the support around us so that we dare to confront those morons without heart and conscience.

      We must arm ourselves with the right legal arguments and the people with the right communication skills.

      We must dare to make local protests happen with other victims.

      I Cc Ian who has more experience. Give him a call. See https://punishmentwithoutcrime.wordpress.com/about/

  2. Maria Rush says:

    My son found out last year he has a daughter aged 4yrs which we knew nothing about, his daughter has been adopted and we cant do anything at all,its heartbreaking for she wouldn’t be where she is if we knew of her exsistance!!

  3. Sally says:

    i need help getting my son out of care, He is 10 years old and the LA want to keep him until he is 18!! I have not done anything to warrant them keeping him

  4. christineovett says:

    we have lost our great grandchildren for the last 5 and a half years,we have fought tooth and nail to get them back for my grandaughter, now they have been forcibly adopted and taken to northern ireland to live or whatever, she is absolutely broken, never a day goes by that she dose not break down, its slowly killing her.social services aught to be ashamed by their lies and fabrications on a inocent mother who has done nothing wrong.when will the courts listen and see what S/S are doing to people, we cant all be wrong.there is so much evidence against S/S in what they are doing, but no one is listening or helping.

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