20 Bullet Points – Short

1:- SS cannot stop you leaving the UK if no court order has been made. If you are pregnant and the “SS” are threatening to take your baby as soon as it is born your safest option is to leave the UK and take refuge in another European country where benefits are excellent and the regime is sympathetic such as Sweden for example.

2:- Children in care cannot be prevented by force from afternoon visiting or from telephoning their parents! (reverse charges if necessary). Also they can send and receive emails, so DON’T lose contact.

3:- Shaken baby syndrome cannot be proved for sure without body bruising or a previous history of injury or abuse.

4:- “Failure of a baby to thrive” can be disproved by comparing progress after removal with that before, and in any case your own GP is the best person to say you have done all you could. Similarly your own GP is the best person to write a statement saying you have no need to take drugs like prozac to”manage your anger” and indeed that you are advised NOT to take any drugs against your will,since sometimes you may be ordered to take them by persons with NO medical qualifications such as social workers, guardians and even judges!

5:- Munchausen syndrome is a scientifically unproven theory and now largely discredited, that needs actual proof that some act of the parent has deliberately caused illness or physical harm to the baby or young child. Social workers have no qualifications to make this diagnosis though they often do!

6:- Smacking that does not leave a mark is no offence.Small bruises and scratches occur during the rough and tumble of ordinary life for nearly all children. Broken bones,cigarette burns, a child’s complaints (not anonymous tipoffs!) of sexual abuse, should all be looked at by independent medical experts. It is however very rare that parents who abuse or allow this sort of abuse ever dare to come to court to beg for the return of children they probably detest!

7:- SS have a legal obligation to place children with relatives where possible if they have removed them from parents.

8:- Despite what your lawyers may say, you are now permitted to consult friends and individual helpers to discuss your case (Children Act 2004, section 62) and even to “go public” once all court proceedings are finally concluded, (Clayton v Clayton).

9:- If your newborn baby is taken the SS have to have an emergency protection order or police protection order and if they cannot show you the document, hang on to your baby by force as they are acting illegally. You have the legal right to continue breast feeding the natural way (not expressing!). This of course gives you the right to much more contact with the baby than otherwise.

10:- If SS take your baby and you have never caused it harm and neither you nor your partner have a criminal record you will have a good chance of winning (P, C and S versus UK) by appealing to the court of human rights in Strasbourg (they have an office in the UK) once ALL proceedings(including appeals) in UK courts are concluded. Make sure of this last point or your application will be refused.

11:- According to the UN convention on children’s rights children old enough to understand the nature of a court have the right to take part and be heard in proceedings that concern them.

12:- Never sign any documents or undertakings, and never agree that the “thresholds” of abuse or neglect have been reached. If your solicitor “agreed the thresholds” on your behalf this amounted to an admission that you abused or neglected your child or put it at risk.

13:- RISK = future danger and “experts” make gypsylike predictions that are really just guesses that can never be proved. These so called “experts” are not infallible,Professors Meadows, Southall and Dr Marietta Higgs have all been discredited and in the Louise Woodward case the top experts in the country violently disagreed in a shaken baby case and each testified for the side that paid them! SS ignore experts who do not agree with them and only produce experts in court that will help their case!

14:- You do not suffer from a “personality disorder” just because you distrust social workers as many distinguished MPs, journalists and broadcasters think the same as you but do not face the same accusation!

15:- If your house was “cluttered” or untidy the SS should have helped you tidy up or at least warned you to do so rather than take your children without giving you a chance.

16:- Emotional abuse= expecting too much of your child, or treating the child with contempt and without love. This  can and should be disputed if you apply the legal definition specified later in this section. Usually the accusation of “risk of emotional abuse” is so vague that it cannot possibly be covered by the official definition given by the Department of Health.

17:- If school attendance was bad you should at least have received a written warning from the school or from SS before your children were removed!

18:- Remember that social workers ARE NOT POLICE and cannot give you orders or forbid you to tell your children that you love them,miss them and are fighting to get them back! It is absolutely essential that you blurt out “I love you and want you back but wicked childstealers have kidnapped you and these horrible thieves are stopping you from coming home!”

19:- Social Workers have a statutory duty to try and keep families together not split them up, so they should be asked in court just what attempts they made to keep YOUR family together before taking the baby or the children!

20:- YOU MUST BE ALLOWED TO SPEAK IN COURT AND TO SAY ALL YOU WANT TO SAY, CALL ALL THE WITNESSES YOU WANT TO CALL AND MAKE ALL THE POINTS AND ARGUMENTS YOU WANT TO MAKE! Sack any solicitor or barrister that refuses you these very elementary legal rights OR worse still who advises you to surrender and go along with everything the SS demand. You do not need a lawyer to earn easy money by arranging your surrender. If you represent yourself, at least then you won’t be gagged! You will at least have a chance to win!

20 Bullet Points Long


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